May 20, 2009



x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Quirk x Interim Chief Myers
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Murray


MINUTES of: 05/06/09 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman to approve as presented.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills and Payroll

Bills ($30,605.53) and payroll ($67,715.01) totaling $98,320.54 are motioned for acceptance and payment.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk

Public Portion

Mr. Quirk thanked everyone involved in the call to his mother’s house last Tuesday evening.

No public comment.

Committee Reports


1) KITCHEN REMODELING – Mr. Britton reported on plans to remodel the kitchens in Station #1 ($8,978.00) and Station #2 ($9,056.00) to include all new stainless steel appliances, cabinets, dishwashers, tables and chairs (station #2). Mr. Bartlett inquired whether the quote had been compared to Part Time Labor Management’s list of requirements and previously approved items in Part Time discussions.

Motion was made to accept proposal for Station #1 Kitchen Renovation ($8,978).
Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Motion was made to accept proposal for Station #2 Kitchen Renovation ($9,056).
Motion by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Britton

Per Mr. Britton, even though we will be able to save and reuse the stainless countertop, Station #2 will cost a bit more because it has twice as many cabinets.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Anticipated completion date for both stations is end of June/First of July.

2) Mr. Britton advised that he has requested quotes for the following items to be presented to the board at a later date:
-Garage Openers/Remotes
-Painting both stations
-Repairing Light Fixtures
-Station #1 Day Room Door

3) Mr. Britton and Mr. Murray reported that the dollar limit per job for utilizing quotes (vs. bids) is $50,000 for fire districts per revised code 505.376.

Mr. Takacs asked for a total of ALL station renovations which Mr. Britton said he would have by the next meeting. Takacs also asked that Mr. Long track said renovation expenditures.

4) Station #1 Concrete Work –Replace driveway, sidewalks, apron, under bay doors and curbs – $24,288.00 (installation begins 3 weeks after Station #2 completion).
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

5) Mr. Britton reported that Station #2 concrete work is under way and the bay floor was removed on 5/20/09. There are some galvanized electrical conduits in the floor for lighting that will need to be replaced (Electrical Contractor Bill Butcas to forward quote). There was no wire mesh or rebar in old floor and poor drainage had caused erosion under the floor. The new floor will have new base, wire mesh and have a slightly angled, center sewer drain the length of the bay. Mr. Takacs & Mr. Bartlett requested that an oil and water separation unit be installed (EPA approved) to deal with gasoline and oil runoff from vehicles parked in the bay.

COMMUNICATIONS : Per Lt. Sopko, Chief Talcott from Mentor has received information from us which is being used in grant for new radio backbone system.

PART TIME LABOR MANAGEMENT –Per Mr. Wayman, negotiations continue and he will call for an Executive Session later in the meeting to discuss the contract. Next part time meeting is July 15, 2009.

FULL TIME LABOR MANAGEMENT – Nothing new to report.

RECORDS REDUCTION – Next meeting is June 3rd @ 6:30pm at Station #1. Mr. Murray asked that everyone review the sample policy and be ready to finalize same for presentation to the board at June 3rd meeting.


FIRE CHIEF/EXECUTIVE OFFICER SEARCH – Mr. Long reported that a letter has been sent to (11) existing, qualified candidates (qualified by the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association) asking for interest in either or both the Executive Officer and Fire Chief Position(s). A letter is being drafted to non-qualified candidates informing them that they were not in the last selection group.

Mr. Long passed out a copy of a letter received from OFCA Retired Chief Larson detailing a proposal for advertising for the Fire Chief position (Fire Chief’s Magazine and local media), selection from existing and new applicants, background checks and various qualifying plans which will enable them to recommend candidates to the district. The board will need to establish a selection committee to do final reviews, conduct interviews and ultimately select a new chief. The new chief will be part of the selection committee for Executive Officer position.

Mr. Bartlett reminded Mr. Murray and Mr. Long that the board does not want to reopen the Executive Officer search process through the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association (which has already been conducted and paid for).

Mr. Takacs asked if the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association has been given Madison Fire District qualification requirements for the Fire Chief position. Mr. Long stated OFCA is using their own testing and qualification requirements in the recommendation process.

Motion was made to initiate the selection process (advertising) for the Fire Chief position with the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association – $2,400.00.
Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes

FULL TIME CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION – Mr. Murray confirmed that the final Full Time Contract has been received by the district office.

MEDICOUNT – Mr. Murray reported that the steps taken recently to resolve EMS billing issues have been very successful and resident calls have virtually stopped. Mr. Murray questioned whether it would be wise to spend more district funds by issuing a Medicount flyer when there doesn’t seem to be a need anymore. Mr. Brotzman stated that he has not had any calls lately. The board was presented with a Q & A sheet that is available in the district office to anyone needing assistance with soft billing (Mr. Bartlett suggested that “township” be replaced by “Madison resident”). The board agreed that no flyer, advertising or mailing is warranted at this time and requested that the Q & A sheet be posted on the District Website for resident information.

DISTRICT INSURANCE – Mr. Long reported that he and Mike Gehring will be meeting the first week of June to discuss district activity and other insurance issues.

COMPUTER/SERVER: Lt. Van Kramer presented both a purchase and lease proposal for a new district computer system which includes hardware, software, installation, start up and maintenance agreements. A detailed written report was given to the board for review. Lt. Van Kramer asked that the details not be made public at this time.

Mr. Bartlett agreed that we must update our technology and asked about the bid process required. He suggested that we get more bids.

Mr. Wayman suggested that the board take some time to review the proposal.

Lt. Baker reported that Lt. Patfield would be submitting another proposal from another vendor in the near future.

Mr. Takacs inquired about apparatus equipment and software. He also inquired where the main system will be housed and whether they should consider a climate controlled area for the server. He further inquired about the back-up system and possibly working with Central Communications (County grant pending) on offsite data storage.

Mr. Wayman thanked Lt. Van Kramer for his hard work on the project.

MASTER PLAN – The board agreed that the next Master Plan meeting with Mr. Harchar of Emergency Services Consulting will be on June 3, 2009 at 7:30pm before the first public portion as part of the regular meeting.


AUCTION – Mr. Britton verified that the auction will be held at Station #3 on June 20, 2009 @ 10:00 am (preview at 9:00 am). Mr. Densmore suggested that Lt. Patfield email notices to fire departments. General advertising (WKKY radio) not to exceed $150.00.

Lt. Sopko reported that the Auction inventory list has been compiled (copies given to board) and asked that the board reclassify it as surplus equipment (no longer needed for district use) to be auctioned off June 20, 2009.
Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

SUMMER BOARD MEETING SCHEDULE – Per board consensus, the summer meetings will be as follows (with the option to schedule special meetings as needed):

June 3 Village Hall
June 17 Township Center
July 15 Township Center
August 19 Station #2
September 16 Station #1

Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

CHIEFS REPORT –Lt. Terry Sopko

This week’s current topics:
1) AUTOMATIC MUTUAL AIDE – We are in the process of setting up AMA with Geneva and Harpersfield.

2) PAINESVILLE CITY COMMAND VAN – has been committed to Painesville Township instead of Madison so we will be working closely with Ashtabula County.

3) PURCHASE REQUEST (12 lead upgrade) – Mr. Takacs asked about our current Life Pak which is very old and in need of upgrading. University Hospital and Lake Hospitals all have 12 lead capability. The board committed to reviewing and advising on this purchase request as soon as possible.

4) TRAINING REPORT – Per Lt. Sopko, Lt. Patfield turned in the 2009 Firefighters Grant Application 05/20/09. Training report handed out for board review. All surplus vehicles have been sold and picked up.

5) NEW CHASE VEHICLE FOR STATION #2 –We are working with 3-4 dealers who are willing to match state bid price. Estimate is 24,890.00. Motion was made to purchase a chase vehicle not to exceed $24,890.00.
Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes

6) CALL SUMMARY – Written report submitted for board review.

7) ISO CHANGES – Madison Fire District is still working on increasing coverage to better ISO rating in an effort to address insurance premium concerns by Madison residents without hydrants.

PRIORITY LIST – Mr. Bartlett congratulated everyone on their efforts and progress on priority items.

Mr. Britton inquired whether Lake Hospitals (Patty Willson) and University Hospitals (Dan Ellenberger) had received the 12 point criteria used by the district in the Medical Direction Evaluation Process. After a brief discussion, it was confirmed that the answer was yes.


Doris Cook – Tribune

Q. Who uses the chase vehicle?
A. Lt. Sopko answered that any member of the duty crew uses the chase vehicle. It is used to shuffle personnel back to the station if they are not needed on an EMS call.

Q. What is state bid pricing and will dealers match it?
A. Lt. Sopko explained that it is pricing offered to all government entities and most dealers will match state bid pricing.

Q. Is $24,890 approved tonight a state bid price?
A. Lt. Sopko answered that it is the final price and includes emergency lighting and extended warranty which makes it higher than the state bid price.

Mr. Wayman asked for a motion to adjourn to executive session to discuss a grievance and part time union contract.
Motioned by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes 8:44pm

Mr. Wayman reported that there would be no regular business discussed after executive session.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3, 2009 7:30pm at Village Hall.

May 6, 2009

Board Meeting Minutes- May 06, 2009



x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Quirk x Interim Chief Myers
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Murray

MINUTES of: 04/15/09 Regular Session- Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett to approve as presented.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills and Payroll:
Bills ($23,160.36) and payroll ($46,274.13) totaling $69,434.49 are motioned for acceptance and payment. Motion by: Mr. Quirk Seconded by: Mr. Britton

Public Portion:

1) Gary Robinson -33340 Wagonwheel, Solon, Ohio Vice President for Government and Community Affairs at Lake Hospital Systems-
It is his understanding the board is preparing to take a vote regarding medical control. Lake Hospital system had the opportunity to present to the board several months ago regarding services provided to MFD for many years. At that time there was concern regarding the runs the squads were required to do at Madison Medical Center. Lake Hospital has taken steps to address that. An evaluation was presented to them which included protocols, EMS recoding, supplies, equipment, education, etc. Gary thought the evaluation was based on opinions and they have sent letters to the board to that effect.

Lately the hot issue is the distance from Madison to Tripoint Medical Center. Gary requested that the criteria MFD is using to evaluate UH and Lake and Cleveland Clinic be uniform and let each provider respond to a standard set of issues. That way everyone is responding to the same criteria in writing so everyone can see it. MFD letter states that the decision is based on the care of the residents but not one of the criteria used dealt with the residents and how they (family, friends) will be affected. The community has not been included in the criteria. He suggests that it be put in writing and open up the responses to the public to view and let them see what is being offered. He further suggested the board did not have all the information and that it may not be the right time to take a vote. He thanked the board for the opportunity to make his comments.

2) Max Anderson, 1536 Grove Avenue, Madison:
Q: Do we have a medical choice as to what hospital we (residents) are transported to?
A: Mr. Wayman reported that we do.

3) Dan Ellenberger, University Hospitals Instructor of Emergency Services
For clarification purposes, University Hospitals is not looking to steer patients to University Hospital, Geneva Medical Center, downtown or anywhere else. They are here to provide a service (medical direction and education) to the community. He believes that pre-hospital care is the front door to the hospital and emergency care starts in somebody’s living room or alongside the road. Under UH protocols, the patient has a choice as to which hospital they are transported to.

Committee Reports:
BUILDING – Mr. Britton reported:
1) A general outside cleanup is needed at both Station #1 & #2. I.C. Myers and the building committee recommendrd James Bushnell ($1,260.00 for St. #1 and $1,025.00 for St. #2=total $2,285.00) which includes gutter repair, downspouts, soffit, fascia, window trim, siding, man-door recap, aluminum post, garage door repair, weather-stripping, dryer vent, and other miscellaneous winter damage). A bill for pressure washing the stations if forthcoming.

Motion to accept James Bushnell ($2,285.00) to clean up outside of both stations #1 & #2.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

2) Mr. Britton reported that since the effects of a new master plan are still 2-3 years down the road, the building committee has determined that the concrete floor (8” thick) in the bay at Station #2 is leaning and the first two sections tip back toward the building. The drains are ineffective because the water runs away from the drain. Jim Hopkins with Lake Erie Concrete drilled 12-13” deep holes in the floor to reach the fill which has washed out from under the station. The building committee is recommending that the floor at Station #2 be totally removed and replaced and offers the following quotes for the board’s consideration:

a) Recommended – Lake Erie Concrete, Inc. – $29,568.00 which includes materials and labor for removing the existing floor, installing new fast drying concrete floor, fill dirt, drain tiles (to be determined), trucking, backhoe and jackhammer work, limestone floor joint and sealer, saw blades, back apron and other miscellaneous equipment. MFD will be out of station at least 10 days.
b) Joe Gunzelman, NREC Industrial, $34,122.00 (comparable service).
Both are long-standing Madison companies.

Motion was made to accept the quote from Lake Erie Concrete, Inc. to replace the bay floor at Station #2 for $29, 568.00.
Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk

Mr. Takacs and Mr. Long discussed that the funds would come out of the General Fund not the Capital Account.

Mr. Bartlett asked when the quotes had become available and suggested that, in the future, the board be given more advance notice and time to consider issues before meeting.

Mr. Takacs expressed concern whether these were quotes or bids. Mr. Britton stated that they were quotes, not sealed bids.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

3) Per Mr. Britton, a price for painting and bay lighting at station #2 is forthcoming.

4) Concrete work at Station #1 –Remove and replace outside front apron, drains, sidewalk in front of building, sidewalk out to road, driveway curb and driveway (last replaced in 1993 or 1994).
Quotes from: a) Lake Erie Concrete, Inc. – $24, 288.00 b) NREC – $29,616.00

A motion was made to accept the quote from Lake Erie Concrete, Inc. for $24,288.00.
Motion by: Mr. Quirk Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman

Mr. Takacs asked Mike Murray, legal council, about requirements for bid specification in the district (approximately $25,000-$30,000) and asked him to research the difference between bid requirements and quote requirements in conjunction with these two separate concrete projects. The concern is how far we go with simple quotations and granting $55,000 to one contractor without bid process. Per Mr. Murray, these projects may be subjected to public bid unless determined to be an emergency issue. Per Mr. Britton (and discussions with Tony Long), the Station #2 work falls under the category of “emergency” need. The floor has separated from the north wall by 1-1/2” to 2” and the floor moves when the truck is pulled in and out of the bay. Station #1 work does not present a current danger and can be held.

Per I.C. Myers, he agrees that the floor is sinking and that it is a problem. He also reported that, approximately one month ago, the floor at Station #2 was sited by the union and has been written up as a safety issue. Though the board will need to make the final decision, it is his opinion that the situation needs to be addressed immediately.

Mr. Wayman stated that, if the slabs are floating, it is his opinion that the floor is a danger (personnel, equipment) and to the building itself.

By consensus of the board, Station #1 work does not present a current danger and will be held.
Station #1 Motion Withdrawn by: Mr. Quirk Second Withdrawn by: Mr. Brotzman

A motion was made by Mr. Brotzman to amend the motion for the concrete work at Station #2 (Lake Erie Concrete, Inc. – $29,568.00) to include the language “pending legal approval”. No second.

Per Mr. Murray, the board has a right to move on this issue if it is declared an emergency situation.
Mr. Takacs stated that he would rely on the judgment of the building committee and I. C. Myers.

The board declared that the situation is indeed an emergency situation and expense. Motion for concrete work at Station #2 will stand.

5) Mr. Britton advised I.C. Myers that he would be meeting with him to get a recommendation for contractors to repair Station #1 double doors in day room, painting services and garage door openers.

6) Per Mr. Britton and I.C. Myers, kitchen cabinets will be discussed at the May 20, 2009 meeting.

Nothing to report beyond the County Chief’s on-going work on grants for backbone system.

Part Time:
Due to trustee scheduling conflicts, the Part Time meeting for Thursday, May 7, 2009 was cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:00pm at Township Center.

Full Time Labor Management
Mr. Bartlett inquired again about the master (Full Time Contract) word document housed at Mr. Murray’s office and requested that an official copy be forwarded to the district office. Mr. Murray agreed to make sure that that has happened.

Old Business:
Medical Control – A motion was made to table the decision on medical control.
Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk

Mr. Takacs commented that in light of the disagreement between what the plans were and what was offered by the two hospital systems, he proposed that the district reissue the document that was formulated by the firefighters with their wishes for what they want for medical control and give both sides the opportunity to give a written final version produced by the entities themselves so that we have a clear picture of what’s on the table and what is not. He proposed that they be granted 30 days to respond.

Interim Chief Dennis Myers stated that the officers were commissioned over a year ago by the district board to take a look at the different protocols and different options available for medical control. He stated that they had done as we were asked. They took a year and didn’t rush through it. They based the decision on past performance over the last 30 years and what they saw happening in the short term. To have the hospital system MFD is currently doing business with ask to address different issues is questionable since they do it on a daily basis. Myers said he wanted to make it clear that they did not take the decision lightly nor did they make the public a secondary concern. MFD made the decision on black and white documents at hand. In reviewing recent documents just made available to them, the officers still stand behind their decision to change medical control to University Hospital Systems based on facts. University Hospitals offers better service, better protocols, has better training and is better for the community. For the record, the officers have not wavered from their initial recommendation.

Mr. Brotzman commented that he is receiving phone calls and letters from people trying to influence his decision. He stated that he will follow what the Interim Chief and his officers recommend to him.

Mr. Wayman stated that the officers did their homework and based their decisions on fact and, in fairness to the community, he agrees to give the process an extra thirty days.

Mr. Quirk agreed that we need to be well informed and not rushed into a decision.

Mr. Bartlett agreed that due diligence for another 30 days is appropriate.

Mr. Britton asked what document will be provided to the medical organizations to respond to.

Mr. Takacs stated that the district had a 12 item list of issues that they could respond to which would give us an apples-to-apples comparison.

Interim Chief Myers stated, for the record, that both UH and Lake Hospitals were invited to officer and board meetings to give their input on what they proposed to do for us. What we are doing now is basically reinventing the wheel by asking them to do a “do-over”. I feel we have done due diligence and have not wavered from our decision.
ROLL CALL: 5 Ayes, 1 Nay

Master Plan:
Mr. Wayman called for a decision on the Master Plan vendor. He tended to lean toward Preuer and Associates because he wanted a local company.

Mr. Britton stated that Preuer and Associates was a good company but he was worried that using them again might make for a stale plan. All presentations were well done, but he was impressed with Emergency Services Consulting International.

Mr. Brotzman said he liked the last job Preuer and Associates did for the district and tends to favor them.

Mr. Quirk agreed with Mr. Brotzman and favored Preuer and Associates.

Mr. Bartlett commended the board for taking the time and energies to question the groups that presented plans. After reviewing the documents, he recommends Emergency Services Consulting International who impressed him with their approach to mutual aide issues.

Mr. Takacs stated that he was impressed with all three presentations, but was most impressed with Emergency Services Consulting International. He appreciated the concise documentation presented and has had some agreeable experience with them in another venue.
Mr. Wayman asked for a motion.
Mr. Bartlett moved that the district enter into contract with Emergency Services Consulting International for their fire rescue services master planning not to exceed $20,000.00.
Motion by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Takacs
ROLL CALL: 5 Ayes, 1 Nay

Mr. Wayman asked I.C. Myers to contact Mr. Bernie Harchar of Emergency Services Consulting International and ask that he meet with the board to further define the scope we want him to provide. I.C. Myers suggested that we schedule a workshop to sit down and talk. Mr. Wayman suggested that we tentatively schedule May 20, 2009 at 7:oopm prior to the next regular meeting.

A motion was made that we schedule a master plan workshop for May 20, 2009 at 7:oo pm at Township Center, pending availability of Emergency Services Consulting International.
Motion by: Mr. Brotzman Seconded by: Mr. Britton
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Bartlett asked about district insurance and equipment. Mr. Long stated that they were scheduled to meet sometime in May.

Mr. Bartlett asked about the inventory list for the auction. I.C. Myers stated that the lists are being compiled. Items are being moved to Station #3 by FF Davis, FF Wilson, and FF Stich.

Mr. Britton stated that we are targeting June 20th or the 27th for the auction. He offered the opportunity to the Village and Township. Per Mr. Wayman, the Township will not be participating. Mr. Densmore would like a list of items and pictures by May 20th and he suggested that we advertise by email to bring people to the auction.

Per Mr. Murray, the Medicount Flyer and Q and A Sheet is still pending.

New Business:

Approval of purchase orders:
Mr. Long stated that the board had already dealt with the required concrete work purchase orders earlier in the meeting.

Mr. Takacs asked about the district’s purchase order procedure ($5,000 maximum without board approval) and why there was a disbursement for $9,000+ for turn out gear. Mr. Long reminded him that this expenditure was approved in the budget and this rule does not apply.

Mr. Wayman reported that the Records Committee had met this date, May 6th @ 6:30pm, at Station #1. He addressed the Document Retention Policy and Record Retention Schedule (handout) which needs to be put into place for record keeping in accordance with the ORC. He requested that the board look over the handout in anticipation of a vote by the next meeting so the committee can get to work at the next meeting on June 3rd to clear out old records stored.

Mr. Wayman asked for an executive session following the second public portion of the meeting to discuss the contract.

Chief’s Report
Interim Chief Dennis Myers
This week’s current topics:
1) FULL TIME POSITION – We have received 7 letters of interest for the full time opening. An update letter will be sent to each of these candidates. We will progress through the evaluation process, starting with a knowledge test, and intend to have a recommendation to the board in 45 days.

2) PART TIME STAFFING – In an attempt to fill our part time staffing needs, I. C. Myers recommended 2 part time candidates for hire (probationary):
a) Todd Ness is a former US Army veteran, currently a paramedic with a 240 firefighter card, resident of Madison Village, and has fulfilled district requirements. His physical has been conducted and we are awaiting the final medical report. Myers asked for board approval contingent on this medical report.
b) George Budzicki, currently part time with Mentor and Kirtland, a paramedic with a 240 firefighter card, contingent on passing both the physical and agility test (5/17).
A motion was made to hire part time Todd Ness and George Budzicki pending physicals (both) and agility tests (Budzicki).
Motion by: Mr. Britton Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

3) AUCTION – I. C. Myers reported that he has once again met with Barry Densmore to discuss the upcoming auction of decommissioned inventory. We are continuing to collect and clean up this inventory at St. #3. Myers has contacted Chief Del Calzo and Larry Advey, as requested, for their possible participation.

4) MUTUAL AIDE – Our intention is to move forward with AMA agreements with surrounding communities.

ISO Ratings- Lately, Tony Long and I.C. Myers have been contacted by residents regarding new ISO rating issues (effective July 1, 2009) which are affecting our citizens in a negative way by increasing property insurance premiums by as much as 40-50%. As a result, we need to continue to be creative in finding ways to service residents whose houses are situated more than a thousand feet from a fire hydrant by working with surrounding communities to reduce response times.

Chief Mark Mlachak with Painesville Fire has informed us that a communications truck can be made available to us (we will be responsible for insurance and maintenance), and could be housed at Station #3 after the auction, which will enable us to have better radio communication with Geauga and Ashtabula County.

Myers met with Chief Starkey of Geneva and is in the process of putting together an AMA agreement in which we will send an engine (3 personnel) to their structure calls and, in return, they will send out an aerial to us on fire calls. They will send an aerial and a tanker to our calls in areas without hydrants which addresses two of our big needs – elevated water and water source.
Harpersfield, Thompson, Leroy, and Hambden are slated to initiate similar discussions regarding AMA.

5) Myers reported progress in SOP/SOG committee meeting of 4/21/09 headed by Lt. Baker.

6) PERRY FIRE AMA/ RIVER ROAD CONSTRUCTION PROJECT – I. C. Myers handed out a flyer detailing specific Mutual Aid and road availability issues during the construction project. On May 11, 2009, CIR will be meeting with our staff on site and will install a temporary water line down river to conducts a flow test to ensure coverage. Perry and Madison officers will talk daily about the site status. Madison’s OIC’s will walk the job site every morning to see what areas are being affected (20 residents).

7) WEBSITE – Dustin Sample and Lt. Tod Baker have the website up and running – Publishing software may be needed in the future.
Mr. Britton commented that he had heard good things from the council about the website being “user friendly”.

8) GOV DEALS.COM – Myers reported that on May 4, 2009 we closed listings for two ambulances and a Mazda Pick Up chase vehicle bringing in a total of $23,172.22. He thanked Lt. John Patfield for his efforts on this project. He requested that these funds be used to upgrade or replace our chase vehicle which can be used to transport personnel, conduct inspections, and for training purposes. Currently, Chief Zilke’s Ford Explorer, #2100, is being used as a chase vehicle which leaves the F250 Pick Up,#2127, at station #2 for more appropriate usage such as heavy hauling, boat, etc.
Chief’s Report (cont.):

9) COMMUNITY EVENTS – I.C. Myers reported that we are trying to get involved in as many community activities as possible; Geneva-on-the-Lake Roundup; Fairport Harbor Martigras; Madison/Perry Chamber of Commerce; Walter Green Commons Grand Opening; Wal-mart Kids Miracle Network; Chief’s County meeting (Myers); FDIC (Patfield); River Road Project (Sopko).
We are actively getting involved in local, county, state and national events and plan to stand behind our mission statement and core value 100%.

DISCUSSION – The board had a brief discussion about the Gov Deals listings and how to proceed in purchasing a new vehicle for the district. Lt. Patfield was asked to obtain quotes.

Priority List:
Mr. Bartlett congratulated everyone on their efforts and progress on priority items.

FIRE CHIEF AND EXECUTIVE OFFICER POSITIONS – Bartlett stated it was time to address and proceed with interviews and hire of a fire chief.

Due to personal involvement, I.C. Myers asked to be removed from the project of heading up the search processes and offered assistance (contacts, telephone, etc.) to whoever replaces him in these matters. He stated that the files are currently in the clerk’s possession.

Mr. Tony Long was asked by the board to contact the State Ohio Chief’s Association and resume the process of advertising so we can post the opening to fill the vacant Fire Chief position. Anyone who qualifies can apply.

Mr. Mike Murray was asked to draft and send letters to update Executive Officer candidates who, due to Chief Zilke’s retirement, have been on hold since December, 2008.

DISTRICT COMPUTER SERVER UPGRADE/IT SUPPORT – Quotes will be available by the May 20th meeting.

Mr. Wayman reported that, per Lt. John Patfield, station #2’s fuel needs may be better served by the Township. Station #1 will continue their association with Madison Schools. He asked Patfield to meet with Larry Advey to see if this change would be possible and advantageous to the district, and to report his findings at the May 20th meeting.

Mr. Wayman asked the board to consider the upcoming summer schedule by the next meeting. Normally the board is off the first Wednesday during the months of June – Sept. This June has a heavy schedule so he is suggesting that they only take off July – Sept.

Second Public Portion:
Beth Teahan – 5800 Chapel Road, Madison
Ms. Teahan commended I.C. Myers for removing himself from involvement in the search for a new fire chief. She commented on an ethics class at Lakeland (Susan Wilke, Ethics Commission Training and Communications Manager). She said the class dealt with laws governing contracts, hiring practices and promotions. She spoke of past and current district practices and advised that the district be diligent in keeping all dealing with the community above board. She also suggested that district personnel take Ms. Wilke’s class to ensure that the community and district is not put at risk.

Mr. Bartlett asked if Ms. Wilke would come to our area to give the class. Ms. Teahan advised him that she would. He said it sounded like something (perhaps a workshop) that would be of value.

Mr. Long said he was familiar with this class and commented that even though the class had merit, the ethics commission really did not have much authority, is not funded or staffed properly, and is not able to do much good in enforcing these laws.

Mr. Wayman asked for an executive session to discuss contracts and the appointment and employment of personnel.
Motioned by: Mr. Britton Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes 9:02pm

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th at Township Center, 7:30pm.
Executive Session adjourned at 9:50pm.