June 17, 2009



x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Quirk x Interim Chief Myers
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Murray

MINUTES of: 06/03/09 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett to approve as presented.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills and Payroll

Bills ($42,383.62) and payroll ($73,647.30) totaling $116,030.92 are motioned for acceptance and payment.
Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Britton

Opening Public Portion

No public comment.


BUILDINGS: Mr. Britton reported that:

A) The bay floor, apron and lighting have been completed at St. #2. Additional work to be done includes door openers, painting, drywall work and door adjustments (new floor level).

B) The bay floor, water line and additional lighting have been completed at St. #1. Additional work to be completed includes apron, driveway, sidewalks, painting and day room door.

C) Station #3 needs a new roof and furnace.
COMMUNICATIONS: Nothing new to report.

PART TIME LABOR MANAGEMENT: Next meeting July 15, 2009, 6:00pm at Township Center (Brotzman/Bartlett).

FULL TIME LABOR MANAGEMENT: Mr. Wayman reported on topics from the June 17, 2009 meeting:

1) Equity in overtime granted to full and part time employees

2) FITTNESS PROGRAM – The board was asked to purchase an Octane Pro 3700 Dual Action Elliptical Cross-Trainer for each station ($3500.00 each plus Shipping/Delivery/
Setup $750.00 – 3 year warranty). A brief discussion followed concerning available space at each station and purchase/lease options. Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Wayman requested that a usage log be kept to ensure that the new equipment is actually used.

Motion by: Mr. Bartlett Seconded by: Mr. Quirk ROLL CALL: All ayes

3) COMPUTER SYSTEM – Lt. Van Kramer reported that the Fire/EMS computer at St. #2 is too slow for district use and requested that the board consider changing from DSL to Time Warner High Speed. A general discussion followed concerning equipment and pricing. The board asked Lt. Van Kramer for specific pricing which he said he would report later in the meeting. The topic was temporarily tabled.

4) FULL TIME PAYROLL – Mr. Long reported that he would like the board to change the 19 day full time payroll system to a 14 day system to make payroll easier to process and understand.

RECORDS RETENTION – Next meeting will be July 15, 2009 at 6:30pm at Station #1 (Wayman/Britton).


Interim Chief Myers reported that he anticipates hiring a new full time employee and more part time employees by the July 15, 2009 meeting.

FIRE CHIEF/EXECUTIVE OFFICER SEARCH – Deadline for applications through the Fire Chief’s Association is July 15, 2009.

DISTRICT INSURANCE: Mr. Long reported that all changes have been made regarding district insurance and Mr. Gehring with Gehring Insurance will report to the board on July 15, 2009.

MEDICAL DIRECTION: Per Mr. Wayman, Madison Fire District will remain with Lake Health (formerly Lake County Hospital Systems) for medical direction until 12/31/09.


Mr. Takacs asked Interim Chief Myers about Firehouse training opportunities and construction grant opportunities. Myers reported that, per our master plan consultant, Bernie Harchar with Emergency Services Consulting, they will offer technical support to apply for funds and this will be addressed closer to the time of actual building.

NEXT MASTER PLAN MEETING – Per Mr. Wayman’s request, the board agreed to invite Mr. Phil Kouwe, Project Manager with Emergency Services Consulting to the September 16, 2009 meeting at St. #1. Nila Maurer was directed to call him.

CHIEF’S REPORT – I.C. Dennis Myers: This week’s current topics:

1) Full Time Position testing will be at Perry Fire District St. #2 on June 20, 2009 at 0800. The test will include 200 fire and 100 EMS questions. Interviews with the chief and officers will follow.

2) Upcoming District Events:

* June 18 MPACC 4pm – 9 pm
* July 11 Madison High Safety Event 2pm – 4 pm
* Aug. 6-9 Old Fashioned Days
* Aug. 8 Giant Eagle 11am – 2pm

All off duty personnel will be paid for their attendance.

3) Due to the Document Retention Committee project currently underway, all district training will be held at St. #2 until the fall.

4) Mike Behm with Behm Funeral has donated a monument for the front of St. #1 in honor of those who serve the community and the fire district. A ceremony will probably be announced later.

5) AUCTION AT ST. #3 – June 20, 2009: Another small list of equipment was brought before the board for reclassification to surplus equipment. Per the board’s request, a final list is to be compiled and will be voted on at the next meeting.

6) Myers reported that he sent a letter requesting a meeting with Major Caldwell (to include Harpersfield, Geneva, Dispatch) regarding the AMA agreement and he continues to work on support equipment and personnel issues.

Preliminary coverage offers:

Harpersfield South of I90 Tanker/Engine
Harpersfield North of I90 Engine
Geneva South of I90 Tanker/Aerial
Geneva North of I90 Aerial

Personnel will also be made available for support. Communications is still an issue. Lt. Baker met with Spaulding and Dispatch Center and is checking out hardware and software for working with Geauga and Ashtabula Counties.

Lt. Van Kramer reported once again concerning the request for Time Warner High Speed Internet/Firehouse Licenses and the issue was tabled until more information is made available and the board is given time to consider the matter further.

PRIORITY LIST – Mr. Bartlett reported that:

1) The Staffing/Manning SOP-303 will be reviewed in July, 2009.
2) 2 personnel will test on Sat. June 20, 2009 for Fire Inspector Certificate.
3) Red Cross Blood Drive will be held 8/14/09 from 11am-7pm at the Senior Center.


Beth Tehan – 5800 Chapel Road – inquired about dispatch changes and whether the master plan will incorporate dispatch issues. Mr. Wayman stated that at this point we are only exploring possibilities and that no decision will be made in this regard until we have a chance to see what the township plans to do. I.C. Myers stated that the master plan does take dispatch into consideration and we will also be waiting to see what recommendations are made by ESCI.


The Building Committee asked the board to approve the purchase of overhead door openers for both stations from Lake County Doors – Total 4,165.95.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk

The next regular Fire Board meeting is on 7/15/09 @ 7:30pm at Township Center.
Motion to adjourn by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk 8:27 pm

July 15, 2009



x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Quirk x Interim Chief Myers
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Murray

MINUTES of: 06/17/09 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Bartlett Seconded by: Mr. Quirk to approve as presented.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills and Payroll

Bills ($115,698.62) and payroll ($106,545.69) totaling $222,244.31 are motioned for acceptance and payment.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk

Discussion: Mr. Bartlett requested that Mr. Long comment on items discussed at the district office on the afternoon of July 15, 2009 (attended by Long, Bartlett, Takacs).

Mr. Long commented that the district received a reimbursement from OP&F for monies paid that are not pensionable (sick pay, vacation pay), a portion of which was returned to former Chief Zilke.

Mr. Long also commented on the year-to-date totals for Station’s #1 and #2 modification/renovation which is $102,906.31. Additional work that still needs to be done has been appropriated ($22,800). Mr. Britton elaborated that this additional work includes drains, driveway widening and sidewalk changes.

Mr. Long reported that vehicle maintenance to date is approximately $50,000 and is being tracked separately for EMS and Fire labor and materials. This includes modifications to the recently purchased chase vehicle and pick up truck.

Mr. Long reported on an invoice paid to All-Alert Corporation ($1,050) for promotional items (coloring books, hats, magnets, pens, etc.-budget $2,000).


Insurance Report

Mr. Wayman introduced Peter Richmond from Richmond and Richmond Insurance and Mike Gehring from Gehring Insurance Agency.

Mr. Gehring passed out a 3-page summary of the August 1, 2009 renewal through FVIS, writers for emergency service organizations insurance. They have been in business since 1969. Madison District has been with Richmond Agency since 1986. The renewal premium is $29,489.00 which represents a 2% increase over last year. Detailed report available upon request.

Property $ 1,141
Fidelity Bond 324
Portable Equipment 2,282
Automobile 11,061
General Liability 8,095
Management Liability 2,594
Umbrella – $3,000,000 3,992

Total Premium $29,489

Options available:
1. Higher Umbrella Limit – $4 million…+$ 500.00/yr.
$5 million…+$1,000.00/yr.

2. Deductible from $250 to $500 -$501/yr.
Deductible from $250 to $1,000 -$1,128/yr.

Mr. Long recommended that the umbrella limit be raised to $4 million (+$500). Mr. Wayman and Mr. Britton agreed. Mr. Takacs recommended that we also raise the deductible to $1,000 (-$1,128).
Motion by: Mr. Takacs Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
Net effect to premium is as follows: $29,489+$500-$1,128=$28,861.00

ROLL CALL: All ayes

Opening Public Portion

No comments.

Committee Reports

BUILDINGS: Mr. Britton reported that:

A) Completed projects are as follows:
- Station #1 & #2 concrete work
- Lighting
- Bay Doors & Openers
- Station #1 & #2 Pressure Wash (ready for paint)

B) Quote from Hearns Plumbing & Heating and D&S Electric for Generac Quiet Source Generators at Station #1 & #2 – $22,900/station – 3 week lead time.

Generator Pricing Includes:
Generac Quiet Source Generator – 200 amp- 48 kw
Automatic Transfer Switch
Installation of all gas lines
Installation of all electrical wiring

CT Consultants will do drawings and get building permits. Pricing to follow.

Station #1 Notes:
- The new generator will not run the 3-phase air compressor.
- A trench will need to be dug for electrical service. Per Matt Zapp, Madison Village will
dig this trench.
- Upon delivery, the Madison Village will unload generator, etc. from truck.
- Will require concrete pad.

Station #2 Notes:
- Hearns Plumbing & Heating and D&S Electric recommend that Station #2 have CEI
do an electrical upgrade to increase amperage (from 100 to 200 service). Pricing to
- Upon delivery, Madison Township will unload generator, etc. from truck.
- Will require concrete pad.

Mr. Takacs asked if the proposed purchase fell within budget limits and Mr. Long approved the expenditure.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

C) Station #1 Bell Tower Replacement -Chapman Masonary-$600 (incl. concrete pad)
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes

D) Station #3 quotes to get the building up and running include; Doors $4,000; Septic Tank $20-30,000; Roof $25-30,000; Heating unknown, Basic Building Structural Repair unknown. Rough Total $80-100,000.

E) Proposed Storage/Training Facility Behind Station #1 – 2 Bids to follow –
Approximately $60,000 – 3 week lead time):
– 44’ x 60’ x 14’ ceilings
– Air Conditioner/Heater in 20’ x 44’ Training Room
– 3 bays – 12’ x 12’ Doors (facing south)
– 8” Concrete Floor – Driveway Apron (Storm Sewer Drain extra)
– 2 Man Doors
– Various Windows
– 200 amp Electrical Service (not connected to St. #1)

F) Madison Village wants the Fire District to help with cost to resurface parking lot at St. #1. Mr. Britton told them to hold off until new building plans are finalized.

Mr. Long reported that the recycling bins in the back parking lot will be removed as of August 1, 2009. Mr. Long commented on his interest in using the current training room in Station #1 for office space if new Storage/Training building is approved. Mr. Britton again asked to hold off on a decision until new building plans are finalized.


Nothing new to report.


July 15, 2009 meeting at Township Center was cancelled. The board made a contract offer – next step fact finding and mediation.


Nothing to report.


From July 15, 2009 meeting, Mr. Wayman reported that the records evaluation is approximately 30% complete. No upcoming meeting date was set (probably in the fall). Mr. Murray requested board signatures on previously approved records retention policy.


FULL TIME HIRING – Interim Chief Myers reported that 7 Madison Fire District part time employees participated in the full time knowledge testing at Perry on June 20, 2009 which was proctored by Capt. Mike King. Chief Myers thanked Capt. King for his efforts in bringing this step to a successful conclusion. The results have been posted (5/7 passed). Interviews with other county chiefs are scheduled for 7/30/09 (Chief Mahoney-Mentor on the Lake, Chief Whittington-Eastlake, possibly Kirtland). The next steps will be interviews with MFD officers and I.C. Myers (mid August), followed by board review (end of August). The agility test and physicals will be the final step (last 2 candidates).

1st ANNUAL BLOOD FOR BADGES CHALLENGE – Mr. Bartlett reported on the blood drive at the Madison Senior Center, Friday August 14, 2009 from 12:00-6:00 pm, co-sponsored by Madison Village and Township. $1,000 Grocery Gift drawing will be held for those who donate. Goal is 44 pints – SPREAD THE WORD!

EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – Per I.C. Myers, the new treadmills were delivered and installed on July 9th and are already in use. Log books are being established to monitor usage. Mr. Takacs asked about the warranty. I.C. Myers said he would have that information at the next meeting.

DISTRICT WORK AGREEMENT – Mr. Bartlett asked for an update on the work agreement for Lt. John Patfield. I.C. Myers reported that this item is on hold until the union contract has been finalized.

FIRE CHIEF/EXECUTIVE OFFICER SEARCH – Deadline for applications through the Fire Chief’s Association is today, July 15, 2009. Per Mr. Long, Erica (OCA) indicated that there were quite a few applicants. He will contact Ohio Chief’s Association in the next few days to check on the progress.


OPTICOM PRE-EMPTION DEVISES – Per I.C. Myers, the Green Road (southbound) devise (Global Traffic Technologies Opticom 711 receiver) is not working properly and needs to be replaced (Ohio representative is Baldwin and Sours 614-851-8800). This devise trips the traffic light when emergency vehicles (ambulance/fire) approach the intersection. Perry probably uses this devise as well. Madison Township Police vehicles are not equipped to utilize this devise. It is Myers’ understanding that the county shoulders the expense of purchasing this equipment, but it was Madison Township and the Fire District’s responsibility to maintain it in the future. He left a message for Travis Bonnett, ODOT D-12 Traffic Engineer, who issued the July 7th email informing us of the situation. Myers is not sure how to proceed and assumes he will need to meet with the Township to make arrangements to have the devise replaced. Per Lt. Van Kramer, the approximate cost will be $600. Myers will update the board at the next meeting.

Mr. Takacs asked I.C. Myers to call the county engineer’s office and get a copy of the original agreement to verify responsible parties and how other departments handle this issue. Mr. Wayman suggested that Myers contact Ted Galuschik. Mr. Bartlett commented that mutual aid vehicles can also use this devise. Mr. Takacs reported that all vehicles in the county with pre-emption capability can use the devise.

2010 REAL ESTATE TAX BUDGET FOR LAKE COUNTY – Mr. Long asked for board approval on Resolution #09-024 which adopts a real estate tax budget for 2010 required by the Lake County Auditor due 7/20/09.
Moved by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes
Signatures were acquired from Mr. Long and Mr. Wayman.

CHIEF’S REPORT – I.C. Dennis Myers: This week’s current topics:

A) SOP-303 STAFFING/MANNING – July 2009 Review
(Modified/Board Approved 3-09/Effective 4-09)

Interim Chief Dennis Myers reported:
4 Prong Policy Result
1) Part Time minimum hours changed from 24 to 48 hours Working
2) Forced overtime for Full Time employees 72 hours in 3 months to insure 6 man minimum
3) Re-align schedule blocks Working
4) 6 Man minimum 100% compliance

Lt. Baker reported:
1) Part Time minimum hours – 1st month 4 employees fell short – April
2nd month 2 employees fell short – May
3rd month 1 employee fell short – June

17 out of 22 employees work more than minimum hours.

2) Full Time employees were forced to work overtime on only 3 occasions (2 on one shift)
3) Calendar Coverage
1st Quarter – 2% open shifts
2nd Quarter – 8%* open shifts
*Due to the loss of 1 Full Time employee which accounted for 4-1/2%
4) Met 3 man minimum 100% of the time at both stations – 24 hours/7 days
CHIEF’S REPORT – I.C. Dennis Myers (cont.):

A) SOP-303 STAFFING/MANNING – July 2009 Review (cont.):

Mr. Bartlett asked for the status of the SOP-303 Review action item on the priority list. It was agreed to close it and reopen it at a later date as needed.

I.C. Myers reported that another change that will start in the next few weeks is the way district recalls are handled. In the past, MFD has been able to cover the first two calls out and recalls were made only after the 2nd crew confirmed that they were needed on scene. In the future, recalls will be made immediately upon receiving the 2nd call regardless of whether the crew remains on scene or is cancelled and returns directly to the station. Recalls will involve both Full Time and Part Time personnel and usually draw 2-3 employees (minimum 2 hours each).

B) PART TIME APPLICANTS – Myers reported that he has many qualified applicants but has not had time to schedule interviews. He is looking to add more part timers as soon as possible – 2 at a time is best for proper training (1 month) to assure they are fully trained and completely functional prior to adding new employees to the calendar.
C) EMERGENCY POD – Larry Green with the Emergency Management Agency is establishing a program called POD (Point of Distribution). The concept of the program is to establish points of distribution throughout the county in the event of a natural disaster or homeland security situation or attack where supplies need to be distributed (water, food, tablets/medicine). Madison High School has been chosen as one of the POD locations. The program utilizes Fire personnel (distributes supplies), Police (maintains control over the situation) and Road Department (traffic control to the High School) of both Madison Village and Madison Township. The program is still in the developmental stages (how to deal with out-of-towners?”), but I.C. Myers and Lt. Alan Van Kramer will continue to meet with Mr. Green in the future to help finalize this worthwhile program ($7,000 grant is in place) to better serve the residents of Madison.

D) AUTOMATIC MUTUAL AID – The paperwork has been received from Leroy and Harpersfield. Geneva is working on final signatures. We are looking forward to giving and receiving additional help in the form of equipment, coverage area and manpower. Communication issues are still unresolved with respect to Ashtabula County. Geauga County will be handled internally through the EOC very shortly which may enable us to work with Thompson on water issues. We will be supplying batteries to Harpersfield to establish communications. Geneva has some radios and a mobile base on their ladder truck. Lt. Baker, Lt. Sopko and Ken Wilson are working with Mr. Long to purchase (6) Kenwood 128 radios for communications with Geneva and Harpersfield as well as addressing other communication issues (coast guard, NIMS, road crews, etc.) to improve our service and AMA.

E) CENTRAL DISPATCH MEETING – Myers will be meeting with Central Dispatch on Friday July 17th to introduce our AMA’s and discuss services and recommendations that they offer that we are not currently using. The grant for the county server failed therefore discussions are needed with Lt. Cynthia Baker and Major Caldwell to talk through communication issues (web base programs, backbone system) and address our needs (wireless pagers, etc.).

F) EMS GRANT – Per I.C. Myers, Lt. Patfield applied for and received a $4,000 grant to be used for EMS supplies. He will be working with Mr. Long to obtain these funds. On May 7, 2009, a purchase request was submitted for (4) Medtronic Physio-Control 12-lead Life Pak-15 with ESPO2 Sensor and Blood Pressure Cuff @ $25,000 each to outfit our ambulances with state-of-the-art equipment. Myers requested that the $4,000 grant be used toward this purchase. I.C. Myers also submitted a purchase request (same date as Life Pak) in the amount of $5,854.80 for EZIO’s which is another means of starting an IV on patients that are non-accessible to our regular needle stick. It is his understanding that Lake Health and University Hospitals replace what we use when the patient arrives at the hospital. Both Life Pak-15 and EZIO’s are included in protocols and Lake Health will replace supplies and offer training (along with Physio-Control and University Hospitals).

Mr. Britton asked if the funding offered by Lake Health was for an upgrade to our 8 lead or for purchase of 12 leads for the squads.

Patty Willson with Lake Health said the offer was through Lake County Foundation (Chief Zwegat, Willoughby Fire Chief) not Lake Health, and was only for the frontline squads in the county.

Per Lt. Baker, 12 lead is currently the standard of care. Physio-Control gave him pricing to upgrade our 8 lead equipment which is currently 10 years old and had already been on the market for 6-7 years when we purchased them. Physio-Control cautioned that our current equipment is obsolete and we will eventually find it harder and harder to get parts and service (within 2 years).

Mr. Britton commented that he was trying to ascertain whether grants or foundation monies are available or whether MFD should look for the funds on their own.

I. C. Myers stated that Dan Ellenberger with University Hospitals told him the funds offered were for upgrade not new purchase. Myers asked that we purchase new equipment for our frontline squads as quickly as possible and equip our additional squads in the next 3 or 4 months.

Mr. Takacs suggested that Myers contact Chief Zwegat and find out how much the upgrades would translate. He would like to be granted currency credit in lieu of upgrading toward purchase of 12 lead and EZIO’s. He stated there is no justification for not spending when you have EMS billing.

Mr. Takacs made a motion to purchase (4) Life Pak-15 @ $25,000 each to include EZIO’s for a total of $105,854.80 (Maximum $110,000.00).
Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
Discussion: Mr. Takacs asked if this package included the telemetry capability. Per Lt. Baker, yes. Baker added that there will be a monthly charge from Physio-Control (+/-$10.00/mo.).

Mr. Britton asked and Mr. Long stated that this purchase will come out of the EMS Equipment account.

Mr. Bartlett Reminder – Action items to be followed up on by I.C. Myers:
1) Getting the $4,000 EMS grant money
2) Earmarking auction proceeds for this purchase ($5,722.27)
3) Contacting Chief Zwegat for possible funds from Lake County Foundation
(MFD portion of $100,000)

ROLL CALL: All ayes

G) AUCTION AT STATION #3 – Grand Total Raised – $5,722.27

I.C. Myers recognized Ken Wilson, Kevin Stich and Pat Davis for collecting and transporting the items to Station #3 for sale.

Mr. Britton stated that 2 items were held back:
1) Assistant Chief Kingley’s Uniform (Stored at Mr. Britton’s home)
2) The water ball that goes on the cable (Stored by Old Fashion Days Committee)

A supplemental list of equipment was presented to the board for reclassification as surplus equipment.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

H) EOC Sheriff’s Department Dunlap Contract for 2010-2012 for board review. Board
will need to take action by October deadline.

1) Marti-Gras in Fairport Harbor – 4th of July
2) Thompson Parade – 4th of July
3) Geneva-on-the-Lake Roundup Day – Ken Wilson
4) MPACC – Smoke Trailer in Village
5) Officers met with Rick Cicero and Gary Robinson to discuss barriers – informal.
6) University Hospital – Ribbon Cutting for Concord Medical Center
7) Madison Community meeting at Library

Upcoming Events:
8) Recreation Board Parade – Chapeldale to Township Park – Softball Game – Helicopter
9) Kevin Stick FT and Brian Faulhammer PT heading up Lake County Softball Game
– 16 players
10) Old Fashioned Days – Parade – Sharing Booth with Red Cross – Bagpipes – Red Cross Disaster Van – Promotional Item Sale (Dustin Sample)

J) BEHM MEMORIAL BENCH – Graphic (MFD patch) is complete for stonework.

K) RESIGNATION OF JAMES HOWARD – Resolution #09-025 Recognition of Service

I.C. Myers explained that Jim has taken on new responsibilities at work and has decided to retire from Madison Fire District after 30 years of service.

James Howard addressed the board and said his position at Perry Power and his family responsibilities has brought him to this decision. He returned his equipment to I.C. Myers and thanked the officers for their support. He stated that it was a difficult decision and thanked the Fire department, Police department and the residents of Madison for the pleasure of serving for 30 years.

Mr. Wayman presented Jim with Resolution #09-025 honoring FF Howard for over 30 years of service (December, 1978-July 15, 2009).
Moved by: The entire board, Seconded by: The entire board
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Personal sentiments were given by Mr. Brotzman, Mr. Britton, Mr. Wayman and Mr. Quirk.

L) BROADBAND CABLE – I.C. Myers requested that Mr. Takacs and Mr. Bartlett meet with Lt. Alan Van Kramer and hammer out the specifics and present to the board their recommendations regarding the broadband cable issue.

Mr. Takacs suggested that I.C. Myers send a representative to the backbone meeting.


FULL TIME OVERTIME – Mr. Long asked the board to approve modifying the way full time overtime is paid. These changes will make payroll must easier to administer, will make it easier for the individual to understand and have been approved by the FT union. Full Time Contract – Article 17 currently reads:

……..work in excess of 144 hours on average of the regularly scheduled shifts in each 19 day work period…………
-recommended change to read-

………work in excess of 106 hours on average of the regularly scheduled shifts in each 14 day work period…………

Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
Mr. Takacs asked about how this effects the Kelly days. Mr. Long reported that the full time employees will finish out the year as scheduled and will be adjusted as necessary at the beginning of the new year (7 Kelly days/rotation).
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Long obtained signatures on the modification agreement from Mr. Wayman and Mr. Britton and from two full time representatives to be attached to the full time contract.

PRIORITY LIST – Mr. Bartlett reported that:

1) Item #12 Staffing/Manning SOP-303 Review has been completed.
2) Item #30 Surplus Equipment Auction has been completed.
3) Reminder of Master Plan Meeting with Mr. Kouwe on 9/16/09.
4) 17 of 31 items have been completed.

Mr. Wayman reminded the board members to make a list of questions for upcoming Master Plan meeting.


No Comments.

The next regular Fire Board meeting is on 8/19/09 @ 7:30pm at Station #2.

Mr. Wayman asked for a motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Part Time Labor Contract and a pending legal matter.
Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman @ 9:37 pm
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Reconvened from Executive Session @ 9:46 pm
Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
Discussed Part Time contract and pending litigation
Motion to adjourn by Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman @ 9:50 pm