August 19, 2009



x Mr. Bartlett,x Mr. Quirk,x Interim Chief Myers
x Mr. Britton,x Mr. Takacs,x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman,x Mr. Wayman,x Mr. Murray

MINUTES of: 07/15/09 Regular Session- Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk to approve as presented.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills & Payroll
Bills ($130,441.61) and payroll ($159,964.80) totaling $290,406.41 are motioned for acceptance and payment- Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Britton

Gary Robinson with Lake Health reported about the plans for adding emergency room services at Lake Madison. He commented that they were not closing the urgent care already at the facility. Lake Health has hired a research company to randomly contact residents to get the community’s view on having both services available. They expect schematics by Sept. 16, 2009 “and plan to attend the open community meeting Sept. 19, 2009 at the Madison Library.” This correction was made at the Sept. 16, 2009 meeting – Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Robinson reported that Lake Health has committed to having ambulance services through either Tri-County or Community Care. Their current contract is with Community Care and is their preference. They are also committed to having a doctor go into the surrounding communities to talk to residents about their needs. Mr. Quirk inquired about the time frame for starting the Lake Madison project and Mr. Robinson replied hopefully in the fall (depends on schematics and modifications). Mr. Takacs asked if they were planning the same size addition as proposed earlier and if there would be a triage system. Mr. Robinson said yes to both and commented that since Lake Madison already has primary physicians and rehabilitation services, residents would have “1-stop shopping”. Mr. Bartlett commented that having both urgent care and emergency services was a good concept since the citizens need 24 hour care available. Mr. Wayman thanked Mr. Robinson for his report.

Master Plan
Mr. Phil Kouwe, Senior Vice President of Emergency Services Consulting Inc. was available for questions regarding the Master Plan project. Mr. Bartlett asked about how they planned to layout the project. Mr. Kouwe stated that we would sit down and dissect the proposed “standard” plan and that they would be open to adjustments as needed. They plan to review how the district is set up now, evaluate its’ current performance, potential growth and identify how to get from “here to there”. He explained that community input would be best after the research has been completed and a power point presentation has been completed.

Mr. Bartlett inquired who would be the point of contact person and Mr. Kouwe explained that a “Project Liason” would be appointed to gather information and relay information between the board/district and ESCI.

Mr. Takacs asked about GIS information. Mr. Kouwe reported that ESCI will get information from other sources and have already done work with Painesville, Perry and Lake County Chiefs. They will update the county GIS accordingly.

Takacs inquired about the time line for the master plan project and whether the process can be spread out over time. Mr. Kouwe said as long as the delay does not exceed 1 year which could make data outdated (need “live” data).

Mr. Wayman asked when EMCI will begin the project. Mr. Kouwe answered 3-4 weeks from December. In the meantime, he will finalize the contract so we can have it reviewed by our attorney, review insurance issues and give the district time to get the necessary approval signatures. He will send a request for data to our Liason immediately which will take 3 weeks – 1 month to compile (training records, administrative policy, ISO data, etc. etc.). After that, they will do a field visit which will take approximately 3 weeks and then review the draft report which will take an additional 3-4 weeks.

Mr. Wayman asked what upfront costs would be required. Mr. Kouwe stated that normal terms are 15% upon signing of the contract and monthly “benchmark” billings thereafter based on % of total hours. He explained that the primary field work is the largest cost ($2,000). The public input portion is not a high cost (1 trip & preparation time).

Mr. Britton inquired about making adjustment changes in scope and Mr. Kouwe commented that that happens towards the end of the project. He explained that the draft review process also identifies errors and adjustments needed. In addition, changes may need to be made 2 years later to address specific situational changes.

Mr. Takacs asked if there would be onsite staff and how ESCI plans to deal with long distant communications. Mr. Kouwe said their primary source is email but they also have used Sharepoint and WebX by Cisco.

Mr. Wayman appointed I.C. Dennis Myers as Liason. Mr. Takacs also suggested that the Lieutenants be given overtime approval for research and reporting duties.

Mr. Wayman asked for a motion to enter into a contact with Emergency Services Consulting, Inc. and begin the new master plan process.

Motion by: Mr. Takacs Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett ROLL CALL: All ayes

Opening Public Portion

Dan Ellenberger with University Hospitals congratulated MFD for getting the new 12 lead equipment. He commented on Geneva Hospital’s Chest Pain Center and offered to purchase modem and modular licenses for MFD for 5 years – no strings attached.

Michelle Hayes, 7205 Doty Rd. inquired about the final (11) candidates for the Fire Chief position and gave her support to I.C. Dennis Myers.

Peter Gosline, 5695 Dewey Rd. voiced his concern for Station #3 in regards to coverage, lack of equipment in south Madison, higher insurance premiums and being “overlooked” in general.

Mr. Wayman assured him we continually look at the Station #3’s situation. Mr. Brotzman & Mr. Quirk commented on the new AMA agreements and their ability to respond on our behalf. Mr. Gosline stated that he wants Madison to be 1st responder.

I.C. Myers reported that the biggest problem in south Madison is water supply and that the AMA (Geneva, Harpersfield, Leroy, Perry) is an important “piece of the puzzle” because they supply additional personnel (20) and apparatus (10). He reported that Lake County is virtually void of tankers and that we have 3 available through our AMA which is essential in non-hydrant communities.

Mr. Goline expressed concern about businesses leaving the community and asked again if we have adequate equipment. I.C. Myers responded that the “quality” of the equipment is more important than the “quantity”. He reported that MFD has a good record with “normal” fire incidents and that in many cases arson fires are a losing battle from the alarm. Mr. Takacs commented that Station #3 is dilapidated and hopes that the master plan will address south Madison’s needs as soon as possible. He asked about Cistern Setups and Ground Water Reservoirs in the meantime.

Cindy Lambert, Debonne’ Vineyard commented on the past school fire and praised the response. She called AMA good business sense but was concerned that it would leave the responding department’s own community uncovered.

Committee Reports

BUILDINGS: Mr. Britton reported that:
A) Completed projects are as follows:
- St. #1 change in concrete elevation
- St. #1 Asphalt and additional apron work – $3,185.00
- St. #2 Extra Apron work (4’ x 2”) – $1,450.00

Mr. Britton requested approval for work orders for asphalt and additional apron work at both St. #1 ($3,185) & St. #2 ($1,450).
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Britton reported that the electrical work for the new generator at St. #1 was completed on 8/18/09 and that there would be an addition charge for landscaping, re-seeding the front yard at St. #1 and trimming shrubs at St. #2.

Mr. Britton reported on 2 quotes for the proposed storage and training building at St. #1 and requested that the contract be given to NREC Industrial:
1) Western Reserve Pole Barn – Cost – $35,807.00 (44’ x 60’ building – does not include doors or excavating)
2) NREC Industrial Stick Barn– Cost is $36,835.41 (44’ x 60’ building includes 2’ foundation, man doors, excavating and gravel)
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Concrete Bid – Lowest – Lake Erie Concrete – $16,500 for 8” concrete
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr.’s Bartlett & Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Per Mr. Long, EMS billing will cover 60-70% of the cost. Additional quotes to follow from Lake County Doors, SFI (electrical), Butkus (doors) and Hearns Plumbing & Heating.

COMMUNICATIONS: I.C. Myers thanked Lt. Terry Sopko and Ken Wilson for their efforts in getting (6) Kenwood 128 radios which established communications with Community Care, Harpersfield, Coast Guard, Geneva and road departments.

Myers reported that we will be attending the county backbone meetings. He also reported that Lt. Van Kramer is still working on supplying batteries to Harpersfield.

PART TIME LABOR MANAGEMENT: Mr. Wayman reported that after 2-1/2 weeks of mediation, the union and the district have reached an agreement on the Part Time Contract and are prepared to sign.
Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr.’s Britton & Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes


RECORDS RETENTION: Nothing to report.

Old Business

BROADBAND CABLE – Mr. Takacs reported that the IT sub committee would report their finding regarding the Broadband Cable project at the September meeting.

FULL TIME HIRING – Interim Chief Myers reported that on July 30, 2009 the 5 Madison Fire District full time candidates were interviewed by a panel of Lake County Fire Chiefs and he interviewed them all on August 17th. The next step will be interviews with MFD officers which will be completed as soon as possible (delayed by vacation time). Myers reported he intends to present 2 finalists for the full time position and 2 recommendations for part time hire at the September 16, 2009 Fire Board meeting.

1st ANNUAL BLOOD FOR BADGES CHALLENGE – Mr. Bartlett reported that the blood drive at the Madison Senior Center on August 14, 2009 was a success. Forty-six people participated and 35 pints of blood were donated. He thanked the community for their support.

EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – Per the boards request at the July 15, 2009 meeting, I.C. Myers handed out a copy of the warranty for the new treadmills (3 years parts/1 year labor).

DISTRICT WORK AGREEMENT – Per I.C. Myers, now that the Part Time contract has been finalized, he will be meeting with Mr. Mike Murray to write up a district work agreement which he hopes to present at the September meeting.

OPTICOM PRE-EMPTION DEVISES – I. C. Myers reported that he was unable to obtain a copy of the original pre-emption devise agreement for the unit on Green Road. Ted Galuschik will try to forward a copy but says the agreement holds the municipalities responsible for maintenance of the equipment. Travis Bonnett’s office (ODOT) establishes what is needed, the district orders the parts from the manufacturer and the ODOT installs/repairs. A discussion followed regarding who would take responsibility for this maintenance.

Mr. Long handed out a letter dated 8/18/09 from Matthew Zapp, Village Administrator, advising Chief Myers that Madison Village is improving the traffic signals and control mechanisms, including pre-emption devises, at three intersections within the Village (Lake/Main, River/Main, SR 528/Middle Ridge). Zapp reported that Chief Shannon of the Madison Village Police Department has determined that the police cruisers will not utilize pre-emption. The letter stated that due to this decision, the Village would like the District to pay for pre-emption hardware for these intersections at a cost of $23,722.

Mr. Long advised that there was no grant money available to purchase this equipment but maintenance will be funded out of the Village Street Fund.

I.C. Myers reported that not all our vehicles have pre-emption capability (retrofit $1,000).

Mr. Wayman suggested that the District pick up the cost of the Village pre-emption equipment. Madison Village will be responsible for all future maintenance of the pre-emption equipment at these three Village locations.
Motion by: Mr. Wayman, Seconded by Mr. Britton
ROLL CALL: All ayes

New Business

RENOVATION CONTRACTORS/VENDORS – Mr. Tony Long reported that he has completed a check on all vendors participating in the St. #1 and St. #2 renovations and that no violations were found.

DISTRICT AUDIT – Mr. Long reported that the 2007-2008 audits has been successfully completed with the final report to follow. Mr. Long signed the letter of intent. Cost for 2007-2008 audits is $3,600 (the 2005-2006 audit cost $17,000). Mr. Takacs, Bartlett, and Wayman thanked Mr. Long for his good work.

Chief’s Report- I. C. Myers
1) RECALL POLICY – As of 7/16/09, the new recall policy has been implemented and recalls will take place immediately when the second call is received not after the second crew has arrived on scene.

2) EMERGENCY POD – Lt. Alan Van Kramer will attend an organization meeting on Monday, August 24, 2009 and will report at the Sept. 16, 2009 Fire Board meeting.

3) AUTOMATIC MUTUAL AID –I.C. Myers reported that AMA agreements were implemented on July 20, 2009 and on July 24, 2009 Madison had a severe storm which resulted in 5 homes being hit by lightening within minutes of each other.

Myers also debriefed the fire incident at Ross Road and South Madison which was also an enormous AMA effort (16 departments/20 aparatus/65 personnel). Our stations were staffed by Painesville Township while our personnel were at the scene. Chief Myers thanked everyone for their good work. In regards to AMA, Myers stated that this is not a pride issue, we will always ask for help.

The Fire Marshall’s office has the cause listed as “Undetermined” and is still investigating, focusing on the north end. First responders arrived 6 minutes from the alarm and the box alarm was tripped immediately to get water. A total of approximately 500,000 gallons of water was used to battle this fire although, according to Myers, no amount of water would have saved the building. Crews were directed in an effort to control the scene and thankfully there were no injuries.

4) LIFE PAK-15 – Myers reported that the Life Pak’s have arrived and we will take our time in training (starts 8/20-22) to insure that all personnel are checked out on this new equipment. Myers also reported that the Lake County Foundation will not be forwarding grant money to MFD because the foundation money was for upgrading equipment, not purchasing new equipment.

5) COMMUNITY EVENTS ATTENDED: (20 events since 4/1/09)
a) Recreation Board Parade – Three other departments participated
b) Lake County Softball Game – 2/2, no injuries
c) Old Fashioned Days – Parade – Sharing Booth with Red Cross – Bagpipes – Red Cross Disaster Van – Promotional Item Sale (Dustin Sample) – Senior Program Introduced
d) Lake County Fair

Upcoming Events:
*Grape Jamboree – September 25-26th
*Frontier Days
6) LEAVE OF ABSENCE – Per Myers, 2 employees have just returned from leave and 1 will begin a leave in early September.

7) FIRE INSPECTION – Lt. Sopko– 2 MFD inspectors conducted inspections during Old Fashion Days this year. Three-fourths of the schools have been inspected in preparation for the new school year.

8) TRAINING – Lt. Patfield reported that MFD is at 95% compliance and he is very pleased with the progress. Employees were given “customer service follow-up” drill time credit for attendance at the Old Fashion Days event.

9) DISTRICT COMPUTER – Per Myers, the computer crashed last week and we look forward to getting this situation resolved.

10) I. C. Myers reported that the Burn Trailor/Smoke House has been renovated and thanked Carquest, Design Images and Frank’s Auto Body for donating materials and services. It looks great!

PRIORITY LIST – Mr. Bartlett reported that staffing, part time negotiations, surplus equipment and improvements to St. #1 & 2 are all either completed or nearing completion. Next revision #10 will include the generators and the storage building.

Closing Public Portion
No Comments

Mr. Brotzman thanked Mr. Sam Britton for his excellent work on the building committee. He also advised that he may be late to the September 16, 2009 meeting.

I. C. Myers reported that he and the 5 Lieutenants would be attending a Leadership Conference in Newark, Ohio and will not be at the September 16, 2009 meeting.

Mr. Takacs asked when the list of Fire Chief candidates will be made public. It was decided by the board in general that the list remain closed until the Ohio Fire Chiefs assessment process is completed. Mr. Long reported that we are down to 11 qualified candidates at this point and will be down to 6 within a few days. Letters will be sent to the 6 candidates still in the running and those who have been eliminated early next week.

Mr. Long asked for an executive session to discuss personnel issues. Mr. Wayman asked for a motion to adjourn to Executive Session.
Motion by: Mr. Britton Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes @9:40 pm