October 7, 2009



x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Quirk x Interim Chief Myers
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Murray

MINUTES of: 09/16/09 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Quirk, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman to approve as presented
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills and Payroll:
Bills ($45,699.06) and payroll (45,279.99) totaling $90,979.05 are motioned for acceptance and payment
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Takacs

Opening Public Portion:
No public comment.

Committee Reports:

Station #3: Mr. Britton reported that (3) trustees visited Station #3 and he has begun gathering estimates for repairs (roof, heating, garage door). Britton also reported that the well at Station #3 is bad and will need work. Estimates with Engineering Stamped Drawings will be forwarded to the board as soon as available.

New Training/Storage Building @ Station #1: Mr. Britton explained that the Madison Village wanted a Memorandum of Understanding drawn up and signed regarding the new building at Station #1 that states that the building will remain with the Village after the Fire District no longer has a use for it. Britton stated that construction would hopefully begin by the end of October, 2009.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by all 6 trustees.

Nothing to report.

Next meeting November 18, 2009.

The October 21st meeting was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict (election candidate meeting). Interim Chief Myers was asked to contact Justin Meister to get suggestions for a new meeting date. Mr. Wayman asked for motion to cancel October 21st Regular Fire Board meeting as well.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Nothing to report.


Lt. Alan Van Kramer reported on the progress of the “mass dispensing” POD program (no cost to public) which will serve Madison Village, Madison Township, Perry Village, North Perry Village and Perry Township. He handed out information outlining the layout of the Madison High School cafeteria where the distribution will take place and explained the various stations and medical and non-medical personnel required to ensure a smooth service flow, a partial list as follows:
POD Clinic Manager
Public Information Officer
Safety – EMS/Ambulance
POD Operations Chief
Security (Police)
Traffic Control
Clinic Flow
Clerical Lead
Forms Distribution
Medical Lead
Vaccinator Assistant
Medical Records
Medical Screener
Exit Review
POD Logistics Chief
Building Maintenance
Transportation (Road Dept.)
Food Service
Personnel Coordinator
*Madison Fire District (Paramedics will be trained to administer flu shots.)
Medical personnel will serve 8 hour shifts/Non-Medical will serve 10 hour shifts. There are 6 PODS throughout Lake County. The Madison POD container is currently located at the Crandall Building. The Health District’s main goal continues to be prevention and is working to educate the public on ways to stay healthy, but at the same time is working diligently to:

*Coordinate planning of POD program
*Coordinate influenza and epidemiologic investigation activities
*Identifying priority groups
*Pre-registering Lake County Providers
*Recruiting volunteers
*Stockpile supplies
*Meetings with School Boards
*Coordinate public information messaging and warnings


Cover nose & mouth with tissue when cough or sneeze. Throw tissue in the trash after use.

Wash hands often with soap & water, especially after cough and sneeze.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Try to avoid contact with sick people.

Based on current flu conditions, people with flu-like illness should stay home until at least 24 hours after they no longer have signs of a fever, without the use of fever-reducing medications.

For more information and updates, please visit http://twitter.com/lchealthdist or e-mail Dawn Cole at the Public Information Office at dcole@lcghd.org.

A meeting with community members was held on October 7, 2009. Next meeting scheduled for October 14th and October 28th.

Mr. Takacs asked when the distribution system will be activated, and Lt. Van Kramer reported “ballpark target date” was November 1, 2009.

Ken Takacs gave a Power Point presentation outlining the District’s current computer system and the changes that need to happen to provide us with modern Fire/EMS service. The goal is to analyze how we operate today and where we need to improve to achieve a system that is right for us for tomorrow.

Current Areas of Concern:
A) CONNECTIVITY SPEED (HIGH PRIORITY) – Per Mr. Takacs, our existing system is too slow and haphazard. The district has evolved technologically from standard dial-up to Windstream DSL but continues to experience many failures. New technology includes T1 lines which are too expensive and Fiber Optics which is not available in Madison. Mr. Takacs purposed changing immediately to Time Warner DSL Cable which is faster and hopefully more reliable than our current service. In future upgrade, the system will be replaced with Ethernet point-to-point direct wire access. He has asked Lt. Alan Van Kramer to negotiate with Time Warner and report on our options and pricing.

B) HARDWARE – Mr. Takacs recommends that we convert from desktop units to a central network (Central Server Operating System) to connect all stations and update our outdated PC units. It is his understanding that some of the firefighters use their own equipment and we need to centralize the system, provide roaming profile ability and provide personnel with upgraded workstations with modern hardware (laptops instead of fixed PC’s).

C) PROGRAMS/SOFTWARE – Mr. Takacs recommends that the District update our programs and software to meet state requirements, large files and improve the basic function ability of our data storage (high priority) and report processing. He reports that our current software (Windows 95 & 98) can’t operate with modern speeds and that we need to start from scratch with laptops (advantage wireless) and new software that will allow us to manage information better (Firehouse, Work Processing, Power Point, Screen Options, Large files, Anti-Virus, Internet Controls, Contractural IT support from outside vendor).

We currently have 3 Firehouse and 5 Microsoft Office licenses which is not adequate for our needs. He suggest that we build towards updating the current NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) to the 2010 Enterprise level (expensive) and purchase the required licenses as needed.

D) SERVER TECHNOLOGY – Our current system (at St. #1) is undersized and slow. Mr. Takacs recommends that the District purchase a centralized Rack Server System with faster RAM capability.

E) SECURITY – Privacy rights issues are a major concern with respect to the security of data transferred between the District, credentialed employees and business partners (NFIRS, ODPS, Medicount Management). Per Mr. Takacs, a central server will allow encryption of data transferred to outside agencies, reduce exposure to hacking by limiting data and installing security software safeguards and allow the District to monitor internet usage.


1) Replace the current Windstream DLS line with Time Warner Cable Access Line which increases speed from 3 mbps to 8 mbps ($200/month per station-2 year contract). Per Lt. Van Kramer, this change can happen within 3 days of signing the contract.

Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes

2) Include the following summary of costs in 2010 Budget:

Connectivity – Annual Cost $ 9,000
Hardware – One time cost 18,000
Software and Licensing 13,000
Business Server 20,000
Data Security (est.) 10,000
Training Center Equipment 10,000
Total Estimated Cost $80,000 (does not include IT contract)

Target date to have entire system (including UAN) to full integration is September, 2010.

Mr. Bartlett thanked Ken Takacs and Lt. Van Kramer for their efforts and called the proposal a “road map” to change.

Mr. Wayman asked how the proposal fit into the Master Plan project. Mr. Takacs speculated that ESCI would agree that the computer system needed to be updated.

New Business:

Mr. Long reported that the 2010-2012 Dispatch Contract with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Central Communications Division, was due for renewal on October 1, 2009. Major Charles Caldwell accepted a verbal commitment until the October 7, 2009 Fire Board meeting. Per Major Caldwell, the usual increase is 5%, however, Sheriff Dunlap was able to negotiate new rates as follows:

2009 2010 2011 2012
$66,856.00 $66,856.00 $67,524.54 $68,875.04
last contract no increase 1% increase 2% increase

Upon board approval, three copies of the contract needs to be signed by the board and returned to Caldwell for signatures by Sheriff Dunlap and the Lake County Commissioners.

Motion by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Takacs
ROLL CALL: All ayes


University Hospital helped program the 12 lead machines and telemetry is working.

On October 21, 2009, Madison Fire District will send a 3-man crew (off duty) to move Lake East to Tripoint.

Community Care Ambulance is now operating out of Lake Madison.

Lt. Terry Sopko attended the September 22nd AMA meeting with Harpersfield, Geneva, Trumbull, Saybrook, Geneva-on-the-Lake. A tour of all vehicles in the Auto Aid system will be given on October 28th as a proactive move to keep informed.

Also, as a show of support, one department for another, a “gentlemen’s agreement” was made between departments to cover for each other in case a department is incapacitated for any reason (example: POD service). Although this is not yet a binding agreement, the Fire Chiefs will continue to address this issue.

Philip Kouwe and his team (Kent Green, Bernie Harchar) were at the District office October 6-7th (30 hours) to tour St. #1, #2 and #3, and collect and discuss information with:

County Planning Matt Zapp/Zoning Jerry Klco/Twp. Zoning
I.C. Dennis Myers Lt. Tod Baker County GIS
Lt. John Patfield Patty Willson Full Time/Part Time Labor
County Central Dispatch Mr. Tony Long/Financial Lt. Terry Sopko/Fire Prevention

Mr. Kouwe gave “homework” for additional information needed to be forwarded when available.

Short term and long term training goals are key issues in the Master Plan and we are continually looking for outreach programs to come in for educational possibilities.

Pat Davis, Kevin Stich and Scott Wells will be attending Bowling Green State University’s State Fire School for Fire Officer training on October 9th – 14th.

Madison Fire District participated in 2 parades at this years’ Grape Jamboree. We also attended the North Lake YMCA and Homer Nash Elementary School’s Fire Prevention Events (Smoke Trailer).

October 16 Tripoint Open House
October 31 Glitz 2009 Fundraiser: Celebrate Tripoint

A letter of recommendation naming Brian Faulhammer (1st choice) and Greg Henry (2nd choice) as final candidates for the open full time position was presented at the September 16th meeting. Since then, pension fund physicals and agility tests have been scheduled to finalize this hiring process. It is anticipated that a formal recommendation will be brought before the board sometime in November.

Mr. Bartlett reported that 14 of 31 action items have been completed. Current focus is on the Fire Chief selection and District computers.

Closing Public Portion:
No public comment.

Mr. Long asked for a vote on 2 Resolutions:

A Resolution reducing the requirements from two to one signature on warrants issued in the payment of all obligations of the Madison Fire District.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes

A Resolution authorizing the payment of the employee contribution to the Public Employment Retirement System for the Madison Fire District Fiscal Officer.
Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Britton
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Next meeting will be held November 4th at Village Hall.

Mr. Wayman asked for a motion to adjourn to executive session to discuss future employment.
Motion by: Mr. Britton, Seconded by: Mr. Quirk
ROLL CALL: All ayes @ 8:48pm