July 21, 2010



x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Brotzman x Chief Lutz
x Mr. Bartlett - Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Szeman

Per Mr. Britton, Mr. Takacs is recovering well at home.

MINUTES of: 06/16/10 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett to approve.
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Bills ($75,718.80) and payroll ($188,420.73) totaling $264,139.53 are motioned for acceptance and payment.
Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Wayman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mike Gehring and Pete Richmond with the Fire District Insurance Committee presented the August 1, 2010 District Insurance Renewal (FVIS since 1986) in the amount of $29,477.00 ($152.00 increase over 2009). The umbrella coverage will remain at $4 mil and liability coverage will remain at $5 mil which includes medical malpractice coverage.

Renewal Premium Summary:

*Property $ 1,054 *coverage increased by 4% inflation factor

(Building & Contents)
Fidelity Bond 324
Portable Equipment 1,223
Automobile 12,282
General Liability 8,095
Management Liability 2,193
Umbrella – $4,000,000 4,306

Total Premium $29,477

The insurance covers Station #1 Firehouse contents only, St. #1 Storage/Training Center contents only (to be determined at a later date), Station #2 Firehouse building and contents, Station #2 Storage building and contents and Station #3 Firehouse contents only. Station #1 Firehouse building and Storage/Training building are insured by Madison Village. Station #3 Firehouse building is insured by Madison Twp.

In 2006, each District vehicle was issued a Physical Damage value which is an agreed upon amount for replacement cost. Mr. Gehring advised the board that any vehicle that sustains 75% damage will be replaced at 100%. The premium to increase all vehicles across the board by 10% (except the Seagrave) would be an additional $500/yr. (approximately $2.35/$1000 for pumpers and $3.70/$1000 for ambulances). Mr. Bartlett asked about a standard, built in inflation factor for future years, but Gehring advised that it is more effective to re-evaluate each individual vehicle each year. He and the board encouraged Chief Lutz to review these values and amend them according to current market value. The new insurance premium will be adjusted accordingly once the review is completed.

Lutz will also research and report on the possibility of installing above-ground Diesel and Gas tanks behind Station #1. Mr. Gehring advised the board that there is no liability coverage for these tanks on the current policy. Applications will need to be filled out before a quote can be submitted for this coverage.

Chief Lutz reported that #2123 Pumper repair from the May 8, 2010 accident is almost complete, however, the unit is undergoing warranty repair through HME which may take 2 more weeks. Unit #2113 will be sent for similar warranty repair once #2123 is returned.

Motion to approve August 1, 2010 District Insurance Premium – $29,477 – by Mr. Brotzman Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett ROLL CALL: All ayes


Mike Kingery commented that he was pleased that the board had hired a true professional Fire Chief in Gene Lutz and stated that he can see many improvements and good happenings as a result.

Kingery asked about the $200,000 cost for the Storage/Training Center behind St. #1 and asked why the board would spend taxpayer money on this building when the Master Plan calls for the District to build a new station. Mr. Britton explained that many factors caused the project to expand beyond original plans, a partial list as follows:

Engineering fees Fire rating requirements Removal of awning
Removal of siding Bathroom addition Air conditioner/heater
Carpet Tile Drop ceiling
Parking lot re-grade Sod Concrete between buildings
Shower stall Lighting upgrade Vapor barriers
Double drywall Expanded training room facilities Sink
Kitchen cabinets Modifications to St. #1 building Other county required changes

Mr. Kingery also asked about the Lake Health Madison Emergency Room addition and the changes and delays associated with the project. Chief Lutz reported that he would update everyone later in the meeting.

Mr. Bob Hollar of 6733 Dave Drive thanked Lt. Baker and MFD for their service to his home in recent days. Chief Lutz thanked all the MFD crews for their excellent performance and commented on how the new Life-Pak 15’s have increased the Districts ability to service the needs of Madison residents.

Chief Lutz reported that he met with Lake Health on July 12th to discuss the plans for the ED addition to Lake Health Madison. In attendance were Mr. Britton, Mr. Anderson, Mr.Bartlett and 5 representatives from Lake Health. Topics included:

- A 2nd curb access which has been approved by ODOT with the help of Representative Mark Schneider and Rep. LaTourette.

- A 24/7 around the clock Emergency Department (14 beds) will be added to the Lake Health Madison facility which will eliminate the need for MFD crews (as well as Perry Fire, Thompson Fire, and NAD) to transport to TriPoint and will keep crews here in Madison to respond more quickly to emergencies.

- Lake Health Madison’s Urgent Care (Walk-in) will be moved offsite to a separate facility in Madison (to be determined) and will continue to be staffed by Dr. Hayek and Lake Health Madison personnel.

Mr. Britton reported that additional services will be available at Lake Health Madison on an outpatient basis that previously had to be done at TriPoint (blood work, etc). He also reported that the 11 nurses at Lake Health Madison will either be transferred to the new Madison Walk-In Clinic or be offered re-training to be transferred to the new ER Department at Lake Health Madison or other facilities within the Lake Health system.

Mr. Bartlett suggested that, if need be, the District could help with re-training for the Lake Health Madison nurses.

Mr. Anderson asked about security for the new addition. Mr. Cicero replied that Lake Health was still in the process of assessing security needs and would be meeting with local authorities to make sure adequate security was put into place.

Mr. Cicero thanked Chief Lutz for his involvement in keeping the planning process moving forward and for helping to resolve “stumbling blocks” along the way. Mr. Karns reported that a CAT Scan will be installed at Lake Health Madison and that construction on the new addition will begin in October or November once the following tasks are completed:

Get approval from Lake County Planning Commission (August Agenda)
Implement Bid Process
Finalize Union Labor Agreements

Opening is targeted for April 1, 2011.

Chief Lutz detailed an agreement with Lake Health for Madison Fire District to transport Walk-In Urgent Care patients who need to go to TriPoint and other destinations. Lutz reported that the District will not use regular duty crews for these transports and will need to add personnel to the regular schedule for this purpose. These added personnel can be used as back up for regular crews who are out on runs.

Mr. Bob Hollar commented that a few months ago his wife went to Lake Health Madison Urgent Care and was told she would have to go to TriPoint for treatment. Mr. Hollar asked why? Mr. Karns stated that some patients assessed with certain conditions or whose condition is uncertain are directed to TriPoint Emergency. Mr. Karns committed to checking on the circumstances of the incident in question.


BUILDINGS: Mr. Britton reported that the Storage/Training building is 98% completed. Gutters, siding repair, door trim and door handles will be done by next week. Per Britton’s request, Ken Wilson turned in quotes for carpeting; Rake’s Carpet-$1,580.00; Koellisch Carpet-$2,716.68. Mr. Britton requested that Wilson also get a quote from Lake Furniture and submit it to Chief Lutz who will choose a vendor for the project.

Wilson also turned in a quote to purchase dollies ($217) and a cover (price to be determined) for the Seagraves Engine for storage, which was approved.

COMMUNICATIONS: Chief Lutz reported that Marie Zollner donated a blood pressure cuff to the District. He also reported that Perry Fire sent a thank you note for the District’s participation in Retired Chief Stephen Sitz’s funeral.




PRIORITY LIST UPDATE: Mr. Bartlett reported that there are only 7 items open. He and Chief Lutz are discussing the 88 Master Plan recommendations and will formulate a plan to add them to the priority list.

Chief Lutz reported that keyless door locks have been installed at Station #1 and #2.

LOAN REPORT: Tony Long reported that he has collected loan proposals from both public and private sectors and they are very competitive. Long thanked Mr. Szeman for his research of the Ohio Revised Code to make sure the District could borrow money. Bond Council is a mandatory element (Squires, Sanders and Dempsey – $135,000-$140,000) which will be built into the loan. Long, Lutz and Szeman anticipate presenting a specific recommendation to the board at the August meeting.


PURCHASE ORDERS: Nothing to report.

RESOLUTION # 10-025 – Point Of Distribution (POD) – Lake County General Health District Agreement: (Copies available in the District Office)

Mr. Szeman explained that this resolution involves a memorandum of understanding and written agreement of responses and duties of emergency planning between the Madison Fire District and the Lake County General Health District to comply with State and Federal Law in regards to the distribution of strategic national stock pile of Board of General Health resources in case of disaster.

Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes

RESOLUTION # 10-026 – Point Of Distribution School Sites/City’s Readiness Initiative – Lake County General Health District Agreement: (Copies available in the District Office)

Mr. Szeman explained that this resolution involves a memorandum of understanding and written agreement between designated School Districts, the Madison Fire District and the Lake County General Health District to comply with State and Federal Law in regards to the distribution of strategic national stock pile of Board of General Health resources in case of public health disaster emergency.

Mr. Szeman reported that Mike Gehring with Gehring Insurance has reviewed the resolution with respect to license agreement and third party facilities and he found no concerns with the District entering into this agreement with regard to District insurance coverage.

Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Wayman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Copies of both resolutions will be made available to the board as soon as possible.

Chief Lutz thanked Mr. Szeman for his efforts in finalizing Resolutions 10-025 and 10-026.


Public Events Attended:

1) Madison Fire District participated in Ret. Chief Stephen Sitz’s funeral and supplied station coverage for Perry Fire during these difficult days. The Seagraves Engine was made available for the funeral by request of the family.

2) The Seagraves Engine was at Marti-Gras again this year.

3) MFD provided public education material at the YMCA Safety Days.

Township Opitcoms and Technical Rescue Vehicles/Equipment:
Chief Lutz requested that the board set aside $100,000 from the Radio/Communications account for purchase of:

(1) Opticom units for traffic signals in the Township at the following locations:
Rt. 20 & Burns; Rt. 20 & Hubbard; Hubbard & Chapel
(2) Technical rescue equipment for Lake, Ice and Swift Water Rescue, and related training, to include, but not limited to: a river rescue boat; a lake rescue boat or jet skis; boat trailer(s); helmets; PFD’s; ice equipment; etc. He further requested that the board budget $10,000 annually for upgrading and maintaining this equipment.

Mr. Bartlett inquired about which account was used to purchase the Village opticoms. Mr. Long replied that since we will not be using the radio/communications funds in the budget this year, it makes sense to use these funds.

Bartlett reminded the board that the Village Police purchased the opticom equipment for their own vehicles and commented that the Township Police has the same option.

Mr. Anderson commented that there are 5 township signals without opticoms. Chief Lutz commented that opticoms at Rt. 20 & Countyline and Rt. 20 at Peebles are not needed at this point.

Motion by: Mr. Wayman Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
ROLL CALL: All ayes

2010 Chief’s Conference: Chief Lutz reported that he made contact with three architectural agencies at the conference that he feels would do a good job for the District. Szeman advised that financial considerations and resources need to be finalized first, then he will draft a request for qualifications. Chief Lutz stated he would like to form a committee to include board members, firemen, and community members to gather input on a practical design for the new station.


No comments.

Mr. Bartlett reported that the families of Dick Swackhamer and Ken Takacs send their thanks to the Fire District for the good service recently provided to them. Mr. Britton also thanked the District for the professional service provided to his family.

Next meetings:
August 18th – Township Center at 7:30 pm
September 15th – Township Center at 7:30 pm

Motion to adjourn by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Wayman
ROLL CALL: All ayes @ 8:50 pm