August 18, 2010



x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Brotzman x Chief Lutz
x Mr. Bartlett - Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Szeman


MINUTES of: 07/21/10 Regular Session

Corrections: – Pg. 3
2nd Paragraph “Snyder” should be Schneider
2nd Paragraph “Govenor” should be Rep.
5th Paragraph “Lake Madison” should be Lake Health Madison

Motion by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson to approve.
ROLL CALL: (5) ayes, 1 abstain

Bills ($77,324.81) and payroll ($195,276.01) totaling $272,600.82 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Anderson, Seconded by: Mr. Wayman
ROLL CALL: All ayes


Mike Kingery shared his concerns about the Storage/Training Center behind Station #1 and the $205,000 total cost. Topics included:

1) Mr. Kingery reported that he recently toured the new building and did not see why the building cost so much nor was it 98% complete as reported at the last meeting – the kitchenette, the bathroom and the painting were not done. In his estimation, the building is only 70% complete. Mr. Britton replied that the tile and flooring were due in last week from Lake Carpet. Per Ken Wilson, the backordered tile is now due on August 20 and will be installed the week of August 23rd. Cabinets for the kitchenette and fixtures for bathroom will also be installed the week of August 23rd. Painting is all completed except the trim in the bay which will be completed once John Hopkins pressure washes and reseals the floor.

2) Kingery also asked why there is only one restroom in a training center where both male and female firefighters and other guest groups will gather for programs and classes. Mr. Britton stated that the bathroom must be handicapped accessible so there was not enough room to build two bathrooms.

3) Kingery reported that a bay door has a ¾” crack between door and floor. Per Mr. Britton, the bay door has already been adjusted.

4) Kingery stated that one gutter pipe has a 90 degree turn in a rigid pipe which, in his opinion, is not a good design and shows poor workmanship. Mr. Britton committed to looking into the down spouts.

5) Kingery reported that, when it rains, there is water inside Station #1’s back door because the pad between the two buildings slopes towards Station #1. Mr. Britton reported that the puddle is from a leak in a garden hose near the back door, not rain water.

6) Kingery asked about the huge space in the ceiling above the meeting room and called it “wasted space”. Chief Lutz stated that the County will not allow storage above the training room due to fire hazard.

7) Mr. Kingery also voiced concern about the way the last two engines were purchased and the decision to purchase them from HME which he reported was a low end truck. In his opinion, if the district can spend $205,000 on a building, they can spend another $75,000 on a good engine. He commented that the District is now paying the price since the engines will need to be taken out of service because the paint is coming off after only two years. He asked why the warranty work has not been done in a timely manner since the warranty center is here in Madison.

Mr. Britton reported that both engines were taken in annually for service work but the warranty work was never reported to the District. Chief Lutz reported that HME has replaced all the faulty pump handles and repainted as needed. The first engine’s accident repair and warranty work is complete and the second engine is now in Pittsburgh receiving its warranty work. Mr. Kingery suggested that, in the future, the District spend more to get quality instead of spending less and getting inferior equipment.

Kingery concluded his comments by saying that the fire district is making great steps and supplying adequate service within the community.


BUILDINGS: Mr. Britton stated that the tile and door handles are scheduled to be installed in the Storage/Training building. He advised Mr. Long of a bill from Nolan Doors for $220.oo for door handles.

COMMUNICATIONS: Nothing to report.




PRIORITY LIST UPDATE: Mr. Bartlett reported that there are only 7 items open. He and Chief Lutz are continuing to discuss the master plan items and will submit an updated priority list at a later date.


1) Chief Lutz reported that he will be purchasing the Sparky outfit from Robotronics for $4,300.00 for firefighters to use in children’s fire safety programs.

2) Lutz also reported a need to purchase two *new Road Rescue Medics:
(2) Road Rescue Medics………………$135,165.00 each………….$ 270,330.00
(1) LifePak-15…………………………….$ 24,951.85 each……….. $ 24,951.85
(1) Stryker Electric Cot……………….$ 10,953.60 each……….…$ 10,953.60
(1) Stryker Stair Chair…………………$ 2,604.80 each………… $ 2,604.80

*Units are 2010 demos with Ford E Series Front Ends (odometers-3,000 miles). Purchase price includes painting Madison Fire District Red with black and gold stripes and lettering.

Lutz also reported that once the new Medics are in service, he will be taking Unit #2142 out of service and equipping it to be used for Support Services, FIU and Rehab Services

Tony Long explained that we have funds available in the EMS account for this purchase, however, he will need the board to pass a resolution to move the funds from unappropriated to appropriated.

Motion to purchase (2) 2010 Road Rescue Medics and equipment (not to exceed $310,000) by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

RESOLUTION #10-027 – Lake County Hazardous Intervention Team (HIT):
Pat Shannon with Lubrizol, and on behalf of the Lake County Fire Chiefs, thanked the board for allowing him to talk about the need for emergency responders for incidents involving hazardous materials. The Hazardous Intervention Team is a regional 24/7 effort supporting fire, police and other service departments to lessen the impact of hazardous incidents on communities (meth labs, white powder, suspicious packages, large scale standby, orphan drums). Shannon reported that on July 26, 2010, the Lake County Mayors and Managers overwhelmingly approved the Hazardous Intervention Team Funding Proposal 2010 which is spelled out in Madison Fire District Resolution #10-027. Specifics of the resolution and the HIT Funding Proposal 2010 include:

1) Madison Fire District has the authority and responsibility to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials.

2) Lake County Hazardous Intervention Team (HIT) is comprised of (46) members from (16) fire departments, private industries and other local agencies serving all of Lake County. Lake County HIT is one of 3 recognized self-assessed Type I Hazardous Materials Teams in the state of Ohio.

3) Each team member trains between 24 and 40 hours/year – costs paid by member’s department.

4) There are 4 vehicles used to support hazardous materials incidents which were donated by First Energy* and purchased by DHS Grant**. The vehicles are titled to the community where they are housed. These communities have accepted all responsibility for maintaining the vehicles.

Vehicle Housed and Maintained by:
*Air Truck Mentor
*Air Truck Perry
**Research Vehicle Wickliffe
**Equipment Vehicle Willoughby

5) Prior to 2004, the Lake County Commissioners provided funds for this program. Currently, the Ohio Revised Code allows funds ($90,000) from the Local Emergency Planning Commission’s State Emergency Response Communities Training Fund to replace expiring equipment. These funds will be depleted this year once the Level A PPE is replaced. The HIT Funding Proposal 2010 was established through a joint effort of the HazAir Committee, CSU and the Lake County Fire Chiefs Association to fund the team’s ongoing needs.

6) HIT funding is split between participating members and is based upon:
1) Population
2) Risk – cities with major transportation routes and extremely hazardous substances facilities
3) Participation – cities with equipment and personnel designated for the HazMat team
4) Penalties for non-participation

7) The total annual cost is approximately $20,000-$25,000 of which Madison’s share is $1,878.71 ($.08 per capita, $.05 operating costs, $.03 capital items). Fees will be issued annually by the Lake County Fire Chiefs Association Treasurer on the fourth Thursday in February (due April 30th) and will be based upon the previous year’s participation. The funds will be deposited into two trust funds (Expense, Capital) designated for the Lake County Fire Chiefs Association through the City of Willoughby. Transfer of funds between the two trusts requires majority vote of the HazAir Committee. Should the HazMat team ever disband, funds will be returned to participating communities.

Chief Lutz reported that the model used for this proposal is based on Dayton, OH’s program which has been successful. He reminded the board of Madison’s risk areas which include railroads, Interstate 90, Route 20 and the Perry Nuclear Plant.

Bartlett inquired about future inflation costs for the program. Both Shannon and Chief Lutz reported that the cost to the District should remain constant for at least two years.

Bartlett also inquired about whether other counties have implemented similar programs. Shannon reported that most counties have some type of lower level program.

Mr. Britton asked if Madison currently has anyone on the HazMat team. Lutz responded no.

Mr. Bartlett inquired which account the funds would be paid from. Tony Long stated that an account would be established.

Mr. Takacs agreed that it was time to establish a funding mechanism for this team, however, he expressed a concern about the risk factor applied in the funding model and Madison’s disproportionate share of cost compared to other communities with more EHS and large business facilities. Takacs also suggested that too much weight was credited to cities with members currently on the HazMat team. He inquired why the District was not approached earlier so we could commit personnel/equipment to the team and reduce the annual cost.

In response, Shannon reported that due to the time restraints in obtaining funding this year, the committee decided to keep the funding model formula simple. He explained that there are many different types of EHS facilities and transportation routes and admitted that it was difficult to determine which was more hazardous than the other.

With respect to the credit granted departments with active members, Shannon asked the board to calculate how much it would cost Madison Fire District to pay 1 member 40 hours at time and a half.

Secondly, Shannon explained that the committee considered the option of recruiting new members from departments without active HazMat members and decided against it because they did not want departments assigning personnel simply to reduce costs. They want willing participants with a desire to contribute to the team and its goals.

Mike Kingery stated that Madison used to have active team members but lost them because the District would not pay for them to go to incidents or for their training.

Mr. Takacs still maintained that he felt that Madison was being asked to pay too much when compared to the urban communities in western Lake County. He commented that it was not the cost he questioned, it was the formula used to determine the cost. Shannon responded by saying that Madison has used the HazMat team more than any other city in the county and is therefore considered a higher risk.

Mr. Brotzman commented that Madison is ranked 3rd in population in Lake County and the largest city in area. He stated that he thought the program was well worth the price and recommended that the board approve the resolution

Takacs asked what EHS and LEPC funds are available. Shannon reported that those funds are administered by the Ohio EPA and are specifically for training. Although not recommended, in 2004, HazMat got approval to transfer $90,000 to use for equipment and has $2,000 left over. Takacs asked how the bomb squads and other specialty teams are funded. Shannon answered that he was not sure how they are funded, that they do not have the same needs and are totally separate.

Motion to adopt Resolution #10-027 by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson

Mr. Britton agreed with Takacs that the formula for determining the cost seems out of line. He also commented that he remembers having HazMat team members years ago and paying for training. Mr. Kingery stated again that the issue was not being paid for participating.

Takacs asked Chief Lutz if he planned to train personnel for this team. Lutz responded that he plans to send personnel for training at the end of the year.

ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Britton thanked Mr. Shannon for the presentation.


July Inspection Report: Mr. Britton and Chief Lutz reported that many business owners have stated how competent John Kloski has been regarding inspections.

63 Inspections
172 Violations
42 Follow-ups
41 Completed violations

Events Attended:
Old Fashion Days
Lake County Parade


No comments.

Other Items:
Mr. Bartlett inquired about the status of the “Request for Qualifications” form required for master plan purposes. Tony Long reported that a preliminary sample is included in the board folders and asked the board for suggestions. Mr. Szeman stated the sample is only a draft to get the process started. Changes can be made at will, but he suggested that the board be very specific rather than open ended.

Per Mr. Long, resolutions and other related documentation from the Madison Fire District, Township and Village have been turned over to Bond Council (Squires, Sanders and Dempsey) for review to determine whether funds are available from the existing levy or if we have to pass a new one.

Also, per Mr. Long, Ohio CAF, USDA and private bank proposals are in house. He expects to have the funding mechanism in place by the end of the year. He encouraged the board to review the specs now so they are ready to move forward once the funding is completed.

Mr. Bartlett asked whether replacement costs for District vehicles have been amended through Gehring Insurance. Tony Long stated that the costs were updated which increased the annual premium by $480.

Mr. Britton reported that the Chief’s review has been completed with good results.

Mr. Britton thanked the duty crews for their excellent care during a recent call at his home.

Next meetings:

September 15th – Township Center at 7:30 pm
October 20th – Township Center at 7:30 pm

*Note Change

*On Sept. 15, 2010, the Fire Board unanimously voted to hold the Oct. 20th Regular Fire Board Meeting/Open House at the new Training/Storage Facility behind Station #1 at 7:30 pm. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Motion to adjourn by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes @ 8:44 pm