September 15 2010



x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Brotzman x Chief Lutz
x Mr. Bartlett - Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Szeman

Chief Lutz introduced Sparky the Dog who will be going to schools presenting the District’s Fire Safety Program (Stop-Drop-and Roll, Call 911, etc.). Chief Lutz commented that Sparky was a hit at Homer Nash Elementary and Wal-mart 2 weeks ago and will be attending many community events in the future.


MINUTES of: 08/18/10 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman to approve.
ROLL CALL: All ayes


Bills ($45,777.42) and payroll ($136,844.90) totaling $182,622.32 are motioned for acceptance and payment.
Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Wayman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson

Mr. Takacs asked that a summary of payments to Commercial Truck & Fleet Services for vehicle maintenance (Jan-Sept.) be made available at the October meeting to be used for budget cycle purposes. Chief Lutz commented that he would also be covering this issue in the Chief’s Report later in the meeting.

ROLL CALL: All ayes


Carol Hamburg – 1297 Oxford Dr. – thanked the District for their support and care over the past year.


BUILDINGS: Mr. Britton reported that everything is complete at the St. #1 Storage/Training building except:

1 door handle
Resealing the bay floor – Friday 9/17/10
Replace a piece of siding – west side
Trim baseboards in bay
Hand Rails for outside steps
Finalize phone line installation
Air Compressor (at a later date)

Mr. Takacs asked when the County Occupancy Permit would be available. Mr. Britton reported that the final inspection still needs to be done but should be completed before the next board meeting in October. In lieu of this information, Mr. Takacs suggested that the October 20th Fire Board meeting (7:30 pm) be held at the new Training Center to include an Open House to present the facility to the community.

Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Takacs also asked that the board consider moving all future Board Meeting to the new facility which would make it easier for the staff to access records needed at these meetings.

Mr. Britton reported that he, Mr. Brotzman and Chief Lutz plan to tour Stations #2 & #3 to prepare lists of items needed to winterize the buildings.

COMMUNICATIONS: Nothing to report.




PRIORITY LIST UPDATE: Mr. Bartlett reported that the master priority list (78 items) now includes the items from the new master plan and an up-to-date completion status for each item. He commented that, after reviewing the entire list, the board may choose not to do all the items listed.


PURCHASE ORDERS – Model #SB685IX Smart Board:
Chief Lutz reported that he would like to purchase a wireless Smart Board and Camera – 87” diagonal Short Throw – Model #SB685IX (6’ x 4’) for the new Training Center ($11,500). Chief Lutz plans to open up this technology to other departments for various con-ed programs and anticipates that, starting next year, all County FIU training will be done at Madison every month.

Mr. Britton commented that, due to the forward thinking of Ken Takacs and Lts. Van Kramer and Patfield during construction, the required wiring is already installed throughout the Training Center. He reported that he has knowledge of a relatively new smart board that will possibly be auctioned off on October 9th. Chief committed to checking it out.

Mr. Bartlett attended the Smart Board demo and commented that it is a very good interactive training tool and is well worth the investment.

Mr. Takacs, who also attended the demo, stated that the District will save money on overtime and travel costs because we will not need to go offsite to receive quality training.

Mr. Long stated that this technology will also be available to the Township and Village for training programs. He agreed that it will save money since it is less costly to bring in one instructor instead of sending 5 people out.

Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #10-028 – Amounts and Rates:
Tony Long presented Resolution #10-028 for approval which spells out the Amounts and Rates As Determined By The Budget Commission and estimated by the County Auditor for Madison’s 3 existing levies.

Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #10-029 – Funds Transfer To Motor Vehicles/EMS Service Account:
Mr. Long presented Resolution #10-029 for approval to transfer $275,000.00 from unappropriated funds to the Motor Vehicles/EMS Service Account for use in purchasing two (2) Medics and related equipment which was approved by the Fire Board at the August 18th meeting.

Motion by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Takacs
ROLL CALL: All ayes


1) Inspection Report: In Board packet for review.

2) Sparky The Dog: Chief Lutz thanked the board for the opportunity for our people to get the Fire Safety message out to the children.

3) New Medics: Chief Lutz reported that the new units have been painted “Madison Red” and lettering has begun (includes Units should be delivered before the October 20th meeting/Open House.

4) New Opticoms : Parts are backordered.

5) Thermal Imaging Camera: One new TIC has been sent back for repair (part back ordered).

6) #2142 Medic: This unit is currently at Ford for transmission work (warranty). Engineers are trying to figure out why the transmission is not shifting.

7) #2123 HME Engine: This unit needs a new alternator ($2,172).

8) #2124 Darley Engine: This unit is out of service due to a fuel tank leak (repair) and radiator leak (replacement). The rear drums (pitted) and brake pads need to be replaced.

9) #2100 – Chief’s Dodge Ram Crew Cab: Siren and lights on backorder.

10) Chase Vehicles: Various District chase vehicles will also have additional lettering added.

Per Mr. Takacs’ request, Chief Lutz committed to keeping an eye on vehicle maintenance expenditures and tracking these costs appropriately. Lutz stated that we currently have approximately $10,000 in needed repair costs for various District vehicles.

11) Senior Center Cookout – Please plan to attend:
Tuesday, September 21st Hamburgers/Hot Dogs
Tuesday, October 19th Clam Bake
Sunday, November 21st Browns Football/Turkey Dinner

12) 2011 Budget: District officers are in the process of submitting budget requests for next year. The new budget will be further broken down so that the board can see exactly what is being spent in each area.

13) Officer I Class: Chief Lutz is sending eight (8) Firefighters to an Officer I class beginning October 25th (80 hours) in Painesville Township. Chief Lutz is working on plans to provide Officer II classes here at the St. #1 Training Center next year.

14) Advance Fire Investigation Class: We are sending four (4) Firefighters (Sopko, Wilson, Feeney, Purcell) to Bowling Green on October 8-11th.

15) Knox Box Program: The District has purchased (6) Knox Boxes ($196) to be used by senior residents ($20/yr. rental) which will enable emergency personnel access to residents in need of assistance when no one else is at home to let crews in.

16) Lake Health Madison Campus: The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new Emergency Dept. Addition will be early November. The exact date will be announced when available.

17) TriPoint Update: Per Chief Lutz, TriPoint issued a RFP for their Anestheologist Group and for the Emergency Room. The new Emergency Room Group, EmCare, is not represented in Ohio but is represented in 47 states and over 500 hospitals nationwide. Lake Health and EmCare’s goal is to improve patient satisfaction in the emergency department and they will be picking new emergency physicians for TriPoint, Lake West and Lake Madison. As of November 8, 2010, all current doctors will become free agents who can either leave and go somewhere else, or sign on and try to get hired by EmCare. Per Chief Lutz, Dr. Cunningham may or may not continue to be our medical director, and he reported that it is still unclear what protocol changes, if any, will happen.

John Niehus of Lake Health made it clear that the Lake County Fire Chief’s Association was intimately involved in conversations during the process of picking a new physicians group. According to Niehus, some doctors will be asked to re-apply with EmCare. Regarding Dr. Cunningham, Niehus reported that “the option will be hers”. Regarding protocols, he stated that the EMS office has not been told of any protocol change. Niehus also reported that the hospital administration was looking for the ability to have the ER doctors go out to Fire Departments for continuing education and to have more interaction with emergency personnel in the field.

Mr. Takacs asked if Lake Health will continue with Con-ed and drug box exhange. Chief Lutz answered that he does not expect these programs will change except for the better. John Niehus commented that in 20 years he has never seen a higher level of commitment from any other organization to EMS than Lake Health in the last couple of years.

18) Peebles Health Fair – Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 10:00 am – 1:00 pm: Madison crews will attend to talk about fire safety and to take blood pressures.

Other Items:

Mr. Britton asked Chief Lutz to assign entrance codes to Board Members (upon request) for fire stations access (see Wilson).

Mr. Bartlett asked if it was cheaper to tear down a building or burn it down. Per Chief Lutz, it is cheaper to tear it down because of the cost of asbestos removal.


No comments.

Next meeting:

Regular Fire Board Meeting/Open House
October 20th – Station #1 Training Center – 7:30 pm
33 N. Lake Street – Handicapped Accessible – Plenty of Parking

Motion to adjourn by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Wayman
ROLL CALL: All ayes @ 8:16 pm