November 17, 2010



x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Brotzman x Chief Lutz
x Mr. Bartlett - Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Szeman

Mr. Britton reported that Mr. Takacs is on vacation.


MINUTES of: 10/20/10 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson to approve.
ROLL CALL: All ayes


Bills ($43,349.89) and payroll ($156,253.58) totaling $199,603.47 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Wayman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
Mr. Bartlett asked Mr. Long what the following payments are for:

Warrant #3422 Lake Erie Concrete $ 875.00 Final bill – Storage/Training Bldg.
Warrant #3423 Phillips Welding/Fab. $3,332.00 Guardrails for (2) steps – Storage Bldg.
Warrant #3441 Hughes Embroidery $3,411.10 Stock Uniforms
Warrant #3475 Velocitor Solutions $ 530.00 Modum/Antenna 12-lead – new medic
Warrant #3490 Commercial Truck $10,347.90 #2124 Brakes, Radiator, Power Strg.

ROLL CALL: All ayes

Special Presentation – Madison Food Center:

Chief Lutz introduced Justin Meister who presented the results of the 2010 Food and Funds Drive for the Madison Food Center at Giant Eagle on Saturday November 13, 2010. He recognized all those who sacrificed their time in an effort to feed the less fortunate here in Madison:

*Madison Full Time Fire Fighter’s Association – Local 3141
*Madison Part Time Fire Fighter’s Organization
*Scott, Lexi and Mattie Wells
*Jen Meister & 3 daughters
*Chief Lutz

Meister thanked Dustin Sample for inspiring and encouraging the District to participate in an annual Boot Drive which was also held last Saturday at the intersection of Rts. 20 & 528. He thanked the following people for volunteering their time at this years’ Boot Drive:

*Richie Camp
*Alex Hearn
*Tod Baker (4th year) and son, Kyle
*Bill Weema
*Many Food Center Volunteers
*The Madison community for their generous donations
*Cindy Illig for her help with the media, promotion, flyers and emails
*Sparky/Tod Baker

Meister sent out a special thank-you to his wife, Jen, for her inspiration and invaluable help with banners and “I Helped Fight Hunger” stickers.

Meister reported that, in 4 hours, a grand total of $4,422.00 in cash & food was raised for the Madison Food Center. Cindy Illig accepted the donation and asked the audience for a round of applause for the District personnel and volunteers who gave of themselves to fight hunger at this years drive. She stated that it was the largest donation given to the Madison Food Center since its’ inception. Illigl thanked Chief Lutz, the Fire Board, the firefighters, Local 3141, the Part Time Organization and the Madison community for their support. She added a special thanks to Tod Baker & Sparky.

Mr. Britton thanked Justin Meister, the firefighters, Tod Baker, Sparky and Food Center Volunteers for their efforts in this wonderful cause.

Mr. Bartlett commented on how a project like this brings the community together. He thanked the firefighters for their contributions and commended the Center on their foresight to utilize the Cleveland Food Bank and for their responsible stewardship of funds donated in the Madison area.

Cindy Illig, Board of Directors, introduced her colleagues Pat Cz-Stafford and Chris Van Dusen, co-directors at the Center, and Dick Turkenberg, Board of Directors.


Mr. Britton recognized Judge Rick Collins and thanked him for his attendance. Collins stated that he was proud of Justin Meister, the firefighters and their families for the positive influence in the community.

Tod Baker presented a check to the Fire Board for $509.00 for funds collected by Chief Lutz and the Full Time Union during this year’s Old Fashion Days. He requested that these funds be used to purchase smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to help support the District’s Senior Program.


Mr. Britton reported that he has checked with Jeff at Penguin Heating and Station #3 was winterized last year and is still good to go.

Mr. Bartlett asked that an update on total expenses for the Storage/Training Center be available at the next meeting.


Chief Lutz asked for clarification of what types of items are included in this category. Mr. Britton answered “updated information regarding radios”.

Lutz reported that the radio system in the county will be replaced in the third quarter of 2011. The unused funds in this year’s budget will be rolled over for use next year. Mr. Bartlett asked what is done with old radios when replacements are purchased. Lutz reported that old radios are traded in for $400-$500 each. These radios are either sold to another department or are melted down and/or recycled.




Mr. Bartlett reported that only 6 items remain of the original 37 and that he appreciates everyone’s efforts in keeping the action items moving forward. Per Chief Lutz’s request, master plan items will remain on the priority list even after completed for easy reference.


Purchase Orders

1) District Computer System:
Chief Lutz referred to a document in the board folders which outlines a proposed computer system – total cost not to exceed $33,000. He reported that he has met with the Computer Committee (Bartlett, Takacs) and that their goal is to replace 10 work stations (both stations, chief’s office) with Intel I5 computers which will include 2 servers to synchronize both stations, a Virtual Private Networking System to store all data, and all necessary wiring. Printers are not included and will be purchased separately as needed at better pricing. Lutz is waiting on 2 more quotes.

Mr. Bartlett thanked Chief Lutz and Lt. Van Kramer for bringing the Fire Board up to speed on this project. He reported that the committee is pleased with this update which addresses a majority of the goals and solutions identified in the Oct. 2009 power point presentation. He commented that the committee looks forward to the second (Firehouse) and third (Clerk, CFO) phases of this project.

Motion to purchase a new computer system – not to exceed $33,000 – by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

2) Firehouse Software Update:

Chief Lutz reported that our Firehouse software (incident reporting system) needs to be updated. He proposed two options:

Enterprise (Basic) $9,780 Remote between stations to access the server (one server sends – the other answers)

Enterprise Web Base $18,050 Can access Firehouse from any location with (Recommended) internet access – necessary for vehicle (MDT’s) and inspection I-Pads

Mr. Bartlett addressed concerns about data security, reducing workload and timely reporting of data. He agreed that the two packages (Computers/Web Base Update) solve these issues completely.

Motion by: Mr. Anderson, Seconded by: Mr. Wayman
ROLL CALL: All ayes

1) Community Events:

Madison Food Drive – Nov. 13th – “Families Helping Families”
Halloween – Sparky and Firefighters passed out candy
MTV Video – “Attack, Attack” – $200 donation (Rick Fike)
Santa In The Village – Sat. Dec. 4th 6:00 pm (Wilson, Sparky)
Senior Center – Sun. Nov. 21st -Thanksgiving Dinner/Football

2) Township Opticoms: Chief reported that the new Opticoms are completed. ODOT has requested that the District obtain a permit (no charge) and sign a maintenance agreement. The District will be responsible for the cost of repairs – ODOT will do the repairs.

3) Officer I Classes: Lutz reported that all 8 officers and senior firefighters passed the Officers I training class. Many positive comments were received.

4) Haz-Mat Technician Course: Per Chief Lutz, 3 District personnel attended and passed the Haz-Mat Technician class. Hopefully, next year we will have a couple of people on the county Haz-Mat team which will reduce our annual maintenance cost.

5) Medic # 2142: Chief Lutz reported that the new medic is having drug box cupboards installed (1-2 weeks) and that training on the new equipment (Stryker Power Cot and Stair Chair) will happen between now and the next meeting.

6) Fire Inspections: Monthly Inspection Report in board packet. Chief Lutz advised that John Kloski has agreed to write up District Job Descriptions for the SOP book.

Mr. Britton and Mr. Bartlett again reported the positive community response to Kloski and the inspection process.

Other Items:
1) Mr. Bartlett thanked Chief Lutz and the District Office for their efforts in having board packets available on Fridays before each board meeting giving everyone time to prepare for the meeting.

2) Mr. Szeman reported that he and Mr. Long touched base with Bond Council (Squires, Sanders and Dempsey) regarding the Capital Financing process. They want to see the ballot language to make sure the renewals are in accord with the actual levy language, which is the final piece of information they need to render an opinion letter. Being election time, the Board of Elections was very busy certifying the election. Per Tony Long, Bond Council has already made contact with the bank.

Mr. Bartlett stated that he thought the Fire Board was hoping to get this task done by the end of the year and he commented on how much he appreciated Mr. Long and Mr. Szeman’s effort to keep the process moving.

3) Tony Long distributed a draft of the 2011 budget for board review. He reminded the board that a budget is a guideline and is based on what is requested and what is available. Funds budgeted that are not used are rolled over into the next year. Long stated that we are in pretty good financial shape. Please let him know if you have questions.

Mr. Bartlett suggested that it would be helpful if the board had a breakdown (percentages) of the full expenses pertaining to salaries including items like medical insurance, etc. Long stated that he will be working up a breakdown by individual for earnings and benefits (salaries, OP&F, hospitalization, sick time, vacation time, longevity, uniforms, etc).

4) Mr. Brotzman commented on the November 1st ground-breaking ceremony for the Lake Health Emergency Center saying it was a great addition to our community.

5) Mr. Britton reported that Chief Lutz has contracted Jim Fidel with Sandy Ridge Hardscapes for snow plowing at all three stations:

Station Snow Depth Price/Push
#1 2 inches $95.00
#2 2 inches $45.00
#3 6 inches $25.00

6) Mr. Wayman requested that the District Office contact local newspapers to change the dates, time and venue for Fire Board meeting.

7) Mr. Wayman inquired when the 2011 Reorganization Meeting would be held. Per general consensus, the meeting will be on January 19th, 2011 and the Fire Board will continue to meet the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at Station #1 Training Center.


Judge Rick Collins commented on four observations – a comparison over 9 years ago:

1) The atmosphere at the District is positive and optimistic;
2) The audience has not been rowdy and rebellious;
3) The District’s legal council has been quiet and reserve;
4) This meeting will obviously end before midnight.

Collins considered current times at the Madison Fire District to be an improvement.

Chairman requested a motion to adjourn to executive session to discuss personnel.

Motion by: Mr. Wayman, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
ROLL CALL: All Ayes @ 7:50 pm

Executive Session adjourned @ 8:15 pm.