March 16, 2011



x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Brotzman x Chief Lutz
x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Takacs x Mr. Long
x Mr. Britton x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Szeman


MINUTES of: 02/16/11 Regular Session
Motion by: Mr. Anderson, Seconded by: Mr. Britton to approve.
ROLL CALL: (5) Ayes; 1 abstain


Bills ($49,535.75) and payroll ($143,498.02) totaling $193,033.77 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Bartlett Seconded by: Mr. Britton
ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Brotzman mentioned the passing of two Madison residents; Zip Ray of Ray’s Radiator Repair and Bill Worthy, Grand River Winery. He also asked everyone to keep Japan in mind and expressed his wishes for their speedy recovery.


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Station #1 Training Center: Mr. Britton reported that American Electric will be modifying the light switches in the new training center to provide better lighting for the Smart Board. Bill Buckius was originally scheduled to perform this work but had to bow out due to an excessive work schedule elsewhere.

Mr. Britton also reported that he delivered (8) bollards for the new fuel tank at the Township.




Nothing to report

Resolution #11-023 Ambulance Transport Services: Chief Lutz proposed that the Board adopt Resolution #11-023 which details an increase in ambulance transport rates as follows:

Old Rate New Rate
Mileage $ 10.00 $ 14.00
Basic Life Support (BLS) $450.00 $500.00
Advanced Life Support (ALS) $650.00 $700.00
Advanced Life Support (ALS2) $750.00 $800.00

The resolution also facilitates reviewing Medicare changes at the beginning of each year and adjusting rates accordingly.

Motion by: Mr. Takacs, Seconded by: Mr. Anderson
ROLL CALL: All ayes


1) Monthly Incident Reports: To date in 2011, there have been 574 calls which is approximately 7.6 calls per day. On Friday, March 11th, as crews responded to (22) various weather related calls, they observed that the front of the Madison Family Restaurant was on fire and reported to dispatch. Mentor, Leroy, Perry, Painesville Twp. and Harpersfield responded for AMA and the fire was extinguished in a short period of time. All crews did a great job!

2) Ohio Fire Chief’s Legislative Committee: Chief Lutz reported that he had just returned from the OFC Winter Symposium in Columbus (unusually low attendance) where they met with legislators to discuss and give input on some of the current House and Senate bills as follows:

House Bills Senate Bills
1) Pension Reform 1) Small Business Rules
2) Comp. Time 2) Retirement System
3) Drivers Texting 3) Collective Bargaining
4) Ambulance Staffing 4) Retired Benefits
5) Safety Vehicles

Discussions also included the Governor’s budget ($10 billion deficit) which includes a 50% cut for the next two years in local government funds. Although Mr. Long stated that the Fire District does not receive local funds, the Village and Township do receive these funds and Lutz speculated that all of us will be affected somewhere along the line.

3) Madison Fire District Facebook: A face book page has been established as another avenue to get information out to the public. The page includes pictures of current and past events, ice rescue training, new equipment, and Sparky. Chief Lutz looks forward to reviewing comments made on the site in an effort to stay in touch with the residents of Madison.

4) East End Fire Chief’s Meeting: On April 19th, 7pm at Concord Fire, Chief Lutz will be meeting with East End departments and elected officials to discuss vehicle response and other collaborative services and projects done in the past. He requested that 2 board members join him for this meeting. He recommended Mr. Takacs because he is already familiar with many of the city officials who will be in attendance. Mr. Anderson also volunteered to attend.

5) Ohio Fire Academy Training: Chief Lutz reported that April 18th he will be attending a class at the Ohio Fire Academy for Line of Duty Death Training with the Department of Justice and National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. This training prepares fire chiefs to go to other departments to assist them with funeral arrangements and other related issues.

6) Inspection Report: Report included in board packet.

7) Fuel Tanks: Chief Lutz reported that he recently received a quote from All American Electric for trenching the line for electric service across the back parking lot at Station #1, hooking up the dual fuel tanks and hooking up the tanks at the Township. The quote also includes the training center lighting previously mentioned by Mr. Britton. Total cost is $3,320. CEI’s quote for just the trenching was about $2,500. Per Lutz, the Village has indicated their desire to use the Station #1 fuel tanks and have agreed to split the cost of tank installation (less lighting).

Mr. Takacs asked where the Station #1 tanks will be installed. Chief Lutz stated that it would be on the back side of the parking lot next to the light pole. He also reported that bollards will be put around the tanks for protection. Three of the 8 bollards will be used for the Township tank and the rest at Station#1.

Per Mr. Britton, the Village Road Department has offered to cut the trench for the electric. After a short discussion, the board determined that the digging was probably not a substantial part of the cost and decided that it would be best to have All American Electric do the entire installation.

8) POD Supplies: Chief Lutz and Chief Whittaker of Painesville Twp. will be placing an order with Lowes for POD materials to be used for medication dispensing at County Schools (including , but not limited to, generators, tables, chairs, cones, etc.). The Lake County Health Department will reimburse Madison and Painesville Twp. for a total of $14,000 to cover the cost of this equipment.

9) Vehicle Maintenance: Chief reported that next month he expects to incur maintenance costs on certain district vehicles. Unit #2117 chase vehicle has recently had front axle seals repaired. Unit # 2122 ambulance has passenger door issues that will also need to be addressed in order to keep the unit in service.

10) Master Plan Building Project: Per Lutz, 27 Architectural firms responded to the RFQ. He met with Mr. Brotzman, Mr. Szeman and Mr. Long to review each submission and ultimately narrowed the list to 9 firms. These nine firms will make formal presentations on April 9th and 10th. In an effort to help them prepare for their interview, district tours will be scheduled as needed. Their goal is to tell us why we want to hire them. Our goal is to identify one firm that we feel comfortable with to recommend to the Fire Board and to negotiate with to build our stations.

11) Lake Health ED Addition: Chief Lutz reported on two upcoming events at Madison’s Lake Health Campus on North Ridge Road. First, in May, there will be “A Day in the Life of a Patient” event where the board and crews can walk through the facility to see the building and flow and confirm that they are ready to open. Secondly, the grand opening will be June 8, 2011.

Staffing will consist of 1 physician, 2 nurses, a medic, patient registration, lab and cat scan personnel (currently training at Tri-Point and West).

12) Non-Emergency Transports: Chief Lutz reported that he, Mr. Britton, Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Anderson talked with Lake Health and Lutz would like to start transporting non-emergency patients (BLS Rate $500 plus $14/mile) as needed from the Madison Campus to other hospitals in the area. He would like to see the District diversify and views this opportunity as another benefit for the Fire District. Lutz reminded the board that they initiated the ambulance billing program to bring in more revenue without increasing taxes. This new transport program will be housed in the new building behind Station #1 and is yet another avenue of bringing in revenue and adding additional staff without burdening our residents. Lutz stated that he has no definitive estimate of how many runs will be needed, but Lake Hospital estimates that the new 13-bed ER will serve between 15,000 – 18,000 patients.

He commented that eventually we will need to replace the 1996 tax levy and if the District can prove to the people of Madison that we can build new fire stations, refurbish one and hire additional personnel to keep thing going with these transports, getting a replacement levy is achievable.

Lutz reported that billable calls (transports) in 2010 (1662) were slightly lower than in 2009 (1914). Mr. Long explained that the 2009 call total included 2008 calls that were not recorded until 2009. He and Lutz both agreed that the call volume has leveled off and 2011 seems to be in line at 1800 yearly average ($361.00/call average). Actual Calls (including transports, no removal, fire, wires down, etc.) average slightly more than 2500 per year.

Based on current Medicare rates for transports to Tri-Point, Lake West and UH Geneva, Lutz expects the following approximate revenues for non ER transports:

100% Medicare Rate* 45% Medicare/55% Private Insurance**

# of Runs Minimum Revenue $ Minimum Revenue$
200 $ 54,000 $ 80,000
1000 $271,000 $400,000

*Payments received if all calls were Medicare insured.
** MFD’s probable ratio based on past history.

Medicount has already committed to performing the necessary billing for this new project

Chief Lutz stated that it is highly likely that he will need to add 1-2 part time personnel, but he needs the support of current personnel to make the program a success. Chief admits that these transports are out of the normal realm and are considerably different in nature than the runs currently handled on a daily basis, but he hopes they will see the benefit for the district and get on board. If the new transport program generates a large number of runs, Lutz anticipates hiring 3 full time employees (hopefully from our current part time staff), but he plans to monitor the activity for a few months before making a final decision on staffing needs.


Mr. Brotzman asked if Lake Health is on board with the project. Lutz stated that we are still in the discussion stage but that the topic has been favorably received. Mr. Anderson agreed. Lutz also reported that he has heard both positive and a few negative comments from current staff. He expects that the part timers who are interested in possible full time positions down the road will happily get on board.

Mr. Takacs asked about the staffing and what obligation we will have to Lake Health. Lutz reported that we will not be under any contract with Lake Health and will not be obligated to make transports if our crews are already committed on other calls. Hopefully, though, we will have staff committed to these transports. Lake Health will want to keep patients in their own system so most transports will be to Tri-Point or Lake West (STEMI). If requested, though, patients will be taken to UH Geneva. Either way, transports should be relatively close to the district with reasonable turn-around times.

Mr. Wayman asked if the Wal-Mart Clinic has been opened. Lt. Sopko reported that the Clinic will be staffed by Dr. Hayek and will have 2 exam rooms, a lab and CAT Scan.

Mr. Brotzman asked what will remain at Lake Health’s Madison Campus. Lutz reported that the Doctors’ Offices, CAT Scan, and blood work will remain. They are expanding the lab and adding the 13-bed ER. Per Lutz, Perry will probably transport to the Madison Campus and UH Geneva has already talked about losing 20% of their ER volume.

Mr. Bartlett thanked Chief Lutz for his presentation and commented that this program is new to everyone involved and he appreciated Lutz’s plan to proceed methodically and analytically.

Mr. Takacs asked Mr. Szeman if there is a concern that Madison Fire District transports a patient from their home to Lake Health Madison ED and bills for the service, and then, an hour later, transports the same patient from Madison Lake Health to another facility generating another transport billing. Szeman replied that there is no contractual obligation to do that, no emergency response to necessitate it, and therefore is not a violation of any statutory mandate to provide that emergency service. Lutz explained that as long as we have the physicians certification signature, the doctor has made the decision regarding the care of the patient and it is his/her decision to send the patient on to another facility for treatment .

Mr. Szeman recommended that Chief Lutz look into the district insurance to ensure there are no gaps in coverage for these transports.

Chief Lutz requested that Tony Long and at least one board member (Brotzman) attend the next meeting with Lake Health regarding further discussions of the transport program. He will advise a date when determined.

Mr. Long commented that when we purchased the two new ambulances, we retained the equipment for the old ones so we have what we need for the new transport program. Lutz reported that some additional hospital training in May will be provided for those participating (IV pumps, vents, etc).


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Other Items:

Mr. Wayman commented that both the Village and the Township still have Retired Chief Zilke’s resolutions and recommended that we proceed with plans for an event to honor him for his years of service. Mr. Long reminded the board that due to Linda Zilke’s illness, the original plans were set aside. Long suggested that we renew our plans for a dinner event at the Madison Country Club. The board asked that Mr. Long check in with the Zilke family and make the necessary arrangements.

Mr. Brotzman announced Madison Township’s 200th birthday event, Friday, April 1st at the Madison High School Cafeteria. Doors open at 6:15 pm, program starts at 7:00 pm. Everyone is invited.

Mr. Brotzman reminded everyone of the April 20th and May 18th Fire Board meetings.

Motion to adjourn by: Mr. Bartlett, Seconded by: Mr. Takacs
ROLL CALL: All ayes @ 7:57 pm