May 16, 2012

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm


x  Mr. Anderson                  x Mr. Takacs             x Chief Lutz

x  Mr. Bartlett                       x Mr. Vest                 x Mr. Long

x  Mr. Brotzman                  x Mr. Wayman        x Mr. Szeman



 Minutes of 04/18/12 Regular Session 

Mr. Brotzman requested a spelling change on page 4 from “Don Galey” to “Don Galea”.

Motion to approve by: Mr. Bartlett   Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman       ROLL CALL: All ayes



Bills ($51,894.65) and payroll ($151,688.86) totaling $203,583.51 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by:  Mr. Brotzman     Seconded by:  Mr. Vest

ROLL CALL:   All ayes








RESOLUTION #12-027 – Full Time Union Labor Contract:

In order to maintain harmonious and cooperative relationship between Employer and Employees, and to insure the orderly and uninterrupted efficient operations of government, the Madison Fire District and The Madison Firefighter’s Association, IAFF Local 3141, entered into an Agreement through collective bargaining by making adjustments to matters of mutual interest for the period of March 5, 2012 through March 4, 2015.  An abbreviated version of changes made was distributed to board members for their review.

Motion to adopt by:  Mr. Brotzman    Seconded by:  Mr. Anderson                  ROLL CALL:  All ayes

The contract was signed by Ken Wilson, Richard Camp and all members of the Fire Board.

Resolution 12-026 Project Labor Agreement:

Mr. Szeman explained proposed changes to Resolution 12-026  – Project Labor Agreement  -adopted in May, 2012.  Said changes were requested by the Cleveland Trades during the final signing process.  Language changes in Section H4 include, “Anything not covered by the General Contract is not covered by the PLA”, and an exception regarding labor requirements was added for the General Contractor’s core employees.  All trades ultimately signed off on the PLA with the exception of Operating Engineers #18 (heavy equipment) which was excluded in Section 4.

Motion to adopt changes by:  Mr. Anderson           Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman  ROLL CALL:  All ayes


NEW BUSINESS: None to Report.                                                                    


CHIEF’S REPORT – Chief Gene Lutz:

1)  Part Time Contract:  Chief Lutz reported that Part Time Contract negotiations are going good and that more than half of the articles have already been discussed.

2)  Homer Nash Carnival:  Madison Fire District personnel, including Sparky, attended this year’s carnival and a good time was had by one and all.

3) Girl Scouts Fundraisers:   Madison area Girl Scouts and Madison CIC are sponsoring a fundraiser dance to raise funds to purchase fire extinguishers.  The Girl Scouts and the Village and Township Police will be having a car wash to raise money to purchase AED’s for both Police Departments.  Please contact Troup Leader Rhonda Johnston for events dates and additional information.

4)  District Insurance:  Chief Lutz reported that Mike Gehring of Gehring Insurance and the District Insurance Committee are reviewing the current policy and will make recommendations for the August renewal at the July meeting.

5)  Resignations/New HiresBrian Arko submitted his resignation to take a full time position with the Ashtabula Fire Department.   Orientation for the 7 newly hired firefighters and paramedics will begin May 30, 2012.

6)  2012 District Call Statistics: 

2012    Total calls       1478

Transfers Y-T-D in 2012: 134 days/482 Transfers= 3.6/day avg. or 1300/yr.

Total Transfers since June 2011: 342 days/1193 Transfers= 3.5/day avg. or     1270/yr.




CLOSING BOARD COMMENTS:                                                                                              

Mr. Takacs reminded everyone of the June 20th and July 18th Fire Board meetings.

CharimanTakacs introduced Ryan Callender of Squires, Sanders and Dempsey who will attend Executive Session following the regular meeting to explain details of the financing for the new construction project.

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session @ 7:54 by:  Mr. Wayman, Seconded by:   Mr. Vest

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Executive Session adjourned @ 8:25 pm.