August 15, 2012

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm


x  Mr. Anderson                     x Mr. Takacs               x Chief Lutz

x  Mr. Bartlett                          x Mr. Vest                  x Mr. Long

x  Mr. Brotzman                      x Mr. Wayman           x Mr. Szeman



Minutes of 07/18/12 Regular Session

Motion to approve by: Mr. Anderson   Seconded by: Mr. Vest       ROLL CALL: All ayes



Bills ($107,361.81) and payroll ($156,290.45) totaling $263,652.26 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by:  Mr. Anderson   Seconded by:  Mr. Brotzman

Mr. Takacs inquired about 3 payments made:

Check #5438 paid to Physio Control for $15,720.00.   Chief Lutz explained that the payment was for a 3 year contact for Life Pak 15 maintenance.

Check # 5465 paid to Squire, Sanders & Dempsey for $40,000.   Mr. Long reported that the payment was for the issuing of the bond notes for the Station #3 construction project which was less than expected.

Check # 5432 paid to Visa for $1,060.00. Chief Lutz stated that part of the amount was for an I-Pad for Chief Lutz.

ROLL CALL:   All ayes





Per Chief Lutz, the re-bid advertising was published in the News Herald as requested by the board on August 8, 2012.  The mandatory contractor pre-bid meeting will be on August 22, 2012 at 11:00 am.  The bid opening will be September 6th at 1 pm.


OLD BUSINESS:   None to report.



Resolution 12-034 Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport Rates:

Per the recommendation of Medicount Management, this resolution establishes rates charged for non-emergency transport services as follows:

Non-Emergency Basic Life Support (NE-BLS)            $600.00

Non-Emergency Advance Life Support (NE-ALS)      $725.00

Mileage (per mile)                                                        $   15.00

Motion by:  Mr. Brotzman       Seconded by: Mr. Vest

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Resolution 12-035 Emergency Ambulance Transport Rates:

Per the recommendation of Medicount Management, this resolution establishes rates charged for emergency transport services as follows:

Basic Life Support (BLS)                                 $550.00

Advanced Life Support (ALS)                         $750.00

Advanced Life Support (ALS2)                       $850.00

Mileage (per mile)                                            $   15.00

Motion by:  Mr. Bartlett           Seconded by: Mr. Anderson

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Resolution 12-038 Funds Appropriation for Construction Project:

Per Mr. Long, we have received the funds for the construction project and it is now prudent to appropriate the funds so that we can pay necessary expenses as the project progresses.  These funds are currently in short term investments with a variety of maturity dates that coincide with the construction timeline.

Motion by:  Mr. Vest                Seconded by:   Mr. Brotzman

ROLL CALL:  All ayes


CHIEF’S REPORT – Chief Gene Lutz:

1)  Inspection Report:   In board folder for review.

2)  Fire School:  Chief Lutz reported that he attended Fire School August 6th through the 10th in Columbus.

3)  Thank You Notes:  Chief reported that he has received many thank you notes from Madison residents expressing their gratitude for the services received by  Madison Fire.

4)  Part Time NegotiationsNext meeting scheduled for Monday, August, 20, 2012 at 9 am.

5)  Resignations:  Chief Lutz brought the resignation of James Sulecki to the board.  Jim will be attending nursing school in association with Richmond Heights Hospital.

Motion to accept resignation by:  Mr. Brotzman          Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

6)  Girl Scouts Fundraisers Photo Op:  As previously reported, Rhonda Johnston’s girl scouts troop has devoted many hours to raising funds to purchase fire extinguishers for the Madison Township Police cruisers and now continue their efforts to raise enough money to purchase AED’s for the police department.  The News Herald recently acknowledged their efforts and published a story recognizing them and their service to the Madison community.

7)  2012 District Call Statistics: 

Total calls        2551

EMS calls         1164

MVA                  94

Fires                    30 (including AMA)

Transfers          837

Hazmat            105

Service Calls    128

Good Intent       50

False Alarms      91

8)  Squad Purchase Order:  Chief Lutz requested that the board approve the purchase of a new Chevy Duramax 4500 Ambulance (163 size – with generator) for the District Transfer Program.  The squads currently in use have 135,00o miles and Countyside Truck will evaluate all District squads and recommend which one to replace.  He also requested that the exterior design be devoted to cancer awareness and tastefully display the different color ribbons  (provided by Project Hope) for the different cancers. The total state purchase price will not exceed $125,000.

Motion by:  Mr. Brotzman               Seconded by:  Mr.  Bartlett

ROLL CALL:  All ayes


CLOSING PUBLIC PORTION:    No Comments.        



Mr. Vest asked if there were any additional costs, beyond the advertisement itself, incurred due to the Re-Bid process.  Mr. Bement, Mr. Szeman and Mr. Long all reported that they were not aware any additional fees.

Mr. Brotzman reported the passing of Phil Blair, former Township Trustee and Administrator, and requested a moment of silence to honor his service.

Mr. Takacs thanked the board for their efforts in completing the Fire Chief’s evaluation process.  He and Mr. Anderson are compiling a master sheet of comments from the board and goals for the future.

Motion to adjourn @ 7:29 pm by:   Mr.  Brotzman                        Seconded by: Mr. Wayman

ROLL CALL:  All ayes