September 12, 2012

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Takacsx Chief Lutz
x Mr. Bartlett x Mr. Vest x Mr. Long
x Mr. Brotzman x Mr. Wayman x Mr. Szeman


Minutes of 08/08/12 Special Meeting
Minutes of 08/15/12 Regular Session

Spelling correction on page 4, paragraph 2 of 8/15/12 minutes should be “Phil” Blair.

Motion to approve with spelling correction by: Mr. Brotzman Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: All ayes


Bills ($66,276.76) and payroll ($124,313.56) totaling $190,590.32 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. BrotzmanSeconded by: Mr. Wayman


Mr. Bartlett inquired about 4 payments made:

Check #5500 paid to Ohio Department of Job & Family Services for $2.99. Tony Long explained that the payment was for the District’s portion of unemployment.

Check #5506 for a washing machine at Station #2. Mr. Long reported that this is a regular washer not a large machine for gear.

Check #5519 paid to Physio Control for $892.36. Mr. Long explained that this was for the partial annual maintenance contract on the last Life-Pak 15 purchased.

Check #5523 paid to Lake County Utilities for $350.22. Chief Lutz stated that this is for water and sewer at Station #2 from 05/05/12-08/07/12.

Mr. Anderson inquired about 7 payment made:

Check #’s 5532, 5533, 5534 and 5535 for $100.00 each. Chief Lutz reported that these were payments made to those who participated on the Review Board for the Lieutenants Promotion Process.

Check #5503 to Visa for $587.31. Mr. Long reported that this was for station supplies and candy for Old Fashion Days.

Check #5505 to Visa for $284.36. Mr. Long reported that this was for station supplies and building maintenance.

Check #5477 paid to State Chemicals. Anderson inquired about Invoice 95797286 for carpet cleaner for $150.20 and the related Credit Memo 95811547 for $150.20. Chief Lutz explained that this was for carpet cleaner received in error and was returned for credit.

ROLL CALL: All ayes



New Building Committee:

Tim Bement of App Architecture handed out a summary of the September 6th Re-Bid results for the Station #3 building project – see attached. Six (6) contractors submitted amended proposals ranging from $3,799,000 to $4,200,000. Bement recommended that the contract be awarded to Seitz Builders, Inc. with a base bid of $3,799,000 and that the G-4 Alternate for a concrete parking lot (instead of asphalt) be approved for $26,000. Total cost of project, if awarded to Seitz Builders, Inc., will be $3,825,000 which is 8.5% over the construction estimate. Once awarded the contract, Seitz Builders, Inc. has agreed to work with their subcontractors to identify additional cost reduction items.

Re-Bid Cost Savings Summary Based on Seitz Builder’s Bid:
Shingled Roof ($120,000)
Metal Wall Panels( 50,000)
Electrical( 70,000)
Standard Deck( 10,000)
AISC Certification( 0)
Pre-Fab Cabinets( 9,000)
Contractor Mark-up( 5,000)
Re-Bid Competition( 0)

Base Bid Cost Savings($264,000)

Alternate G-4 Savings($ 65,000)

Re-Bid Summary (cont.):09/12/12

Overall, Mr. Bement commented that he was disappointed in the actual cost reductions reflected in the Re-Bid proposals. Per his discussions with the contractors, he stated that as many as 75 sub-contractors are involved in the bidding of this project and their numbers varied, in many cases, as much as double.


Mr. Vest commented that he is disappointed that the cost of the project is higher than originally quoted and asked what areas caused the overage. Mr. Bement explained that the electrical cost is the bulk of the increase. Beyond that, the lack of competition also seemed to allow for increased costs, which Bement said was surprising given the current economy.

Mr. Takacs commented that the only reason the contact can be awarded (10% rule) is because of the specification changes begrudgingly approved by the board and increasing the base construction bid by $50,000. He advised Mr. Bement that he, too, is disappointed that App missed the estimate so badly and stated that, although we have to move forward with the project, we did not get the product App sold us or the work we were expecting from App when we signed on.

Mr. Brotzman complimented Seitz Builders, Inc. for successfully bidding the project.


OLD BUSINESS: None to report.

Resolution 12-039 Accepting the 2013 Amounts and Rates:

This resolution accepts the amounts and rates for on-going levies as determined by the Lake County Budget Commission for 2013.

Motion by: Mr. Brotzman Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution 12-040 Seitz Builders, Inc. Contract – Station #3 Construction Project:

Resolution 12-040 accepts the Base Bid of Seitz Builders, Inc. ($3,799,000) together with Alternate G-4 for concrete parking lot ($26,000) and awards the General Contract for Construction of Station #3 on the site located at 840 River Street, Madison, Ohio to Seitz Builders, Inc. in compliance with all legal requirements.

Motion by: Mr. Brotzman Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett ROLL CALL: All ayes


CHIEF’S REPORT – Chief Gene Lutz:09/12/12

  1. Inspection Report: In board folder for review.
  2. Lake Health–Transfer Program: Chief Lutz reported that he, Mr. Takacs, Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Anderson met with Lake Health System administrators to debrief the Transfer Program and received many compliments on the quality of service provided by the Madison Fire District.  Mr. Bartlett reported that both parties voiced their ongoing commitment to the Lake Madison ED on North Ridge Road and the Urgent Care Facility located in Wal-Mart.  Mr. Anderson commended Madison Fire personnel and Lake Health for developing a good working relationship and providing excellent service to Madison and surrounding communities.  Chief Lutz reported that he has received a proposal request from Lake Health to provide ambulance/transfer service for TriPoint and Lake West. Lake Madison is not included in this request and will continue to be serviced exclusively by the Madison Fire District. Chief Lutz stated that although their request speaks highly of the service we have provided to Lake Madison, he has decided to decline their offer. Mr. Takacs commented that both he and Chief Lutz agree that it makes sense to provide transfers locally, but it does not make sense to spread our resources across the county which would most assuredly affect our ability to service the needs of Madison.
  3. Part Time Negotiations: Chief Lutz stated that part time negotiations are ongoing and that he is currently contacting committee members to set up the next meeting.
  4. Citizen Request: Shimandle Farms has asked permission to put up a sign on Fire District property on River Road, until October 1st, advertising that grapes will be sold on Rt. 307. Mr. Vest reported that they need to request said permission from the Planning Commission and Madison Village.
  5. Girl Scouts Fundraisers: Chief Lutz commented on Brian Verdi’s well written article in the Tribune outlining the Girl Scouts efforts in raising funds for fire extinguishers and other equipment for Madison Village and Township Police. Thank you, Brian!
  6. Notice of Citation Issued: Chief Lutz reported that he placed a Notice of Citation on the Unionville Tavern. Subsequently, the owners have been cleaning up the property and are organizing a fund-raiser in an effort to restore the property.
  7. 2012 District Call Statistics:  Total calls 2885- EMS calls 1205- Other EMS 95- MVA 104- Fires 32 (including (1) arson investigation)- Other Fires 55- Transfers 961- Hazmat 122- Service Calls 142- Good Intent 61- False Alarms 108
  8. Lake Erie College Coverage: Per Chief Lutz, Painesville City has requested that Madison Fire District supply coverage for Mit Romney and Governor Kasich’s visit to Lake Erie College on Friday, September 14th.


Mr. Vest asked Captain Kloski about the “Madison Park Hazardous Operations” item listed in the monthly Inspection report. Kloski answered that it was the meeting with organizers of the Madison Park Fireworks Display on September 2nd which many board members reported was a huge success.

Mr. Vest asked about a rusted area on Vehicle #2117’s rear wheel well panel. Chief Lutz stated that he would check on the cost to repair the rusted area and determine if it was worth the cost given that the vehicle has over 80,000 miles and is due to be replaced.

Mr. Takacs suggested that we begin the process of meeting with the sign company who will be furnishing Station #3’s new sign and finalize the issue of standardizing the signage on all District building.



Mr. Long reported that it was pointed out at the Geneva Township Trustee meeting on September 12th that Madison Fire responded to a fire in downtown and Chief Starkey complimented the District on a job well done.

Mr. Vest asked for clarity on why the loan for Station #3’s building project is for 4.5 million and total expenses are 4.6 million and inquired where the cost savings are going to come from to eliminate the overage.

Mr. Long and Mr. Bement explained that there are a number of areas where additional cost savings should be realized:

  1. 200 ft. of 2-1/2” water line from the street to Station #3 may ultimately be of PVC material instead of copper which will reduce the cost substantially. Mr. Bartlett committed to bringing the water line issue before John Hamercheck and the Utility Advisory Group and get the discussion started.
  2. Current cost figure includes $100,000 of contingency monies which may never be spent.
  3. Current cost figure includes conservative estimates that may ultimately reduce the total cost.

Mr. Vest inquired about the plans for the McMackin Road property and asked if we will hold off on purchase of said property until Station #3 is completed. Mr. Szeman answered that we are already under contract to purchase the property.

Mr. Long stated that he did not expect the numbers to be where they are, but will continue to work on reducing the cost of Station #3. If the worst case scenario is realized, the District is able to absorb the cost overage.

Motion to adjourn @ 7:55 pm by Mr. Brotzman Seconded by: Mr. Wayman
ROLL CALL: All ayes
Mr. Kenneth Takacs, Chairman- Nila Brass, Clerk