April 17, 2013

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm



x  Mr. Anderson                     x Mr. Takacs                x Chief Lutz

x   Mr. Bartlett                         x Mr. Vest                    x Mr. Long

x   Mr. Brotzman                    x Mr. Wayman           x Mr. Szeman


Chief Lutz introduced FF/Paramedic Brian Fleming who has joined Madison Fire District’s Non-Emergency Transfer Program.  Law Director, Joe Szeman, administered the Oath of Office and the Fire Board welcomed Fleming aboard.


Minutes of 03/20/13 Regular Session

Motion to approve by: Mr. Bartlett     Seconded by: Mr. Brotzman

ROLL CALL: All ayes

BILLS & PAYROLL                                                                              

Bills ($178,469.89) and payroll ($161,615.89) totaling $340,085.78 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by:  Mr. Brotzman     Seconded by:  Mr. Vest

ROLL CALL:   All ayes


COMMITTEE REPORTS:                                                                                                                                                         

New Building Committee:

Tim Bement with APP Architecture updated the Fire Board on the status of the new station on River Road.  He commented that, although the weather has caused some delays in the schedule, the progress is going very well and the quality of workmanship is excellent.   He reported that all Lake County approvals are done and next week crews will be working on shingles, HVAC, fire protection, masonry on the front of the building and the mezzanine.  The retaining wall is 70% completed and needs to be finished before they can pour the apparatus bay slab.  Mr. Bement advised the board that Superintendent Ron Seitz has good communication skills and is doing a great job staying on top of the schedule.  He is optimistic that Seitz Builders will be able to get caught up in the next few months and finish on time in September as planned.

Mr. Bartlett asked whether the new building has 3-phase electrics.  Answer:  Yes

OLD BUSINESS:    None to report.


District Medical/Hospitalization Insurance:

Tony Long, CFO, handed out a summary of the final medical plan proposal which details the 2013 rates for our current policy with Medical Mutual and 2 optional plans.   The 2013 rate for our existing HRA policy ($1500 Deductible/$3000 Out of Pocket) is 16% higher than last year.  HRA simply means that the District reimburses the employee (through the insurance company) for the deductible.  In an effort to reduce costs, the Hospitalization Committee has proposed Option #1 –which is the same Medical Mutual policy with a $2500 Deductible and $5000 Out of Pocket.  Option #1’s premium is only 2.1% above last year ($3500); however, the District’s liability may possibly be larger if everyone were to max out their deductions.  Mr. Long stated that that is not likely to happen and anticipates less than $10,000 in actual liability.  Option #1 is good for contract considerations and Lt. Tod Baker and FF Ken Wilson, both members of the Hospitalization Committee, have given their approval for the proposed plan which is due to go into effect on May 1, 2013.

Unless legislation changes, Mr. Long expects insurance premiums to go up 35-40% next year as a result of ObamaCare regulations and additional costs (i.e. participant fees, etc.).

Any premiums paid by the employee can be claimed for personal tax purposes but the portion paid by the District cannot be claimed.  Although the portion paid by the district is not yet considered income for the employee, Mr. Long anticipates that that will change in the next few years.

Motion to approve Option #1 as proposed by:  Mr. Takacs              Seconded by:  Mr. Vest

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Resolution 13-019 Madison Firefighter Association Agency Fund: The Madison Firefighters Association is currently in the process of establishing a 501C3 status which will take some time to finalize (could be 3 months – 1 year).  In the meantime, Tony Long requested that the board approve setting up an agency fund through the District for the Association to use for; depositing funds that do not belong to the District (i.e. pancake breakfast, other fundraisers; purchasing items such as smoke detectors, CO detectors, and; other community charitable purposes.

Motion by:  Mr. Takacs         Seconded by:  Mr. Bartlett

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Madison Fire District Replacement Levies: Mr. Long requested that the board set in motion the process of putting the 1999 and 2002 continuing levies on the November ballot as replacement levies.  “Replacement” means that the county re-evaluates the value of the homes in Madison to current value.  It is not an adjustment to the millage.  Some home values have gone down, other have increased.

In order to put the levies on the November ballot, the board will need to approve a resolution, by next month, asking the county Auditor to determine current home values and advise the District of the outcome.  If the board so desires, they will need to approve a resolution the following month (June) requesting that the levies be put on the ballot.  If either replacement fails, that levy will just continue at its present rate.

The board requested that Mr. Long meet with Mr. Szeman and prepare resolutions for both levies, by May 17th, 2013, asking the County Auditor to re-evaluate home values in Madison.

CHIEF’S REPORT – Chief Gene Lutz:                                                                        

1)  #2122 Squad: Chief Lutz requested the board’s approval to sell the 2003 Ford ambulance #2122 (141,751 miles) which has already been replaced by the recently- purchased Cancer Awareness squad.  The board instructed Chief Lutz to research the options and dispose of the unit in a manner most beneficial to the District under the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code.

Motion by:  Mr. Wayman             Seconded by:  Mr. Brotzman

ROLL CALL:  All ayes

2) TIMS Classes: Captain John Kloski gave a brief summary of the Traffic Incident Management System classes he has been teaching to various departments in the 12th district over the past few days.  He will be holding classes for the Madison Fire District, Village and Township Police and Road Departments in the near future.  TIMS is a federal program endorsed by Ohio Police Chiefs, Ohio Buckeye Sheriffs and Ohio Fire Chiefs. The basis of this 4-hour course stresses the need for understanding, cooperation and communication between police, road crews, tow truck drivers, county engineers and fire personnel on accident scenes.  Each group learns what the other groups need to do and why.  It teaches them how to set up safe scenes and how to respect each other and work together to ensure that everyone accomplishes their tasks and gets the roadway open as soon as possible to keep commuter and commerce traffic moving. Capt. Kloski agreed to advise the board of future class schedules.

3)  Lake County Safety CouncilChief Lutz reported that the Madison Fire District received a 100% injury-free rating last year from the Lake County Safety Council and the Congressional Recognition and Achievement Certificate for preventing injuries and accidents in the workplace.   Captain Kloski explained that the District has signed up for the advanced membership with Workers Compensation to do random drug testing, establish safety policies, conduct safety reviews of the department, and other drug-free workplace procedures to get a 7-10% discounted rate for Workers Compensation.

4)  Officer Classes:  Chief Lutz reported that Lt. Brian Faulhammer is taking the Officer I class online and Lt. Frank Henry will be taking the Officer II class online in September 2013.

5) 2013 District Call Statistics: 

Total calls Y-T-D    1,197

EMS calls                    501

Transfers                     421 (average 4/day)

Fires                              13 (Fire loss – $81,102 Y-T-D)

This year, Non-EMS Transfer personnel have transferred patients from Lake Madison to:

TriPoint           295

Lake West         50

Rainbows           22

Cleve. Clinic      11

Geneva              10

UH Cleveland   6

Hillcrest              7

Metro                 4

Other               16 (ACMC, Euclid, UH #4 & 8, Geauga, Richmond Hts., Seidman, Cleve. VA)

6)  Inspection Report:  In board folder for review.

7)  Pancake Breakfast:  The Madison Firefighters Association invites you to attend the first annual Pancake Breakfast, sponsored by Perkin’s Restaurant, on Sunday, May 19th from  9am – 1pm at Station #1 (33 North Lake Street).  There is no cost for the breakfast; however donations will be accepted to support the Association’s cause.

8)  In Memory of Ashley:  The Fire District is working with the Wickert family to distribute donations received.

CLOSING PUBLIC PORTION:    Pete Goslin, 5695 Dewey Road in South Madison, commented that the new station looks good and told Chief Lutz and the Fire Board to keep up the good work.


Mr. Anderson reminded everyone of the May 15th Fire Board meeting at 7pm at Station #1.

Motion to adjourn @ 7:58 by: Mr. Brotzman          Seconded by:  Mr. Bartlett

ROLL CALL:  All ayes