July 17, 2013

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL            x  Mr. Anderson                  x Mr. Takacs             x Chief Lutz

x   Mr. Bartlett                      x Mr. Vest                 x Mr. Long

x   Mr. Brotzman                  x Mr. Wayman         x Mr. Szeman



Minutes of 06/19/13 Regular Session

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Brotzman, Seconded by: Mr. Bartlett

ROLL CALL: All ayes



Bills ($322,548.60) and payroll ($166,683.19) totaling $489,231.79 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve as presented by:  Mr. Brotzman      Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman


Mr. Takacs inquired why there are so many voided checks on the check register – Mr. Long explained that his printer was jamming for a period of time, but the problem has since been resolved.

Mr. Bartlett asked about payments made to PSI, Inc. – Mr. Long reported that PSI, Inc. performs all the necessary testing for the construction of the new station on River Street (purchase order issued for $25,00o).   PSI is also contracted by Madison Schools for their new construction project.

ROLL CALL:   All ayes




DISTRICT INSURANCE:                                                                                  

Mike Gehring of Gehring Insurance Agency detailed a quote for the 2013-2014 District Insurance through VFIS Property/Casualty which is $600 lower than last year.  Changes reported over last year include increased payroll (6%), increased coverage for buildings and contents (4% inflation factor), new coverage for Cyber Liability and Privacy Crises Management (computer hacking) and adjustments for vehicles added, sold and reclassified.  Only one claim was filed last year ($13,000) for repair of Engine #2113 which was damaged by a falling tree.

*Chief Lutz requested that, since they are EMS vehicles, the renewal quote be amended to reflect Agreed Amount (not Cash Value) for Chase Vehicles #2141 and #2127.

Mr. Takacs inquired about coverage for Station #3.  Mr. Gehring explained that St. #3 is insured for a partial year based on Replacement Value.

Mr. Vest asked if the vehicle coverage amounts were adequate and Chief Lutz replied that they were.

Motion to accept proposed insurance renewal as amended* by: Mr. Bartlett

Seconded by:  Mr. Brotzman          ROLL CALL:  All ayes


EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Chief Lutz requested that the board adjourn to executive session to discuss a personal employee status change due to medical issues (per contract bargaining).

Motion at 7:12 pm by:  Mr. Brotzman      Seconded by:  Mr. Vest       ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Motion to re-convene to Regular Session at 7:40 pm by:  Mr. Vest

Seconded by:  Mr. Bartlett             ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Per Chief Lutz’ request, effective immediately, FF Kenneth Wilson’s employee status will be changed from Duty Crew to Administrative.

Motion by:  Mr. Brotzman              Seconded by:  Mr. Bartlett             ROLL CALL:  All ayes


COMMITTEE REPORTS:                                                                                 

New Building Committee – Station #3:

Chief Lutz reported that Tim Bement of APP Architecture and General Contractor Ron Seitz will attend the August 21st meeting.  Red siding is up and doors are currently being installed.  Interior work is going well as all contractors are being scheduled “round robin” so that installations can be done as expeditiously as possible. Cracks in back parking lot are still being addressed.  The pond is taking shape and the grass surrounding it is growing well.  Chief Lutz and Tony Long encouraged the board members to walk through and see the progress for themselves.

Mr. Bartlett inquired about the new water lines – Chief Lutz stated that the water lines are not yet completed, but that he is satisfied with the progress thus far.

OLD BUSINESS:   None to report.


Resolution #13-25 – 2014 General Property Tax Budget

This resolution accepts the summary of amounts required from General Property Tax as approved by the Lake County Auditor for the 2014 budget (only tax related items).

Motion by:  Mr. Anderson             Seconded by:  Mr. Brotzman           ROLL CALL:  All ayes

2011-2012 District Audit:

Tony Long reported that the 2-year audit is complete and there were no findings.


CHIEF’S REPORT – Chief Gene Lutz:                                                           

1)  2013 District Call Statistics: 

Total calls Y-T-D    2,181

EMS                            894

Transfers                   713 (3.6/day average)

2)  GovDeals – Squad #2122:  Friday, July 19th, 2013 is the last day for bids on GovDeals for Squad #2122.  As of this date, the minimum bid has been met.  Results will be given at the August meeting.

3)  SCBA Equipment:  After 1-1/2months of training, the new SCBA’s are in service!

4)  Darley Engine #2124:  Chief Lutz reminded the board that new emission regulations now require updated exhaust systems to meet emission standards. All new vehicles ($400,000) are now equipped with a DEF System which require a costly liquid additive every 4,000 miles, or a REGEN System which requires  vehicles to idle for 25 minutes to bring the unit up to temperature to regenerate the exhaust system.

Per previous discussions, Chief Lutz requested that the board approve the funds necessary to refurbish Engine #2124- not to exceed $40,000.

- Body work and repaint

- Replace the generator with a diesel unit

- Update with LED lights

- Add an air conditioning unit

- Add a ladder rack (may need modification)

Work will require a 5-week lead time.

Motion by:  Mr. Brotzman              Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman           ROLL CALL:  All ayes





Mr. Anderson reminded everyone of the August 21st Fire Board meeting at 7pm.

Motion to adjourn @ 8:03 pm by:  Mr.  Brotzman

Seconded by:  Mr. Vest                   ROLL CALL:  All ayes