March 19, 2014

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm                                                              03-19-2014

 ROLL CALL            x  Mr. Anderson                  x Mr. Takacs             x Chief Lutz

x  Mr. Frager                          x Mr. Vest                 x Mr. Long

x  Mr. Gauntner                   x Mr. Wayman        x Mr. Szeman



 Minutes of 02/19/14 Regular Session

 Correction – Page 2, Paragraph 1 – Mr. Gauntner corrected the Madison Fire District founded date from January 1970 to February 1970.

 Motion to approve as amended by:  Mr. Anderson       Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman

ROLL CALL: All ayes

 BILLS & PAYROLL                                                                                

Bills ($190,319.84) and payroll ($157,343.28) totaling $347,663.12 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Mr. Long detailed several expenditures including warrant #’s:

7232   $ 2,408.80    County Treasurer    Annual Real Estate Taxes for all District properties

which includes Station #3 assessment ($1300) – will file for exemption in the near future.

7240   $ 1,438.48     EMSARS Medical     Squads – Annual electric cot repair

7261    $ 75,000.00  Seitz Builders           Station #3 –Balance of $63,000 is being retained

until all punch list items are completed.

7273    $ 2,172.05      Zero Seven Design  #2124 Engine decals/stripes ($62,408 total cost)

BILLS & PAYROLL (cont.):

7292   $    773.97      Classic Ford              Squad air conditioner repair

7306   $35,129.70     Lake Co. Central      County dispatch fee – ½ year

Mr. Long also reported that the Humana Dental/Vision insurance premium renewal as of May 1, 2014 is a 5.4% increase (instead of 8.7% originally quoted) which is $746.76/year (50% paid by District/50% paid by employee).

Mr. Takacs asked if the snow plowing contract is bid out every year.  Chief Lutz and Mr. Long stated that it is bid every year and that Sandy Ridge was the lowest bidder this year.

Chief Lutz inquired whether Madison Village and Madison Township would consider plowing the station drives and parking lots. Both Village and Township board members agreed to evaluate available equipment and manpower and discuss the matter further before new contracts are initialized for next year.

Motion to approve as presented by:  Mr. Takacs        Seconded by:  Mr. Gauntner

ROLL CALL:   All ayes

 OPENING PUBLIC PORTION:  Kathy Lynn with Penguin Mechanical Inc. commented that Station #3 is a beautiful facility and thanked everyone involved for a job well done.

 COMMITTEE REPORTS:  None to report.

OLD BUSINESS:   None to Report.      


Resolution #14-017 – National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Per Chief Lutz, this program is through Lake County Job and Family Services and the District has participated for the past 4 years in an effort to take care of our most precious asset – our children.   Chief Lutz passed out wristbands in recognition and support.

Motion by:  Mr. Anderson             Seconded by:  Mr. Gauntner         ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Wayman inquired where the Fire Board meetings are advertised.  Mr. Long reported that the Star Beacon and News Herald normally publish regular monthly meetings in the community news and that special meetings are published as needed.  Nila Brass committed to checking that the meeting notices are being published correctly and regularly.

 CHIEF’S REPORT – Chief Gene Lutz:

 Station #2 Signage:  Chief Lutz reported that Captain Kloski contacted REM Graphics and they are still working on the quote for Station #2 signage.

 CHIEF’S REPORT (cont.):

Inspection Report:  Mr. Vest inquired what the entry of “0.00 hrs.” means on the inspection report.  Lt. Brian Faulhammer advised that it was not an actual inspection visit, but was only a brief stop to review or finalize paperwork.

2013 Annual Report:  Chief Lutz handed out the 2013 Annual Report and asked that the board contact him should they have questions, additions or comments.  Per Mr. Frager’s request, Chief Lutz agreed to check with Lt. Baker to see if it is possible to put the Annual Report on the District website.

Full Time Hiring Process:  The submission deadline for the 2nd round of the full time hiring process is Friday, March 21st (resume and 5 essays questions).  Essays will be graded by someone outside the district.  14 candidates are vying for 1 full time position and there are 6-7 steps remaining to complete the hiring process.  The successful candidate will be sworn-in in June, 2014.

Perry Madison Ladder Truck:  Chief Lutz reported that the ladder truck repairs are complete and the decals (Perry Madison Joint Fire District with both logos) are being applied.   The final repair cost is being compiled and Madison Fire will cover half the cost.  Perry will title the vehicle and will cover the truck through their VFIS Insurance ($450,000 replacement cost) and Madison Fire District will, again, split the cost.

Legislators Conference – Columbus:  Chief Lutz reported that he spent a day with William G. Batchelder, Speaker of the House, Senator John Eklund, Representative John Roger and other Ohio legislators discussing 150 bills that may affect fire departments on a local and county level. 

Station #3 “Punch List”:  Per Chief Lutz, the station alerting system is now up and running. Items yet to be completed include a few floor tile replacements, gutter leaks and a couple of minor plumbing issues.



 Mr. Gauntner suggested that the Fire Board meetings be advertised on the website.

Mr. Takacs commented that, according to the statistics quoted on page 43 of the 2013 Annual Report, the average one-way transport time to Lake Madison is 5 minutes and 45 seconds.  In the past, most patients were transported to Tripoint (average time 22 minutes).  In his opinion, Madison is much better served since the Madison ED was built by getting patients medical care 4 times faster, as well as, shorter turnaround times for District personnel.  He thanked members of the board and Lake Health Systems for their commitment to the project.

CLOSING BOARD COMMENTS (cont.):                                                                

 Mr. Vest reminded everyone of the April 16th Fire Board Meeting at 7:00 pm at Station #3 Training Center.

Executive Session:

 Chief Lutz requested that the board enter into Executive Session after the Regular Session to discuss a number of topics which Mr. Szeman detailed as follows:

1)      Preparations for collective bargaining negotiations for third year wage reopener

2)     Employee Administrative Appeal regarding confidential legal and medical issues

3)     Negotiations with Madison Village regarding Station #1

4)     Possible legal counsel conflict of interest regarding Station #1 negotiations

It was noted for the record that Regular Session business may follow Executive Session.

Motion by:  Mr. Anderson             Seconded by:  Mr. Frager               ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session @ 7:32 pm by:  Mr. Anderson

Seconded by:  Mr. Takacs                                                               ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Motion to reconvene Regular Session @ 8:25 pm by:  Mr. Anderson

Seconded by:  Mr. Frager                                                               ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Station #1 Sale Agreement:

Per Mr. Takacs, it is the Fire Board’s intent to sell the property known as Madison Fire Station #1 located at 33 North Lake Street, Madison, Ohio back to the Madison Village for the sum of One Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Dollars ($189,000).  Since Attorney Joe Szeman is legal counsel for both the Madison Fire District and the Madison Village, the agreement will be drafted by Attorney Gary Pasqualone, Law Director for the Madison Township. Terms of the agreement are yet to be negotiated, however, per Mr. Takacs, a “good faith” down payment check will be issued by the Madison Village in the amount of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) and will be sent to Madison Fire District on 3/20/14.

Motion to enter into the above outlined sales agreement by:  Mr. Takacs

Seconded by:  Mr. Gauntner         ROLL CALL:  3 ayes; 3 abstain (Gauntner, Takacs, Vest)

Motion to adjourn Regular Session @ 8:30pm by:  Mr. Takacs

Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman                                                           ROLL CALL:   All ayes

_______________________                           _______________________

Mr. Mark V. Vest, Chairman                                 Nila Brass, Clerk