March 18, 2015

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL           x Mr. Anderson                             x Mr. Takacs               x Chief Lutz

x Mr. Frager                                    x Mr. Vest                  x Ms. Clapp                                        x Mr. Gauntner                               x Mr. Wayman        x Ms. Landgraf


Minutes of 02/18/15 Regular Session

Mr. Takacs requested, for the record, that the reminder for the March meeting (page 4) be corrected to the 18th instead of the 15th.

Motion to approve as amended by: Mr. Gauntner       Seconded by: Mr. Vest

ROLL CALL: All ayes


Bills ($106,674.18) and payroll ($164,163.47) totaling $270,837.65 are motioned for acceptance and payment. Chief Lutz detailed several expenditures.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner                                                                     ROLL CALL:   All ayes

Mr. Takacs inquired what days Joanne Clapp, newly hired CFO, is scheduled in the District office. She stated that she will be in on Monday and Thursday afternoons for the next month, but anticipates being in more often after that.


Mr. Joe Szeman, past legal counsel, thanked the Fire Board and District staff for the Resolution of Appreciation #15-010 that he received and stated that he also considered it a privilege and honor working with and for the Madison Fire District over the years.


District Dental/Vision/Life Insurance:

Chief Lutz reported that he and the District Insurance Committee met with Dawson Companies on Friday, Feb. 20, 2015 to discuss the Humana dental/vision/ life insurance policy. The initial review indicated a slight increase in the premium. Before a final decision is made, the Insurance Committee and Dawson Companies will be meeting with members of the Full and Part Time Union Negotiation Teams to get their input regarding the premium increase and a few other plan changes.


Resolution #15-005 – Special Meeting Notification and Rates:

Mr. Gauntner inquired what progress has been made regarding this tabled issue. Stephanie Landgraf, interim legal counsel, stated that her research on the topic confirmed that the resolution is needed to comply with ORC requirements and that the proposed $10.00 fee is reasonable and comparable to fees charged in neighboring communities. Her emailed report revealed, however, that not all communities charge for this service. Mr. Takacs suggested, in lieu of the $10.00 annual fee which he considers to be high, that the District adopt a policy that anyone desiring notification of special meeting submit self-addressed, stamped envelopes to the District office annually so that special meeting notices can be easily mailed out as needed. Chief Lutz also suggested that notifications can be sent by email. The board agreed that the fee is not necessary and instructed Ms. Landgraf to prepare the resolution detailing the board’s chosen methods of notification and present it for board approval as soon as possible.


Resolution #15-015 – National Child Abuse Prevention Month:

Chief Lutz, again, presented this annual resolution supporting the Lake County Job and Family Services’ Child Abuse Prevention Program in a continuing effort to protect our communities most precious asset – our children.

Motion by: Mr. Anderson             Seconded by: Mr. Frager               ROLL CALL: All ayes

Chief Fiscal Officer Backup:

Mr. Vest and Chief Lutz initiated a discussion requesting that the board consider a resolution outlining a process by which coverage for the day-to-day responsibilities of the Chief Fiscal Officer will be handled due to sick/incapacitation days, vacation time, off-site training and/or other short term absences. A partial list of topics discussed include what personnel are available to cover, conflicts of “wearing 2 hats” and the ability of appointed backup personnel to fulfill his/her own primary duties, modification to job descriptions, issues of conflict of interest, what legislative spending authority is already in place, the definition of “short term” absence, a specific list of duties included and board notification of impending and emergency absences.

NEW BUSINESS – Chief Fiscal Officer Backup (cont.):                                   03-18-15

By general board consensus, the Fire Chief was chosen as the desired person to take over the responsibilities of the Fiscal Officer for short term absences not to exceed 30 days. The Fire Board Chairperson is to be notified of scheduled absences in advance, and is to be immediately notified of unplanned and emergency absences. A provision is to be added giving the board authority to extend the 30 day term limit at their discretion as needed. The Fire Chief shall have the authority to perform CFO duties required to ensure that daily business in conducted in a timely fashion, including, but not limited to, payroll, taxes and bill payments, and that he/she is given authority to approve transactions not to exceed $5000. All expenditures that exceed $5000 will be presented to the board for approval and a second signature. This backup responsibility is to be added to the Fire Chief’s job description as specified by the approved resolution. It is not the board’s intent that any future Fire Chief candidates be required to have financial or UAN experience to be considered for the position.


The board directed Stephanie Landgraf, interim legal counsel, to prepare a resolution that is compliant with all ORC regulations and incorporates the above discussed items, as well as any other language and provisions she feels necessary to present a concise and complete document detailing the board’s intent to exercise due diligence in this matter.

Chief’s Report:

Inspection Report: In board folder.

Executive Session: Chief Lutz requested an executive session following the regular session to discuss personnel.

Legislative Session in Columbus: Chief Lutz spent 2 days in Columbus meeting with Senator John Eklund and Representative John Rogers discussing school barricade programs, community para-medicine programs, and changes in the fire code regarding smoke detector specifications.

May Election Sites: Chief Lutz reported that there are no issues to be voted on in Madison this May and there will be no election sites open.

Station #3 Punch List: Ongoing issues continue to be addressed in the finalization of the St. #3 Punch List including the retaining wall and driveway, black roof tiles causing ice build-up, floor tiles lifting up, concrete sidewalks cracking, missing emergency lighting and sensors, and bay and gear room insulation.

Madison Country Club Fire: Chief Lutz reported that the Madison Country Club located on Chapel Road was destroyed by fire on March 12, 2015. The cause is still under investigation. Chief Lutz thanked all departments who responded to the 3-alarm fire and although, sadly, Madison lost an icon cherished by the community for many years, there were gratefully no injuries to personnel or any loss of equipment. Per Mr. Gauntner, flow tests confirmed that the water system performed at maximum capacity.



Mr. Wayman reminded everyone of the April 15th and May 20th, 2015 board meeting which will be held at 840 River Street @ 7:00 pm.

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session@ 7:42 pm by: Mr. Frager

Seconded by: Mr. Anderson                                             ROLL CALL:   All ayes

No regular business to follow.

Executive Session Adjourned @ 8:25 pm.