April 15, 2015

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL           x Mr. Anderson                             x Mr. Takacs               x Chief Lutz

- Mr. Frager                                   x Mr. Vest                  x Ms. Clapp                                        x Mr. Gauntner                               x Mr. Wayman        x Ms. Landgraf



Minutes of 03/18/15 Regular Session

Motion to approve as amended by: Mr. Vest    Seconded by: Mr. Anderson

ROLL CALL: All ayes


Bills ($42,910.67) and payroll ($161,734.57) totaling $204,645.24 are motioned for acceptance and payment. Chief Lutz detailed several expenditures.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Vest                                                                   ROLL CALL:   All ayes



Full Time and Part Time Labor Management: Chief Lutz reported that the Full Time Labor Management Committee has already begun negotiations and will continue as needed. He has received a letter of intent from the Part Time representatives and negotiations will begin soon.


Resolution #15-005 – Special Meeting Notification and Rates:

Mr. Wayman requested a motion to take this resolution off the table to facilitate further discussion.

Motion by: Mr. Anderson             Seconded by: Mr. Takacs               ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #14-005 – Special Meeting Notification and Rates (cont.):    04-15-15


Chief Lutz reminded the board that Section 1 of this resolution specifies that the Board’s Regular Session is the third Wednesday of each month and if, at any future date, they decide to change this schedule, they will need to amend the resolution accordingly.

Ms. Landgraf, Interim District Legal Counsel, further clarified that an amendment to the resolution will not necessarily be required as long as notice of the additional meetings are advertised in accordance with Section 2 of the resolution which states that special meetings must be posted on the Website and at Station #3 in a timely manner. Anyone who has requested advanced notice will be notified as well.

Motion by: Mr. Gauntner             Seconded by: Mr. Vest                   ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #15-016 – Chief Fiscal Officer Backup Appointment:

In the event the Chief Fiscal Officer is absent, on leave, or otherwise incapacitated, this resolution authorizes the Madison Fire Chief to assume the CFO ‘s responsibilities and essential duties in furtherance of the Madison Fire District’s essential business functions, on an emergency and temporary basis, for a period not to exceed 30 days. If necessary after the initial 30 day, the Board may vote to extend the Fire Chief’s assumption of the CFO’s duties for an additional period of time, but in no event shall the total assumption exceed 90 days.

Motion by: Mr. Anderson             Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner         ROLL CALL: All ayes


Board Minutes Format: Mr. Gauntner asked the Board to review the method by which official Fire Board minutes are prepared for the record to ensure that they hold up under scrutiny. He explained that, in his experience, minutes are recorded on specially numbered pages to eliminate the possibility of additions, deletions, and/or changes to the official record. A discussion ensued regarding statutory requirements and possible security measures including embossed seals and watermarks.   Madison Fire District’s CFO, Joanne Clapp, agreed to check with the state auditors for their opinion, and Stephanie Landgraf agreed to review the matter with respect to the Ohio Revised Code. Ms. Landgraf did say, however, that only a copy certified by the District Office would be considered a legal document.

2013-2014 State Audit: Joanne Clapp advised the Board that the State Auditors will be coming soon to audit Madison Fire District’s 2013 and 2014 financial records. Per Ms. Clapp, the auditor asked whether the Board wanted to be included in the pre-audit meeting. After a brief discussion, the Board agreed that the Fire Chief, Chief Fiscal Officer and District Clerk would attend the pre-audit meeting and assist the auditors as needed. They did, however, confirm that the Board Chairman and Vice Chairman will attend the exit meeting as usual.

Chief’s Report:                                                                                                                  04-15-15

Inspection Report: In board folder.

State Feasibility Study: Chief Lutz reported that the State is conducting a study to combine all fire departments in Lake County. Representatives from the Lake County Fire Chief’s Association have worked closely with the state to ensure the report’s accuracy. The report will be presented April 29, 2015 @ 5:30 pm at Lakeland and everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. Copies of the report should be available soon.

New Hiring: Due to the loss of three of our part time Firefighter/Paramedics to full time positions at other departments, Chief Lutz reported that Madison Fire District will be hiring part time firefighter/paramedics in the next few months.

Captain’s Report:

Captain Kloski reported that he is looking into LED lighting for the stations to make them more energy efficient for the energy audit.

Captain Kloski also reported that the Station #3 architect and contractors have been monitoring the side retaining wall for several months, as well as, the concrete walkway behind the station. Once the survey is completed, the contractor will be coming out to replace concrete as needed.

Per Captain Kloski, Madison Fire District is presenting (2) classes at the Lake County Safety Council Symposium on May 15th, 2015 – $30 per person (including meal).



Stephanie Landgraf, interim legal counsel, stated that Stacy Dame, appointed counsel, will be returning from medical leave on May 1, 2015 and will henceforth be attending the Madison Fire Board meetings starting on May 20th, 2015. The board thanked her for assistance over the past few months and wished her continued success.

Mr. Wayman reminded everyone of the May 20th and June 17th, 2015 board meetings which will be held at 840 River Street @ 7:00 pm.

Motion to adjourn @ 7:28 pm by: Mr. Anderson        Seconded by: Mr. Takacs

ROLL CALL:   All ayes

_______________________                           _______________________

Mr. Pete Wayman, Chairman                               Nila Brass, Clerk