October 19, 2016


CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL             x  Mr. Anderson                       x Mr. Takacs                             x Chief Lutz

x  Mr. Donaldson                     x Mr. Vest                      x Ms. Clapp                               x  Mr. Gauntner                        x  Mr. Wayman            x Ms. Dame


Minutes of 09/21/16 Regular Session

Motion to approve as presented by:  Mr. Anderson                  Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman

ROLL CALL:  (5) ayes; (1) abstain (Takacs)

BILLS & PAYROLL (09/15/16 – 10/13/16):

Bills ($84,744.34) and payroll ($178,490.68) totaling $263,235.02 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by:  Mr. Donaldson

Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman                                                           ROLL CALL:  All ayes

2016 Financial Report:  Ms. Clapp summarized September 2016 Revenues,Expenditures and Overtime Wages.  She reported that we have spent Y-T-D 60% of the General Fund Budget and 62% of the EMS Budget at the end of the third quarter (75%).  Mr. Vest reminded the Board that overtime wages are lower this year due to the elimination of the Transfer Program.  Chief Lutz advised the Board that there is drill time scheduled for a practice burn with Harpersfield Fire which will cause some overtime wages in October.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Per Chief Lutz, the Healthcare Committee still needs one more Fire Board Member to volunteer for 2016 so they can meet to discuss the District Medical Insurance renewal for December 1, 2016.  Mr. Anderson agreed to fill this vacancy.

OLD BUSINESS:                                                                                                                          

Mr. Vest asked if all Opticom equipment has been repaired.  Chief Lutz replied that they are all in service and are all in good working order.


Resolution #16-22 –  Firefighter Association Donation:

This resolution accepts a donation in the amount of $500.oo from the Madison Firefighters Association for the purpose of purchasing smoke detectors for the District’s Senior Program.

Motion by:  Mr. Anderson            Seconded by:  Mr. Wayman           ROLL CALL:  All ayes

CHIEF’S REPORT:                                                                                   

1)      Budget Overview:  In Board Folder for your review.

2)     Firehouse Software:  Chief Lutz explained that he is Chair of the Fire and EMS Report Writing Committee which is currently reviewing the Firehouse software used by most County Departments.  He reported that this software is not EMSIRS compliant with the State of Ohio and the group is working together to bring in (3) new vendor quotes for software that can be purchased through a grant from the Lake Health Foundation.

3)     Air Truck Grants:  Mentor Fire Department and Perry Joint Fire Department are both writing Local Government grants to get (2) Air Trucks for Lake County.  Madison Fire District is working on a FEMA grant to replace our oldest fire engine.

4)     Drug Free Workplace Training:  All training has been completed for the Drug Free Workplace program and Lt. Faulhammer has submitted all necessary paperwork to the Bureau of Workers Compensation.

5)     Lucas Devise Maintenance:  Chief Lutz reported that $2,400 worth of repairs have been made to one of the District’s Lucas Devises under the District’s Physio Control Annual Maintenance Agreement.

6)     Lake Health Donation – LifePak 15:  Madison Fire District has received the LifePak 15 donated by Lake Health Systems which has been serviced, tested and is in service.  Chief Lutz reported that he sent a letter, on behalf of the Fire Board and the District, thanking them for their generous donation.

7)     Annual PNP Drills – All Shifts:  Crews will be conducting 3 days of simulation drills in November broadcasting Perry Nuclear Plant emergency situation “shelter-in-place” or “leave” instructions.   Next year’s drill will be graded.

8)    FIU Training and Calls:  Chief Huffman conducted FIU “Burn Patterns” training on Monday, October 10th. Chief Lutz reported on the October 19th, 2016 fire at the Gehring Insurance Agency, 531 N. Lake Street.  In the initial response, the fire was contained to the first floor bathroom area, however, due to blown-in insulation which can be a challenge to extinguish because it sometimes spreads in erratic patterns, a second response was dispatched an hour later to extinguish smoldering insulation that had spread beyond the initial burn pattern.

 9)     Cot and Power Loader Maintenance:  EMSARS conducted maintenance checks and necessary repairs (2122) on all Squad Cots and Power Loaders.

10) Update Status – Sale of (2) Life Pak-15’s:  The (2) 2009 Life Pak-15’s  authorized as surplus on Resolution #16-15 and sold to the Village of Loudonville, Ashland County, Ohio are scheduled to be picked up within the next few days.

11)  Customer Surveys:  In an effort to provide excellent service, Chief Lutz reported that Customer Surveys will continue to be left with patients and all returned surveys will be reviewed.

12)Inspection Report: In Board Folder for your review.

Lieutenants Terry Sopko, Frank Henry and Brian Faulhammer of the Madison Fire District, Madison Township Zoning Inspector Frank Walland and officials from the Lake County Health District met with individuals at 6769 Middle Ridge Road who were interested in serving food and providing overnight accommodations to paying customers.  Due to safety and zoning issues, the request was denied.

Lt. Sopko met with the new owners of the old Union Hall on Rt. 20 to ensure that proper permits have been obtained and due process is being followed in their efforts to establish a Halloween Super Store at 5945 North Ridge Road.

Plan reviews are being processed for an upgrade to the Verizon Phone Tower and the

replacement of a roadway culvert on Parkway.

Inquiries have been made about the old Texaco Station at 6797 Chapel Road.

13)Vehicle Maintenance:  Chief Lutz reported that we were having issues with the nylon straps on Engine 2113’s roll up doors and Lt. Henry has replaced the straps on all engines with remanufactured straps.   Engines #2113 and #2123 have experienced electrical problems with plugs and breaker boxes (underneath) caused by road grime and are being replaced with plastic boxes that resist corrosion.

14)Public Education: Firefighters continue to conduct Fire Prevention presentations in Madison Schools and help out with 5K runs – next one is at Rabbit Run Theater on October 30th.

15)  Levy Information:  Signs are still being distributed and mass mailings have been sent out.  Firefighters, Board Members and Administrative Staff are signing up to attend polling sites on November 8th.

CLOSING PUBLIC PORTION:  Craig Winkleman asked if the District had detailed plans for what will be done with levy monies received if the levy passes and detailed plans for what cuts will be made if the levy does not pass.  Chief Lutz stated that the Administration and the Board have spent significant time detailing both plans and are confident that the District is prepared for either outcome.

Mr. Anderson thanked Lt. Baker for his excellent educational presentations for District personnel and the public in promoting our need for the levy.                                         


Mr. Gauntner commented that he visited Station #2 recently and noticed that there are maintenance items that need to be addresses, namely the bay doors, replacement windows and a few other outdoor issues that should be tended to before winter.

Mr. Vest again encouraged everyone to do their part to promote the levy.

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Discipline/Compensation

@ 7:29 pm by:  Mr. Wayman         Seconded by:  Mr. Gauntner         ROLL CALL:  All ayes

Executive Session is for Board Members and Legal Counsel only with possible regular business to follow.

Mr. Vest reconvened Regular Session @ 8:59 pm.

Motion to adjourn Regular Session with no further business @ 9:00 pm by:  Mr. Wayman Seconded by:  Mr. Anderson                                                                     ROLL CALL:  All ayes

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Mr. Mark V. Vest, Chairman                                 Nila Brass, District Clerk