November 21, 2016

Madison Fire District

Special Meeting November 21, 2016

Chairman Mr. Vest called the meeting to order at 4:34 PM at the Madison Township Administration Building.

Roll Call: Mr. Vest, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Takacs, Mr. Wayman, Mr. Donaldson, Mr. Gauntner were present. Also present was Legal Counsel Stacy Dame and Fiscal Officer Joanne Clapp.

Mr. Vest requested a motion for the board to convene into Executive Session to discuss personnel employee discipline.

Mr. Wayman made a motion for the board to convene into Executive Session to discuss personnel employee discipline. Second by Mr. Anderson.

Roll Call: Mr. Vest, yes; Mr. Takacs, yes; Mr. Wayman, yes; Mr. Anderson, yes;

Mr. Donaldson, Yes; Mr. Gauntner, Yes.

The board convened into Executive Session at 4:35 PM

Mr. Vest reconvened the Special Meeting from Executive Session at 6:27 PM

Mr. Vest requested a motion for adjournment. Mr. Anderson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Second by Mr. Takacs.

Roll Call: Mr. Vest, yes; Mr. Takacs, yes; Mr. Wayman, yes; Mr. Anderson, yes;

Mr. Donaldson, yes; Mr. Gauntner, yes.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:28 PM



November 16, 2016

CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

ROLL CALL - Mr. Anderson x Mr. Takacs x Chief Lutz

x Mr. Donaldson x Mr. Vest x Ms. Clapp x Mr. Gauntner x Mr. Wayman x Ms. Dame



Minutes of 10/19/16 Regular Session

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Gauntner Seconded by: Mr. Wayman

ROLL CALL: All ayes

Minutes of 11/02/16 Special Meeting

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Donaldson Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner

ROLL CALL: All ayes

BILLS & PAYROLL (10/14/16 – 11/10/16):

Bills ($36,054.26) and payroll ($103,599.69) totaling $139,653.95 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Ladder Truck: With respect to a payment made to Perry Joint Fire District for repairs and maintenance to the jointly-owned Ladder Truck #2059, Mr. Gauntner recalled that last Spring the Fire Board had expressed an interest in possibly “giving” Perry Fire 100% ownership of the Ladder Truck. He asked Chief Lutz what progress had been made in this regard. Chief Lutz replied that it was mentioned as part of possible cost cutting measures, but that no decision had been made at the time. Mr. Vest recalled that the idea had been passed on to the Labor Management “Think Tank” for review. Mr. Gauntner questioned whether the Ladder Truck is a good investment for the District and suggested that the Labor Management focus on presenting a recommendation to the Board. Mr. Vest agreed that he would like the issue reviewed and a report presented to the Board detailing; 1) original investment and past maintenance costs; 2) past and current usage; 3) potential future usage with respect to growth and development projects being considered at Rt. 528 & I-90; and 4) whether Perry Fire would be interested in considering 100% ownership.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Gauntner

Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

2016 Financial Report:

Ms. Joanne Clapp, District CFO, detailed the October 2016 Fund Summary including Revenues, Expenditures and Overtime Wages.

Per Mr. Takacs’ request, Ms. Clapp explained that the Ending Fund Balance on the Fund Summary includes the December 2015 carryover balance. Mr. Takacs commented that this carryover balance is not reflected in the Starting Fund Balance and requested that the UAN report be amended, if possible, to include a line item for “Carryover Balance” so the figures shown will reconcile.

Mr. Takacs commented that the CFO Salary line item on the Financial Overview shows a smaller–than-usual amount paid in October and asked if Mr. Clapp had reduced her hours at the District. She replied that she had not and committed to re-validating the UAN figures and reporting the “difference” to the Board at the December meeting.

Mr. Takacs referred to the Vehicle Maintenance line items on page 7 of the Financial Overview and requested that the Ladder Truck, currently tracked in General Labor and Parts, be given its own line item so that costs associated with the vehicle can be followed more clearly.

Ms. Clapp reported that the 2017 Estimated Workers Compensation Premium will be $13,162.04. Per Ms. Clapp, the District received a $1000 donation from the Madison Ministerial Association. Ms. Clapp further reported that she has begun working on the 2017 Budget and will complete the process once the Labor Management/Union finalizes Wage and Health Insurance considerations. Temporary Appropriations for 2017 will be submitted for Board review at the December meeting.

District Property Taxes: Mr. Vest initiated a discussion regarding unpaid Property Taxes for (4) properties owned by the Madison Fire District for the First and Second Half of 2015 tax year, which was payable on February 17, 2016 and July 20, 2016.

Joanne Clapp reported that after considerable research, it has been determined by the Madison Fire District Fiscal Office that these tax bills were never received by the District. Per Ms. Clapp, the Lake County website shows that our bills were being mailed to 33 N. Lake Street and P.O. Box 338.

Chief Lutz reported that, per David Blanock of the Treasurer’s Office, none of these invoices were returned to their office. Only one tax bill was received at 840 River St. for the 2015 tax year and was paid in a timely manner. The other (4) bills in question were not received. (Per Mr. Blanock during this current review of accounts, a credit is being sent for 2013 overpayment.) 3

District Property Taxes (cont.): 11-16-16

Chief Lutz and Nila Brass, District Clerk assured the Board that, since November 2013, considerable effort has been put into making sure that everyone was advised of the address change.

1) A sign was posted on the front entrance at 33 N. Lake Street.

2) A change-of –address was filed with Madison Post Office – mail forwarded for 1 year.

3) P.O. Box Closure filed with Madison Post Office – mail forwarded for 1 year.

4) Letters were sent daily to anyone whose mail was forwarded to St. #3 – ongoing to this date.

Mr. Vest and Mr. Gauntner asked why we are paying a tax bill for the McMackin property which should be exempt because we are a government agency. Chief Lutz reminded them that that property was purchased back in 2012 during the previous CFO’s employment.

Chief Lutz reported that during his tenure as acting CFO, he filed for and was granted exemption for the St. #3 property as of May 15, 2015 and the appropriate refund was received.

Mr. Gauntner recommended that exemption applications be submitted for both the McMackin property and the small lot adjacent to St. #3 (.159 acre) and that all tax bills be paid in full until a final determination is made by the Department of Taxation. Once exemption status has been determined, refunds need to be requested for previous tax payments remitted for properties ultimately granted exemption status. Mr. Vest and Mr. Gauntner recommended that a reminder system be put in place in the District’s Fiscal Office to monitor annual tax bills to ensure that all billing is received and paid in a timely manner. Mr. Takacs suggested that close monitoring of line items in the budget will also assist in raising a flag for missing invoicing and payments and he is confident that the Fiscal Office will put appropriate checks and balances in place to ensure that this situation does not happen again.

Mr. Donaldson requested that Ms. Clapp make changes to the format of the Financial Overview to ensure that the Appropriations report and the Financial Overview line items coincide.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Chief Lutz requested that the Board adjourn into Executive Session following the Regular Session to discuss Personnel/Compensation and Labor Management. 4

District Insurance Premium for Temporary Appropriations Budget: Mr. Takacs reported that he, Chief Lutz and Joanne Clapp met last week with Dawson Group and requested that they provide the District with best case and worse case financial premium scenarios for temporary appropriations budget purposes. Per Mr. Takacs, the Committee is behind schedule due to delays by both the District and Dawson Group who were possibly delayed in getting the numbers we were looking for by District personnel not completing the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Although this group did not discuss any specific policy details at last week’s meeting, they were able to briefly discuss basic cost percentages and variables which can be used for budgetary purposes and later fine-tuned once the entire group meets to discuss policy options in detail and finalize their choice. Mr. Takacs asked Full Time representatives in attendance at the Fire Board meeting if the FT Insurance Committee members were ready to continue negotiations to which they replied that they were ready.


Mr. Vest asked again if the Opticom equipment at Rt. 20 & Rt. 528 is in good working order. Lt. Terry Sopko reported that, although that Opticom was replaced by ODOT last summer, the unit is not working properly. He has contacted them twice to let them know they are not working as they should and ODOT has committed to come out to calibrate them, but that is as far as it has gone. Per Mr. Vest’s request, Lt. Sopko will call them again on 11/17/16.


Resolution #16-23 – Penguin Mechanical, Inc. Contracted Services:

This resolution authorizes the Madison Fire District and the Fire Chief to enter into a contract with Penguin Mechanical, Inc. for Air Conditioning, Furnace, and Hot Water Tank Maintenance Services from December 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, and authorizing payments provided therein.

Motion by: Mr. Gauntner Seconded by: Mr. Wayman

Discussion: For clarity purposes, Mr. Takacs explained that, to the best of his knowledge, when the District makes a budget, we simply put in “Contracting for Cot Maintenance” or “Mechanical Equipment Maintenance” which is pre-authorization from the Board to enter into agreements and execute the contracts because it has already been approved through the budgetary process. If it is not pre-approved in the budgetary process, then we have to go through the Resolution Process because no one is allowed to enter into contracts without the Board’s authority outside of the budget authorization. This proposed contract is a new contract in scope and is not in the current calendar year budget therefore must be authorized through the Resolution Process. 5

Resolution #16-23 – Penguin Mechanical, Inc. Contracted Services (cont.):

Mr. Donaldson inquired whether the contract had an attached exhibit detailing the scope of work to be performed under the contract. Stacy Dame, Legal Counsel, advised that the Proposal and Invoice were all that she had received to date, but that, if an actual contract is forthcoming, she would be glad to review the contract, and the services that they will provided, when available.

Mr. Vest commented that, with all due respect to the resolution, he believes that review of the contract would be prudent as opposed to approval at this point. Chief Lutz stated that approval could wait until the December meeting.

Motion Withdrawn by: Mr. Gauntner Second Withdrawn by: Mr. Wayman

Mr. Vest requested that Chief Lutz provide the contract for review at the December Regular Session and recommended that the discussion be tabled.

Motion to Table Resolution #16-23 until the December Regular Session by: Mr. Gauntner

Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Gauntner confirmed with legal counsel that contractual arrangements should be done by resolution, not by motion of the Board. Stacy Dame stated that that is the best way so that the contract can be adopted and approved by the board.


1) 2016 Levy: Chief Lutz reported that the new levy on the November 8, 2016 ballot passed. He stated that the Union has requested that he meet with Labor Management soon to outline how we plan to move forward and then present said outline to the Board so everyone is on the same page. The Board agreed.

2) Village Halloween Trunk-or-Treat: Firefighters participated in this year’s Halloween Trunk-or-Treat in the Village and everyone seemed to have a good time.

3) Senior Center – Balance Classes: Firefighters conducted classes for senior residents and helped them learn balance techniques to reduce and manage fall risk.

4) Fire and EMS Report Writing: The Lake County Fire Chiefs met at St. #3 on November 15th to review (26) Report Writing vendors. The group was able to narrow the field to (2) and these two vendors will be invited to return in January, 2017 to present their software programs and pricing. The Fire Chiefs will then meet with the Lake Health Foundation to explore the possibility of the Foundation paying the upfront costs to purchase the software for the first 2 years.

5) FEMA Grant: Chief Lutz reported that he completed the FEMA Grant application ($450,000) to replace one of our Fire Engines.

6) Local Government Safety Grant: Madison Fire District and Perry Joint Fire Department continue to work on completing applications for Local Grant Safety Funds to pay for (2) Air Trucks for Lake County and Station Alerting upgrades for (8) departments ($85,000 per department).

7) Fire Investigation: Chief Lutz reported on a number of fires in recent days that are still under investigation.

8) Lake Health Drug Boxes: Due to recent recall, Lake Health has added more Narcan to their drug boxes. MAD devices will not be available until the first quarter of 2017. Atomizers will be made available for responders use until the situation is resolved.

9) Fire Training: Madison Fire personnel attended fire training at the Harpersfield Fire Department.

10) Ground Ladder Testing: All ground ladders have been tested and approved.

11) Blue Card Training: District personnel continue the Blue Card training online.

12) Inspection Report: In Board Folder for your review.

13) Public Education: Firefighters participated in the Township Police Department’s Breakfast with the Brave.

14) Upcoming Events: Madison Fire District will be having a toy drive and food drive with Walmart in the near future. FF Dustin Sample will advise dates when available.

Mr. Vest inquired about (2) inspections with violations. Lt. Terry Sopko reported on the nature of several inspections and facts pertaining to violations found and remedies required.

Mr. Takacs asked Lt. Sopko to detail the Knox Box program offered by the District. Lt. Sopko reported that a majority of our Knox Boxes ($20/yr. – accessed with a master key) and Master Lock Boxes ($10/yr. – accessed with a code) are rentals which are invoiced annually and send to the District Office for mailing and the processing of payments. The District Office contacts Lt. Sopko with new installation or removal requests and any other issues needing follow-up. Madison Fire District also offers purchasing assistance for residents and commercial applications. Although the location of these boxes is not published for security considerations, Central Communications has a master list of all Knox Box and Lock Box in Madison and this information is customarily included in dispatch notifications.

Mr. Takacs asked how many District employees are Certified Safety Inspectors (6), Arson Investigators (11) and Advanced Arson Investigators (4). Per Lt. Sopko, all (4) Advanced Investigators are part of the East End FIU. He offered to send an updated listing of these certified personnel to Chief Lutz for distribution to the Board upon request. 7



Mr. Gauntner thanked the Firefighters for all their hard work and great team effort to promote the levy and stated that without their help, the District would be looking at a very difficult situation next year. Mr. Vest called for the Board to give the Firefighters a round of applause.

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Personnel/Compensation, Labor Management and Employee Discipline @ 8:09 pm by: Mr. Wayman

Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

No Regular Session business to follow.

Mr. Vest reconvened Regular Session @ 10:12 pm.

Motion to adjourn Regular Session with no further business @10:13 pm by: Mr. Gauntner Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Mark V. Vest, Chairman Nila Brass, District Clerk