April 18, 2018

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CALL TO ORDER @ 7:02 pm

x Mr. Adams x Mr. Gauntner x Chief Baker
- Mr. Anderson x Mr. Vest x Joanne Clapp
x Mr. Frager x Mr. Wayman x Stacy Dame



Minutes of 03/21/18 Regular Session

Motion to approve 03/21/18 Regular Session minutes as presented by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

BILLS & PAYROLL (March 2018):
Bills ($85,691.75) and payroll ($193,305.20) totaling $278,996.95 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

March 2018 Financial Report: Joanne Clapp, Fiscal Officer, summarized the March Revenue and Expenses and reported that the District received the first half Property Tax Revenue (55%) in March.



St. #3 Light Post: Per Mr. Gauntner’s inquiry at the last meeting, Stacy Dame, Legal Counsel, reported that she contacted the Probation Department at Painesville Municipal Court and made them aware that the gentleman who damaged the light post at St. #3 has made no effort to contact the Fire District or make any sort of restitution. She looked on the docket and he has been put on a 12 months probation which is up on May 4, 2018. Ms. Dame commented that she talked to the probation officer directly assigned to his case and she said that she just doesn’t think he has any funds to pay.

Per Ms. Dame’s request, the probation officer was going to look into maybe extending his probation because he had some other items he was paying on, and now that he has paid off some of the fines and other things, perhaps extending his probation will enable him to start paying the District a little something. Ms. Dame reported that she has provided the probation officer with the repair estimate total of $2,800, ,but has not heard anything back since last week. Although she commented that it may be a lost cause, Ms. Dame committed to contacting the probation officer the week of April 23, 2018 and pursuing it as much as she can.

Madison Seminary: Ms. Dame reported that they had a telephone conference with the court on the Madison Seminary case and per her conversation with Captain Sopko, she reported that everything is right on track (maybe even early) and that the owner is complying with the agreement we reached, is doing his fire logs, making his reports and doing everything we’ve asked him to do. The next telephone conference is scheduled for July 12, 2018 to keep the process moving through the court. Mr. Gauntner commented that, based on social media, his business is growing. Captain Sopko reported that he has the Travel Channel coming this weekend and that he has to stagger the tours to stay under maximum capacity for the building. Several Board members commented that they are pleased that he is compliant and doing well.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: None to report.


Resolution #17-54 – District Investment Policy:
To remain tabled until May, 2018 to allow Board members more time to review the proposed policy.


Resolution #18-11 – Requesting the Lake County Auditor to Certify the current tax valuation of the Madison Fire District and the revenue that would be generated by an additional 2.0 mill tax:

This resolution is the first step in potentially putting a levy on the ballot in November 2018.

Motion by: Mr. Wayman Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #18-12 – Termination of Insurance Demo Fund: Per Stacy Dame’s recommendation, this resolution; 1) authorizes the termination of the Agency Fund established in Resolution #13-27 for the Insurance Demo (Fund 9902) and; 2) per Board request, this resolution specifically authorizes the transfer of the current demo fund balance of the Agency Fund (Fund 9902) in the amount of Five Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four Dollars and 03 cents ($5,784.03) to Madison Township where the property is located. The Madison Township Administration is responsible for making sure that all demolition costs incurred by the Township have been paid back in full and that the unused funds are distributed to the appropriate entity. Per Captain Sopko, this incident was a prolonged investigation and the house has since been rebuilt.

Motion to approve as amended by: Mr. Gauntner Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

CHIEF’S REPORT- April 2018 – Chief Tod Baker:

1) Staff Recognition: Chief Baker recognized the following members for their anniversary and time in service:
a. FF Nick Moon- 11 years
b. FF Dan Quayle- 11 years
c. FF Nick Kohr – 8 years
d. FF Mike Maskal – 8 years
e. FF Margaret Lalka – 1 year

2) Officers Meeting: The April Officer’s meeting again focused on review of the budget, vehicles and maintenance and the continued operation of the department. Each officer shared the progress of their individual projects which is essential to good communication within this dynamic working group.

3) Committee Meetings:

The EMS Committee, chaired by Captain Justin Meister, has had several meetings to discuss needed updates/upgrades in the District’s EMS equipment. Plans are being finalized to spend $2,700 of the $18,000 budgeted for this purpose. Items being considered will enable personnel to perform better on the job including replacement of items that have outlived their life span.

The SOP Committee continues to meet and is currently about 33% completed with revisions to the current SOP’s. The majority of the revisions are due to operational and staffing model changes over the years. The review is being conducted by all Officers, the EMS committee and a dozen or more firefighters who are all being encouraged to employ critical thinking and make suggestions that will improve the service. Not all recommendations will be approved, but it will give them ownership and engage them in fulfilling our common goals.

4) EMS Billing: Our EMS billing is currently surpassing projections at this point, however, Ted Jennings with Medicount will be at the District on April 25, 2018 to discuss an issue pertaining to patient copayments and deductibles. One of the challenges with the Affordable Care Act is increased deductibles. The matter under discussion is as follows:

If a patient (Madison resident) has fulfilled their annual deductible, their insurance company will pay on an ambulance billing and any balance owed is “waived” via a residential write off through the District’s soft billing policy which means no Madison resident pays out of pocket.

If a resident’s annual deductible has not been met, the insurance company makes them responsible for paying ambulance billings until the deductible has been fulfilled. The concern in scenario two is that, since we have a soft billing policy, the District ends up writing off all ambulance billings in their entirety until the deductible has been met.

The District will be discussing possible changes to the timeliness of our billing.

5) Budget Worksheet: The monthly budget worksheet is once again being published so the Board can track year-to-date revenue and expenses. Some budget figures are still tentative and we will need to keep a close eye on spending.

6) Board Folders: Board folders will continue to be uploaded on the Team Drive and help is available in the District Office to establish digital access to the information through your computer, tablet or phone. The goal is to have financial reports, Chief’s report, minutes and pending resolutions available in the Team Drive on Monday, ten days prior to the Board meeting. Hard copies of the Board Agenda will be made available at each meeting to accommodate any last minute changes.

7) Pharmacy Licenses: The department has completed the renewal of our Annual Drug License with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. The invoice received and paid for the licenses was incorrect (double) and the District is awaiting a reimbursement from the Board of Pharmacy.

8) Training: We had three successful days of live training. Video is available. Chief Baker thanked Captain Sopko for filing the necessary paperwork and the Township for the opportunity to conduct this important fire training.

Mr. Gauntner thanked Chief Baker for saving the Township the cost of demolition of these three properties. He reported that all three sites have since been cleaned up including removal of trees.

9) District Vehicles: Per Chief Baker, we have started our bi-annual preventative maintenance program which is not going well. Our newest squad (125,000 miles) went in for a PMI and it ended up costing nearly $5,000 and the unit still needs an air compressor for the rear patient compartment due to corrosion. Mr. Vest and Mr. Wayman inquired about possible undercarriage cleaning units or other methods of protection especially for new vehicles purchased in the future. Chief Baker stated that there are costs associated with any method and all that will happen with existing vehicles is that the rust will fall off and take the undercoating with it.

Chief Baker reported that the 1994 Darley Engine #2124 was also sent in for repairs on the jake brake/engine retarder and when the mechanics opened the cab they experienced hydraulic failure which had to be fixed, and the final cost of these repairs was also $5,000. Unfortunately, this is the vehicle that has been reported to have heavy corrosion and rust in the rear fire body and needs an additional $10-12,000 in repairs. In Chief Baker’s opinion this engine is outside its service life and although we have to take care of safety concerns, we need to reconsider whether to invest more money into a vehicle that is 24 years old. The newly proposed levy is needed to address District vehicles.

Per Chief Baker, we invested $15,000 into Squad #2162 last year and it now has electrical problems with a 12 year-old generator.

Chief Baker and the Officers continue to research vendors and vehicle options and hope to make recommendations to the Board as soon as a useable and functionable vehicle is located in the next couple of months.

Mr. Frager asked if the Board has again considered joint purchases with other departments to reduce vehicle costs. Chief Baker replied that we have a good relationship with other local departments and all have relied on each other for coverage when breakdowns occur.

10) Call Data: We have responded to 849 calls in the first quarter of 2018 – average 9.4 calls per day – going to 526 unique addresses. At this rate, we are looking at 3,400 calls this year which is about 400 calls more that Madison has ever done. Chief Baker is hopeful that ongoing efforts by the Healthcare Coalition will encourage area Nursing facilities to begin using private ambulance services more which will help to reduce our total call volume.

11) “Stop the Bleed” classes: Per Chief Baker, the Stop the Bleed classes conducted on March 31, 2018 at St. #3 were very well attended (35) and received and Chief Baker is working on getting this training scheduled in the schools. He is also working on offering community training sessions and open house events in the summer and fall.

Closing Public Portion: None to Report.

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Personnel and Employee Compensation @ 8:02 pm by: Mr. Frager Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Vest reconvened Regular Session @ 8:39 pm.

Motion to approve a payroll adjustment to include longevity in overtime compensation for the Firefighters of the Madison Fire District as calculated by the Fiscal Officer which will be done for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 year-to-date and then continuing, including an amount double said calculated amount in good faith by the Madison Fire District.

Motion by: Mr. Frager Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

Motion to adjourn Regular Session @ 8:40 pm by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

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Mark V. Vest, Chairman Nila Brass, Administrative Assistant

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