August 16, 2017

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CALL TO ORDER @ 7:07 pm at Station #2

ROLL CALL x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Takacs x Chief Baker
x Mr. Donaldson (7:18 pm) x Mr. Vest x Joanne Clapp
x Mr. Gauntner – Mr. Wayman x Stacy Dame
(prior obligation)


Minutes of 07/19/17 Regular Session

Motion to approve 07/19/17 meeting minutes as presented by: Mr. Vest
Seconded by: Mr. Takacs ROLL CALL @ 7:09 pm: All ayes

BILLS & PAYROLL (July 2017):

Bills ($35,726.14) and payroll ($125,129.41) totaling $160,855.55 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Anderson
Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL@ 7:13 pm: All ayes
July 2017 Financial Report: Joanne Clapp summarized the July Revenue and Expenses and commented that the District is on track with the budget through the first 7 months.

Ms. Clapp reported that, due to our participation in the Drug Free Program and Paperless Billing Option as well as paying the whole premium at the beginning of the year, the District‘s total year-to-date refund from BWC is $15,579.10 ($11,065.28 for 2015 and $4,513.82 for 2016).

Mr. Vest asked what expenses are included in the “Public Safety – Other” portion of the budget. Ms. Clapp stated that she would check and respond by the end of the meeting.

Mr. Vest inquired why the EMS Salary Expenses are at 83% while the Fire Salary Expenses are only at 35%. Ms. Clapp stated that they have been using out of the EMS side more heavily during the first half of the year until it is completely used before using the Fire side throughout the remainder of the year. Mr. Vest questioned whether this policy has been approved by the State Auditor which Ms. Clapp replied that it has, in writing.


LEGAL COUNSEL ISSUES: Ms. Dame reported that the District has filed a lawsuit in Lake County Court involving the property owners of the Madison Seminary (located at
6769 Middle Ridge Rd.) for permits, temporary injunction and an emergency restraining order which was granted. There will be another hearing on Friday, August 18, 2017. She thanked Captain Sopko and Firefighter Erdani for providing her with excellent documentation required for the filings.

Mr. Gauntner stated that he has talked to the owner a number of times and hopes that he finally understands that there are certain things he has to do, and that he has to follow Fire, Zoning and Building Department rules.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: None to report.

Resolution #17-19 – 2018 Comp Management Service Agreement:
Mr. Gauntner requested a motion to remove Resolution #17-19 regarding the 2018 Workers Compensation Service Provider Agent Agreement with Comp Management from the table for further discussion.

Motion to remove Resolution #17-19 from the table by: Mr. Vest
Seconded by: Mr. Donaldson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Stacy Dame reported that, on behalf of the Madison Fire District, she has requested changes to Comp Management’s standard annual contract regarding liability coverage limits which has been equitably amended as requested and approved by Comp Management as part of their 2018 Workers Compensation Service Provider Agreement commencing September 1, 2017.

Motion to approve and accept Resolution #17-19 as amended by: Mr. Anderson
Seconded by: Mr. Takacs ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #17-28 – Emergency Reporting Software Provider Agreement:
This resolution authorizes and approves the utilization of Emergency Reporting/Reporting Systems, Inc. as the software provider for Fire and Emergency Services Reporting for the Madison Fire District pursuant to the terms and condition of the Fire and EMS solution software order, a 3-year agreement attached as Exhibit A hereto, and authorizing payment as required under said agreement.

Stacy Dame reported that all requested changes to the standard contract have been made and that the pricing is her only remaining question which she deferred to Chief Tod Baker. Chief Baker stated that the current Firehouse Software is not efficient and is not compliant with current standards, which in some cases makes us ineligible for grants and costs us money. Chief Baker and District Officers recommended that the ERS software be approved as detailed in Resolution #17-28 with attached Exhibit A because the package is well supported and expandable, and is used by government entities and many local fire departments. Chief Baker stated that pricing for the software is $2,881.67 for the first year and $3,713.00 for year two and three.

All server updates and maintenance are included in this government “cloud” agreement which allows access by an unlimited number of District computers and devises. Per Chief Baker, there is a CAD option that is available, but is not part of the recommendation as the pricing is too cost prohibitive.

Mr. Takacs asked what add-on modules are available with the ERS Base Software. Lt. Brian Faulhammer stated that the complete Mobile Occupancy /Inspection Program is separate and is something that should be considered at a later date, but that the immediate concern is to get the NIFRS and EMS programs up and running so that the District can be compliant and apply for grants. Mr. Takacs asked if the Fire Board will continue to be given inspection summaries in the meantime. Captain Sopko stated that the ERS base software does include some inspection reporting capacity and that the Board will continue to be updated. He agrees with Lt. Faulhammer, however, that the complete Mobile Occupancy/ Inspection Program is a valuable and efficient tool and they look forward to adding on to the base software as soon as possible.

Motion to approve Resolution #17-28 as recommended by: Mr. Takacs
Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

July 2017 Financial Report – Addendum: In response to Mr. Vest’s question earlier in this meeting, Ms. Clapp reported that various association dues and fees are included in the “Public Safety – Other” portion of both the Fire and EMS side of the budget.


Resolution #17-30 – Vehicle Repair – Fire Engine #2123:
This resolution authorizes, approves, and ratifies the emergency expenditure of Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Eight-Five Dollars and Fifty-Three Cents ($12,685.53) for necessary repairs to Engine #2123, with invoice and safety inspection report attached as Exhibit A.

Motion to approve Resolution #17-30 as presented by: Mr. Vest
Seconded by: Mr. Donaldson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #17-29 – Vehicle Repair – Fire Engine #2113:
This resolution authorizes the Madison Fire District Chief to enter into an agreement with Countryside Truck Service to obtain mechanic services for repairs deemed necessary to Engine #2113 for an amount not to exceed Fifteen Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents ($15,000.00). Repairs needed include, but are not limited to, Front and Rear Springs, A/C Compressor, Annual Pump Test, Front End Suspension and Annual PMI.

Mr. Takacs inquired whether funds are currently available in the budget for these repairs. Both Chief Baker and Joanne Clapp, CFO, agreed that the necessary funds are currently available and that no re-appropriation of funds is required at this time.

Motion to approve Resolution #17-29 as recommended by: Mr. Donaldson
Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #17-31 – Triple T Foundation Donation:
This resolution accepts a gift from the Triple T Foundation (WKKY Radio Station) in the amount of Two Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents ($2,000.00) for the upgrade and purchase of firefighting or emergency equipment.

Motion to approve Resolution #17-31 as presented by: Mr. Vest
Seconded by: Mr. Takacs ROLL CALL: All ayes

Nila Brass, District Clerk advised that a receipt/acknowledgement of the donation and formal acceptance is required by the Triple T Foundation.

Resolution #17-32 – Physio Control Annual Service Agreement:
This resolution authorizes and approves the utilization of Physio Control Inc. for service and maintenance of District Lifepaks and Lucas Devises pursuant to the terms of the service quote agreement, a three-year agreement attached as Exhibit A hereto, for services commencing August 18, 2017 and ending August 17, 2020. The fee, billed and paid annually, is guaranteed at $8,845.20 per year for three years.

Public AED’s at the Village, Township and Senior Center:

The Village, Township and Senior Center AED’s (Defibrillators) are not included in the above Resolution #17-32 annual service agreement. The fee for each is approximately $1100 for a three-year contract. Physio Control has offered to do an annual inspection on these units at no charge to ensure that they are in working order, however, they will not certify them. Mr. Vest stated that he is concerned about safety and liability issues regarding this uncertified equipment.

Chief Baker commented that, if an annual service agreement is desired for these (3) AED’s, and if the Board chooses to assist, perhaps a service agreement might be purchased through the Fire District to take advantage of our discount and then back charge the Village, Township and Senior Center. Several Board members questioned whether the Fire District should be made responsible for making decisions about this public medical equipment and, instead, favored a strategy that would place financial and maintenance responsibility for these public AED’s with the municipal entity where the AED is housed thereby eliminating all Fire District involvement.

Chief Baker committed to getting a firm quotes from Physio Control for this service through the District and as a municipality (including any eligible discounts) to be presented to the Village, Township and Senior Center for their consideration with respect the option of establishing their own, individual service and maintenance agreements for their AED’s. He also agreed to get pricing for new units since the existing AED’s are (8) years old and current pricing for today’s technology may be less than the maintenance of the older units.

Motion to approve Resolution #17-32 as recommended by: Mr. Anderson
Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: All Ayes

CHIEF’S REPORT- August, 2017 – Chief Tod Baker (Full Report In Board Folder):

Staff Recognition: Chief Baker recognized the following members for their time in service and recent certifications:

Lt. Alan Van Kramer – 29 years of service (8/16)
FF. Kevin Stich – 20 years of service (08/16)
Lt. Frank Henry – 18 years of service (08/12)
FF. Joy Rapier – 4 years of service (08/01)
FF. Jesse Selby – 4 years of service (08/01)
FF. Jesse Sopko – Completed the Paramedic Certification

Aircraft Standby Calls: Lake Health Madison is working on developing an internal process to take over their own Aircraft Standby responsibilities currently handled by the Fire District. Chief Baker has requested that they complete transition of this duty by September 1, 2017.

Non-Emergency Transfers: Now that Madison Fire District no longer offers Non-Emergency Transfers, Chief Baker is participating in ongoing discussions with Dr. Melissa Nielsen and Patty Willson with Lake Health to redefine our role and assist them in developing service agreements with public ambulance service companies for Non-EMS transfer services. These outside contracts will help reduce the District’s involvement with transporting non-emergency patients from Lake Madison to other hospital facilities for extended and/or specialized care. Madison Fire will still respond for STEMI patients who need to be transported to Lake West for Cath Lab Services.

EMS Transport Destinations: As reported at the 07/19/17 meeting, Madison Fire District has expanded our Emergency Transport Destinations to again include TriPoint and Lake West. Per Chief Baker, District personnel are making great decisions with respect to the appropriate care process and are getting the “right patient to the right place”. He reported that last month we transported (13) EMS patients directly to TriPoint, bypassing Lake Madison ED, to better meet the patient’s immediate needs, and he has not identified any negative impact on our ability to provide timely service to the community since the change in policy.

District Computers: Chief Baker reported that the District’s computer system is continuing to fail rapidly and he believes that the Board may need to choose one of the proposed design structures options listed below as soon as next month to ensure that a solution is implemented before we experience a total system failure. Most recent issues include login problems and system shutdowns. In addition, communication between stations is a major obstacle for the Captains when they need to perform duties in the Administrative Office or when they are outside of the District. Currently, we cannot access any departmental information unless we are in the department. A cloud system will allow personnel to access data from anywhere. The down side to the cloud base managed by an outside entity is cost, but the Officers believe it is the most user-friendly and easiest accessible system option, and will limit our potential liability and costs down the road.

Per Chief Baker, additional cost information for the following (3) options will be forwarded to the Board prior to the September 20, 2017 meeting to facilitate further discussion and final recommendations. The current options being considered are:

1) Attempt to repair and upgrade our existing (2) servers and computers to enable Stations #2 and #3 to communicate with each other. This option is not recommended by District Officers as this technology and equipment is 10-years old and has failed multiple times. Preliminary quotes received to review the current systems are around $2,000; quotes to fix and update are around $7,000.

2) A District cloud with a single District-owned and maintained server with limited size potential where the District absorbs the initial costs of the server and computer hardware and software, all system maintenance and updates and all risk and liability. This option will require a contracted service to maintain the system.

3) A contracted cloud service to keep data with unlimited size potential that is managed by an outside entity (annual fee required) which will absorb the cost of the server hardware and software, all maintenance and updates, and will assume all system risk and liability. As with option #2, the District will realize the cost of the necessary computers desired and will require a contracted service to maintain the system (which is included in option #3 quote).

Squad #2132 – Sale to Burgess Ambulance Update: Per Chief Baker, the Bill of Sale for Unit #2132 is complete and the title is ready to be transferred to Burgess Ambulance. Mr. Burgess has been out of town and has not yet sent the signed Sales Agreement or the payment to the District to complete the sale and transfer process. Chief Baker has been trying to contact him twice a week.

Vehicle Maintenance: Chief Baker reported that he has met with Jim Marsic from Countryside who feels that the suggested repairs to Engine #2123 as outlined by Lt. Frank Henry at the July 19, 2017 meeting and approved by the Board at the August 16, 2017 meeting (Resolution #17-29) will give us a solid vehicle to use for quite some time if we stay on track with maintenance. Squad #2152 has been serviced recently for preventative maintenance, ball joints, tie rods, shocks and a front end alignment. A class 1 relay will be installed as soon as the part becomes available. Engine #2113’s air compressor as well as the air presser valves in the rear brakes of Engine #2124 have been repaired.

Citations: Chief Baker and Captain Sopko continue to work with Madison Township on the Ohio Cottage (a.k.a. Madison Seminary) and Green Road abandoned building properties. The owner of the Green Road property has agreed to an internal inspection by the Health Department.

Fuel Tanks: Captain Sopko reported that the necessary applications have been submitted to the State for review. Mr. Gauntner and Tim Brown, Township Administrator, stated that the Township is looking at a State Bid for their fuel tank purchase.

Station #3 Light Pole: Per Chief Baker, American Electric is still waiting on the replacement light pole to complete the repair.

Personnel Shift Changes: As of August 6, 2017, Captain Justin Meister has been moved to “C” Shift at St. #3, and Lt. Brain Faulhammer to “A” Shift at St. #2. Captain Terry Sopko will remain at St. #3 on “B” Shift which assures an administrative presence every day at St. #3.

Officer’s Meeting: Chief Baker commented that the following issues were discussed at the August 6, 2017 Officer’s meeting:

1) Vehicle Maintenance
2) 2018 Budget
3) Computer Update recommendations
4) Reporting System recommendations
5) Beginning SOP review process to better represent the current operation

Monthly Overview:

1) Chief Baker commented that expenses through July are overall a bit over budget due, once again, to the annual bond payment made in late June.

2) Both full-time and part-time payroll figures are on track. Chief Baker stated that the overtime reported at the July 19, 2017 meeting was incorrect – actual year-to-date overtime is $26,766.

3) Chief Baker reported that EMS revenue has increased slightly since his June meeting with Ted Jennings of Medicount Management and his office will continue to monitor the revenue to better understand how it trends for prediction purposes.

4) District crews have responded to 1,651 calls for service in 2017 and Chief Baker provided the Board with a map that gives insights on Madison Fire’s jurisdiction and response times for each station.

5) Chief Baker reported that the District has spent about $18,000 through the end of July on Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs, and another $25,000 in the first part of August for Engines 2113, 2123 and 2124 and Squads 2142 and 2152. The next preventative maintenance on the engines will be in April, 2018.

6) Chief Baker commented that there are some concerns regarding fire hydrant specifications at the Ryan Homes Development in Madison Village near the YMCA and that District personnel will need to follow up to make sure the Fire Protection System is in place and meets Fire Codes. Chief Baker reported that the Fire District does not do maintenance on private hydrants.

Mr. Donaldson commented that these properties are a private development and will be turned over from the developer to the residents in the next month or two. It is his opinion that it may be a good time for the Village to consider reviewing protocols for these private water systems with respect to equipment and ongoing inspections and maintenance. Mr. Donaldson stated that water systems must be held to some kind of standard if Fire Engines are going to hook up to them if, and when the need arises.

Training Committee: Per Chief Baker, the District pumped out the YMCA pool on August 13, 2017 as scheduled. Engine #2122 was put to the 2-hour task. Chief Baker let YMCA staff know that this service will probably no longer be available as pumping at capacity for 2 to 3 hours puts a great amount of stress on the engines (173,000 gallons @ 1500 gallons/minute).

Inspection Report: In Board folder.

Mr. Gauntner thanked Chief Baker for the thorough Chief’s report, and Mr. Vest commented that he appreciated getting the report a week before the meeting which gave him more time to review it in greater detail. Chief Baker and Ms. Clapp, CFO, committed to sending board reports as soon as they are available from now on instead of waiting until the Friday before the meeting as is customary.

CLOSING PUBLIC PORTION: Mr. Larry Armstrong, 2408 Bay Meadows Street commented that he had learned a lot from the meeting and agreed that the District needs to detach itself from Non-Emergency Services such as Aircraft Standbys and Non-Emergency Transports. He stated that it is his opinion that hospitals should pay a premium fee directly to the District when personnel are required to transport EMS patients from one hospital to another when higher care is required (for example – Walk-in STEMI patients from Madison ED to Lake West). Mr. Armstrong also stated that the District needs to get rid of the liability and maintenance responsibilities for AED’s at the Senior Center, Village and Township. Lastly, he thanked the Fire Chief and staff for maintaining District apparatus.

CLOSING BOARD COMMENTS: Mr. Gauntner distributed copies of an email he received on 08/16/17 from Attorney Gary Pasqualone, District Special Counsel, regarding the Madison Village Lawsuit decision and the subsequent appeal filed by Mr. Kenneth Cahill. Per Mr. Gauntner, Mr. Pasqualone will continue to represent the District with respect to this case. Mr. Vest and Mr. Gauntner inquired about the payment status of Mr. Pasqualone’s billing to date. Nila Brass, District Clerk, reported that, per Mr. Gehring on Monday, August 14, 2017, the initial, and only, billing received has been paid by the insurance company. Mr. Gehring also confirmed that any future billing regarding this case has already been approved for payment per limits stated in our insurance policy.

Mr. Gauntner called a short recess at 8:29 pm for a St. #2 maintenance inspection walk-through and reconvened the Regular Session at 8:50 pm.

Motion to Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Personnel Employment and Collective Bargaining, with no business to follow, @ 8:50 pm by: Mr. Vest
Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Gauntner reconvened Regular Session @ 10:09 pm.

Motion to Adjourn Regular Session @ 10:09 pm by: Mr. Donaldson
Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

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Kenneth R. Gauntner, Jr., Chairman Nila Brass, District Clerk

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