Frequently Asked Questions

Is the township station and the village station separate departments?
No, the Madison Fire District is a joint department serving the Village and the Township.

Are the firefighters also the EMT’s or Paramedics we see in the ambulance?
Yes. Madison Firefighters are both firefighters and EMT’s/Paramedics.

Are the Madison Firefighters paid?
The Madison Firefighters are either career full-time or part-time employees and are compensated for their service.

Does the Fire District bill for it’s services?
Yes, the Fire District utilizes an organization called Med-Account to manage it’s EMS billing. The District bills in accordance with the Office of the Inspector General Ruling on soft-billing.

How is the Madison Fire District funded?
The District is funded by property taxes and currently operates on three continuing Levies.

Does this mean that I will get billed?
No, as a resident of Madison you should not receive a bill. The Fire Department will bill your insurance carrier for the services, you as a resident should not get a bill. If you do receive a bill as a resident, contact the district office at 440-428-6531.

When I called the fire department, a fire department vehicle from another community arrived?
Madison has mutual aid agreements with some of the neighboring fire departments for large incidents or for high call volume coverage.

I called the fire department and they left a survey?
The survey was a 2009 initiative to identify the quality of the service provided. The goal is to utilize this in a continuous quality improvement program to insure the community is receiving the best service possible. For the system to work, your input as a consumer of the service is invaluable!

What kind of shifts do firefighters work in Madison?
As with most fire departments, the career full-time firefighters work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. The part-time firefighters work 12 or 24 hour shifts.