February 21, 2018

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CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

x Mr. Adams – Mr. Gauntner – Chief Baker
x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Vest x Joanne Clapp
x Mr. Frager x Mr. Wayman x Stacy Dame

Per Mr. Vest, Mr. Gauntner and Chief Baker were excused.



Minutes of 01/17/18 Reorganization

Stacy Dame requested that, for clarity purposes, the terminology “current status” be removed on Page 3, Section D as follows:

Section D-1) should read “Fire Chief is to continue per contract terms”.
Section D-2) should read “Clerk/Fiscal Officer is to continue at $12,000 annually”.
Section D-5) should read “District Clerk is to continue at $15.36/hour”.

Also, the description of Resolution #18-03 should read “Resolution #18-03 – A Resolution establishing the position of Fire District Administrative Assistant and approving and adopting the job description for said position for the Madison Fire District”.

Motion to approve 01/17/18 Reorganization minutes as amended by: Mr. Anderson
Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: All ayes

Minutes of 01/17/18 Regular Session

Stacy Dame requested that, for clarity purposes, the first sentence under the Resolutions 17-46, 17-47 & 17-48 – Sale of AED Surplus section on Page 3 should read “Stacy Dame reported that per her telephone conversation with Madison Village Legal Counsel, Joe Szeman, she confirmed that the Madison Senior Center is free to enter into a contract to purchase a District Surplus AED”.

Motion to approve 01/17/18 Regular Session minutes as amended by: Mr. Wayman
Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

BILLS & PAYROLL (January 2018): 02-21-18
Bills ($197,511.29) and payroll ($163,534.51) totaling $361,045.80 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Frager
Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

January 2018 Financial Report: Joanne Clapp, Fiscal Officer, summarized the January Revenue and Expenses and reported that the County advised her that the District’s Property Tax Advance would be issued on 02-22-18. She reminded the Board that a draft of the 2018 Budget has already been emailed to them for their review and she encouraged their comments and suggestions.

Ms. Clapp further reported that she will not be at the March 21, 2018 Regular Board meeting as she is attending the State Auditor’s Public Records Certification Training, as well as attending other classes geared specifically for Fire Districts including Fair Labor Standards for Firefighters, Working with the County Auditor as a Resource, Legislative Updates, Legal Updates, Bidding Requirements, Contracts, Monthly Reports, Fiscal Officer’s Role, Budgeting, Records Retention, Documentation Management, Bonding, Investment Tips, New Legislation for Credit Cards, Background Checks and Equipment Disposal. Ms. Clapp requested that Resolution #17-54 District Investments Policy remain tabled until April, 2018.

Mr. Frager asked for a budget report that shows year-to-date revenue and expenditure percentages. Joanne Clapp commented that Chief Baker normally issues a budget vs. actual report and plans to forward it as soon as possible.

Mr. Vest commented about Ms. Clapp taking the Certified Public Records Training in March and asked who is the District’s Records Custodian. Stacy Dame replied that the Fiscal Officer, under the statute, is the Records Custodian.

Joanne Clapp provided the Fire Board with a sample Offer Sheet generated by Stephen Putinski of UBS Financial Services, Inc. who works with the Madison Township and Madison Schools, and per Ms. Clapp, has reviewed Madison Fire District’s old Investment Policy as well as the working document of the new policy. She detailed the contents of the sample Offer Sheet and answered Board questions as needed. She explained that Mr. Putinski has investment contacts available to him that are not available to the District.

Mr. Vest stated that the sample Offer Sheet was interesting but that he would like to talk to the Madison Township to ascertain their views and recommendations with regard to investments made through Mr. Putinski. He also had questions about the liquidity of these types of investments and what penalties are involved.

January 2018 Financial Report (cont.): 02-21-18

Mr. Wayman suggested that the Board invite Mr. Putinski to attend a board meeting to answer member questions, and Mr. Vest and Mr. Frager asked Ms. Clapp what timeline the District is working with regarding our current investments. Ms. Clapp reported that currently our investment funds are in a money market account accumulating at a lower rate interest.

Mr. Frager asked if Mr. Putinski was the only investment strategist that Ms. Clapp has met with regarding possible future investments. Ms. Clapp stated that she has met with Andover Bank and Northwest Bank (who deals with Fidelity). She commented that she has done some research on Red Tree out of Cincinnati, but feels their fee is too high. Mr. Frager stated that he needs to see several different options and be able to compare what is available even if it may not necessarily seem feasible, for whatever reason, at this time.

Several Board members agreed that it is necessary for the Board and Fiscal Officer to talk to several experts, listen to a good number of presentations and have detailed discussions with Administrative Staff before any potential investment strategy can be considered and approved.



COMMITTEE REPORTS: None to report.


Resolution #17-54 – District Investment Policy:
To remain tabled until April, 2018.


Resolution #18-07 – Hiring of Nila Brass as Administrative Assistant for the Madison Fire District:

Motion by: Mr. Frager Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

CHIEF’S REPORT- February 2018 – Captain Terry Sopko:

District Budget: Per Chief Baker’s request, Captain Terry Sopko pointed out (3) increases in expenses in the January Budget Overview as follows:

First Interest Payment on St. #3 Building $72,000
Bureau of Workers Compensation Premium 20,000
HSA for Medical Insurance 60,000

CHIEF’S REPORT- February, 2018 – Captain Terry Sopko (cont.): 02-21-18

Captain Sopko reported that Chief Baker has submitted a balanced budget (with Budget Worksheet) for Board review which includes vehicles, station and personal protective equipment and radios (from 2017 unappropriated funds).

District Call Volumes: Captain Sopko reported that the District responded to a total of (2940) incidents in 2017 and (288) in January 2018 which is a 15% increase over January 2017. In January 2018, the District responded (38) times to health care facilities. Chief Baker and the Administrative Officers are still trying to determine why these health care facilities are not calling on private ambulance services instead of the Fire District. Of the (38) incidents reported for January 2018, only twice did nursing home facilities try to call a private ambulance service first before calling us.

District Vehicles: Per Captain Sopko, the Officer Corp continues to discuss the possibility of replacing District ambulances which have an average age of 7.75 years and 125,000 miles. Mechanical costs are starting to creep up and one ambulance has a rotten rear steel mounting bracket. While the jake brake on Engine #2124 (20 years old) was being repaired, the cylinder to the cab’s hydraulic system was found to be bad and also needed to be repaired. Chase vehicle #2137 lost “reverse” in the transmission and District personnel are looking at ways to reduce repair costs.

Mr. Frager asked that he be given a report of the appropriate life cycle with respect to replacement of District Vehicles.

Committees: The EMS Committee is reviewing the entire EMS operation including Medical Direction and EMS equipment.The newly formed SOP Committee is reviewing all SOP’s currently in place and is modifying those that are outdated (i.e. staffing, etc.).

National “Stop the Bleed” Day: National “Stop the Bleed” day is March 31 and the District is hosting classes for anyone interested in attending.

Closing Public Portion: None to Report.

Closing Board Comments: None to Report.
Mr. Vest requested an Executive Session following the Regular Session to discuss potential litigation with no business to follow.

Motion to Adjourn to Executive Session @ 8:38 pm by: Mr. Frager
Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All ayes

EXECUTIVE SESSION (cont.): 02-21-18

Mr. Vest reconvened Regular Session @ 9:28 pm.

Motion and Second to Adjourn Regular Session without further business
@ 9:28 pm by general consensus ROLL CALL: All ayes

__________________________ _______________________
Mark V. Vest, Chairman Nila Brass, Administrative Assistant

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