May 16, 2018

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CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

x Mr. Adams x Mr. Gauntner x Chief Baker
x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Vest x Joanne Clapp
x Mr. Frager x Mr. Wayman x Stacy Dame



Minutes of 03/14/18 Special Meeting (Budget)

Motion to approve 03/14/18 Special Meeting minutes as presented by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: (5) Ayes
(1) Abstain Frager

Minutes of 04/18/18 Regular Session

Motion to approve 04/18/18 Regular Session minutes as presented by: Mr. Wayman
Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: (5) Ayes
(1) Abstain Anderson

BILLS & PAYROLL (April 2018):
Bills ($56,512.41) and payroll ($142,491.75) totaling $199,004.16 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Mr. Anderson asked about (2) voided direct deposit payroll entries to which Ms. Clapp committed to reviewing and emailing to the Board immediately after the meeting as to why the adjustments were made.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: All ayes

April 2018 Financial Report: Joanne Clapp, Fiscal Officer, summarized the April Revenue and Expenses and reported that the Board needs to schedule a Special Meeting before the June 20, 2018 Regular Session to facilitate a Public Hearing for the 2019 Tax Budget. Ms. Clapp also reported that she will be in Sandusky, Ohio for the Treasurers Training between June 13-15, 2018.

Motion to approve a Special Meeting/Public Hearing at Station #3 Training Center
on June 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm to be followed immediately by the June Regular Session
by: Mr. Gauntner Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: All ayes

This Special Meeting date and the revised June Regular Session time will be published at least (10) days prior to June 20, 2018 via all customary media sources.

Mr. Gauntner asked if Chief Baker anticipates needing to appropriate more money for fuel given the recent cost increases. Chief Baker reported that we are currently nearing 44% of our fuel budget. He commented that a year ago we were paying $1.80 per gallon for gas and are paying $2.40 today. He anticipates increased fuel usage due to higher call volume and hydrant testing. He further reported that last year we budgeted $18,000 for fuel; this year we budgeted $20,000 which will probably not be enough and more funds will probably need to be re-appropriated later in the year.


LEGAL COUNSEL ISSUES: Stacy Dame requested, for the record, that “Pending Litigation” be added to the topics to be discussed at the Executive Session later in today’s Regular Session. Mr. Vest requested that “Employee Discipline” also be added to the Executive Session agenda.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: None to report.


Resolution #17-54 – District Investment Policy:
Mr. Vest stated that he does not feel it prudent to commit to any fund investments until after the November 2018 election and the pending levy issue has been decided.

Mr. Frager agreed with Mr. Vest, but asked if additional investment presentations will be forthcoming between now and November. Ms. Clapp answered that she has not scheduled any additional presentations for this year given that many on the Board want to wait until after the election, and most likely into the beginning of next year, before pursuing the issue further. Mr. Frager questioned whether this resolution will remain tabled for the rest of the year and stated that he would rather end the matter of Resolution 17-54 either way, and, if necessary, start over next year when the Board again decides to address the issue of potential fund investment opportunities.

OLD BUSINESS – Resolution #17-54 (cont.): 05-16-18

Motion to remove Resolution #17-54 from the table by: Mr. Frager
Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

Motion to approve Resolution #17-54 as presented by: Mr. Frager
Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: (2) ayes Wayman, Gauntner
(4) nays Adams, Anderson Frager, Vest


Mr. Anderson thanked Chief Baker for the District’s participation in the recent Knights of Columbus Recognition Dinner on May 12, 2018.
Resolution #18-13 Putting a 2.00 Mill Levy on the November 2018 Ballot: Pursuant to Board approval of Resolution #18-11 on April 18, 2018 requesting certification of the Current Tax Valuation of the Madison Fire District which was subsequently received from the Lake County Auditor on April 26, 2018, Resolution #18-13 declares it necessary to submit to the electors of the Madison Fire District the question of an additional 2.00 mill levy for a continuing term, commencing with the tax year 2018, payable in 2019, on the November 6, 2018 ballot for the purposes of providing and maintaining fire, ambulance or emergency equipment, buildings, and services in the District.

Motion to approve by: Mr. Wayman Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner

Chief Baker stated that a comprehensive 10-year overview of what the new tax funds will be used for (early payoff of St. #3, vehicle replacement, equipment replacement) will be emailed to the Board for their review as soon as it is finalized, and will be made available at the June 20, 2018 Board meeting.

ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #18-14 Waste Management Services Contract:
This resolution authorizes the Fire Chief of the Madison Fire District to enter into a 3-year contract with Waste Management of Ohio, Inc. for the collection and disposal of all District’s waste materials from June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2021 and authorizing payments provided therein.

Ms. Dame commented that she has discussed some concerns with the contract – Exhibit A – with Chief Baker, but he is comfortable with said contract and has requested that the resolution be brought before the Board for consideration.

Motion to approve by: Mr. Frager Seconded by: Mr. Adams

Resolution #18-14 Waste Management Services Contract (cont.): 05-16-18

Mr. Frager asked Ms. Dame to voice some of her concerns, which are as follows:

The contract is for (3) years and automatically renews at the end of the contract for (12) months unless the District provides notice. In Chief Baker’s view, locking in for (3) years helped to reduce the price.
The initial price quoted in the service agreement is subject to change at any time if Waste Management’s surcharge costs increase (fuel, transportation, disposal and processing, regulatory charges, consumer price index, usage).
If the District terminates the contract early, they will have to pay “liquidated damages” and Waste Management legal fees (based on the last 6 months average billing times the number of months left on the contract up to (6) months maximum).

Mr. Vest directed Chief Baker to see what the annual payment would be to lock in the monthly rate and possibly avoid increases throughout the year. Ms. Dame suggested that he also check to see if a provision could be negotiated to allow the District to terminate without liquidated damages if price increases got too steep. Chief Baker committed to having conversation with Waste Management regarding these two issues.

Ms. Dame reported that Waste Management had the right of first refusal in the last contract which meant that if the District got a competing bid that was lower, it gave Waste Management the opportunity to match or beat the lower quoted rate and locked us in. The new contract gives them a chance to offer to compete, but does not lock us into continuing with Waste Management at the end of the 3-year contract.

Chief Baker advised the Board that the District received a quote from Major Waste Disposal Services that was $20 per station per month more than Waste Management.

ROLL CALL: (5) ayes; (1) nay Adams

Resolution #18-15 OAPFF 457 (b) Deferred Compensation:

Since it is more than likely that the District will want to continue to make participation in the OAPFF 457 (b) Deferred Compensation Plan an option if employees chose to do so, Resolution #18-15 amends Resolution #14-020 by removing the specific reference of Security Benefit as Plan Trustee and continues to offer the OAPFF Deferred Compensation Plan option to eligible employees of the Madison Fire District regardless of who the Plan Trustee may be provided that the Trustee is selected and approved in accordance with plan documents and the OAPFF.

NEW BUSINESS – Resolution #18-15 OAPFF Deferred Compensation (cont.):
Per Stacy Dame, in July 2014 the Board approved participation in the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters (OAPFF) 457 (b) Deferred Compensation Plan as an option to eligible District employees. At the time Resolution #14-020 was passed, there was specific language referenced for Security Benefit as Plan Trustee. Ms. Dame commented that she just received notification today that OAPFF has cut ties with Security Benefit as their Plan Trustee. Although she has not had a chance to read the new Plan Trustee documents, that should not stop the Board from considering Resolution #18-15 which is more flexible and accommodates Plan Trustee changes by not being specific to any one Plan Trustee thereby eliminating the need for the Board to take action each time the Plan Trustee changes in the future. Ms. Dame committed to reviewing the new Plan Agreement and having discussions as needed to finalize the process and allow the Fire Chief and/or Fiscal Officer to sign the required documents to continue our participation with the plan.

Motion to approve by: Mr. Gauntner Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: All ayes

Burns Road Properties:

Mr. Vest reported that Chief Baker has informed him that Mr. Walrath, a property owner at Burns and Rt. 20, has approached the District for support and endorsement of a potential sewer project on Burns Road. Mr. Vest stated that, in his opinion, it is not something that we need to pursue or become involved with. Mr. Gauntner commented that he has talked to Mr. Walrath and, although he is for economic development in the community, he feels it is out of place for the Fire Board to endorse a sewer project.

CHIEF’S REPORT- May 2018 – Chief Tod Baker:

1) Staff Recognition: Chief Baker recognized the following members for their anniversary and time in service:
a. FF Pat Davis- 25 years
b. FF Dave Feeney- 25 years
c. FF Scott Wells – 25 years
d. Capt. Justin Meister – 17 years
e. FF Joe Purcell – 17 years
f. FF Bill Weema – 12 years
g. FF Doug Kallin – 6 years
h. FF Jeremy Neurohr – 6 years

2) Officers Meeting: The May Officer’s meeting was canceled but the group is in-tune with what is going on and they continue to address many important issues.

3) Committee Meetings:

The EMS Committee recently submitted purchase requisitions for additional modern equipment to provide better service to the community.

The SOP Committee continues to meet and is currently about 45% completed with revisions to the current SOP’s. The SOP’s are still being reviewed by many District personnel who are all being encouraged to make suggestions that will keep everyone involved and meet the objectives of District policy.

4) EMS Billing:

Chief Baker met with Ted Jennings from Medicount about Anthem Healthcare changes including payment to EMS providers for non-transports where District personnel renders care to the patient without needing to take them to the hospital. Per Mr. Jennings, it is a sporadic process at this point and reimbursements are unpredictable. Although Medicount’s fee is normally based on a percentage of billing revenue, they are currently considering charging a fixed cost for non-transport billings just to cover costs. Mr. Jennings committed to letting the District know when they feel the non-transport billing is a feasible option for revenue.

Chief Baker reported that the District is still discussing possible changes to the timeliness of our billing due to deductible write offs caused by the District’s soft billing policy and the Affordable Healthcare Act as explained in detail at the April 17, 2018 meeting. Mr. Jennings plans to meet with Medicount leadership to discuss the wisdom of delaying billing beyond the normal 7-10 days in an effort to maximize revenue. Chief Baker commented that one of the Healthcare Systems that we deal with on a regular basis is not quick with billing.

5) Budget Worksheet:

As discussed earlier in the meeting, vehicle fuel costs and natural gas costs are being closely monitored and Chief Baker reiterated that the District will need to reappropriate funds later in the year. Captain Terry Sopko met with Charles Ramer of NOPEC who explained that it is not so much the actual fuel cost that is causing concern, but is more the recovery charges that are causing bills to increase. The plan is to meet with Orwell Gas and compare industry standards with what we are currently being charged.

When considering the Monthly Expense Overview, Mr. Frager noted that each budget line has been divided evenly throughout the year and asked if it is Chief Baker’s intent to, at some point, show the seasonality. Chief Baker explained that he deals with trends and compares the current year to last year. In other words, the goal is to figure out that in March of the current year, for example, we trend to be at 40% of our natural gas usage which is compared against last year’s percentage during the same time frame.

6) District Vehicles:

Per Chief Baker, the first of four squads has completed its bi-annual preventative maintenance ($5,000).

Mr. Frager commented that the District spent a great deal of money in 2017 getting the fleet well maintained. Given that, he asked if 2018 will see a reduction in overall costs. Chief Baker replied that that had, most definitely, been the goal, but now one of the vehicles has lost a generator, which could not have been predicted, but is necessary for lighting at night and will probably be expensive to repair or replace. Chief Baker commented that in 29 years, he personally has never seen a generator fail.

Mr Frager asked if all the repairs slated for 2017 were, in fact, completed. Chief Baker assured him that they were. Mr. Adams stated that the fleet is just old and the District can spend thousands of dollars doing preventative maintenance and something can still break the next time out. Chief Baker reported that he does not think the District will see major costs with the engines in 2018 because of the maintenance performed last year, but the squads are out every day, constantly being called into service and all have high mileage. In Chief Baker’s opinion, it is time to stop pouring money into the old stuff, find funding and stabilize the equipment.

7) King’s Towing: Chief Baker thanked King’s Towing for their valuable generosity in supplying (3) cars for Extrication Training.

8) Call Data: District personnel have responded to (1096) calls in the first four months of 2018 with crews going to 654 unique addresses (442 calls were for repeat users). At this rate, we are looking at well over a thousand unique users of the service at individual locations in 2018.

9) Ohio Jobs and Family Services: On September 1, 2018, the District becomes required reporters of child and elder abuse under the law. Training will be provided for District personnel.

10) District Medical Direction:

Per Chief Baker, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic Foundation and MetroHealth Medical Center will be coming to St. #3 on May 15-18, 2018 to do presentations for Medical Direction. The District is looking for additional and outside resources to elevate what were are doing for the community. Both University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic are very interested in becoming partners and District personnel think that UH has a lot to offer that will improve the services we provide. UH has an engaging Medical Director who is very excited about interacting with our group. Chief Baker stated that Madison Fire District is ready for a change and is looking for someone to invest in Madison. He has set the goal of June 1, 2018 to established with a new Medical Direction partner. There is not a contract with Lake Health Systems, our current Medical Director, and there will not be a contract with University Hospital. There are two documents that need to be filed with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and Division of Public Safety.

Mr. Vest requested that an agreement or understanding document be written up that explains what kind of services we can expect so that we don’t again get in the position we are in now. Chief Baker committed to drafting a casual overview of services anticipated by the Fire Chief, Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics to give the Board the opportunity to review and discuss said expectations and for possible presentation to the new Medical Direction provider so there are no surprises in the future. Stacy Dame commented that the idea is to lay out what your expectations are and present them to the new Medical Direction so that in the future you have something to refer back to, in writing, in case expectations are not being met.

The Board directed Chief Baker to move ahead and do whatever is in the best interest of the District regarding Medical Direction. Mr. Gauntner commented that the sooner we send the message to Lake Health that they have not been a good partner, the better.

11) Healthcare Facilities:

Chief Baker reported that he is still working with Healthcare facilities in Madison to encourage them to utilize private ambulance services for some patient transports. Chief Baker has learned from our billing agency that Nursing Homes are paid directly by Medicare and Medicaid for care and maintenance of their patients. If a patient goes to the doctor via private ambulance for non-emergency services, the Nursing Home has to pay for these services out of the funds received for their care. If the Nursing Home calls 911, Medicare sees that as an emergency and covers the cost so it doesn’t come out of the facilities’ funding. Chief Baker stated that since the District bills the patient, not the facility, the facility doesn’t lose revenue. If the problem persists, perhaps we should consider researching provisions under the law regarding facility charges.
CHIEF’S REPORT- May 2018 (cont.):

12) VFIS Risk Control Survey:

Chief Baker and Lt. Faulhammer met with John Kottmyer of VFIS today for our 5-year Risk Assessment Survey. There were no identified deficiencies found or recommendations made during the 2-½ hour meeting. Mr. Kottmyer did suggest that the District develop a cycle over the course of (3) years and do an ongoing assessment of District employee’s motor vehicle records. The District currently looks at all new employee’s motor vehicle records, but there is not an ongoing assessment of their driving records. Mr. Kottmyer cautioned that if, for example, an employee got cited (3) times for excessive speed in his/her personal vehicle and then got into an accident in a District vehicle, it would be very hard to defend him/her if the cause of the accident was excessive speed.

Mr. Vest asked if there was any provision within either of the Collective Bargaining Agreements that would prohibit the District from conducting a motor vehicle record assessment on employees every three years. Chief Baker replied that there are no such restrictions.

13) Ohio Department of Public Safety Con-Ed Audit:

Chief Baker reported that Captain Justin Meister is working with the Ohio Department of Public Safety for the audit of our Continuing Education Training Site on May 21, 2018. Captain Meister has done a good job of keeping things organized and we have a system in place that meets State requirements.

14) Madison Holiday Inn Hotel:

Per Chief Baker, Captain Sopko and Lt. Faulhammer continue to meet with the general contractor of the new hotel being built at Rts. 528 and 90.

15) American Red Cross Blood Drive:

There will be an American Red Cross Blood Drive on May 22, 2018 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm @ St. #3.

16) Pump Testing and Ladder Testing and Hydrant Flushing:

These three items have been scheduled. The hydrant flushing begins on Monday, May 21, 2018 (daily 8am – 3pm) and may take as many as 6-8 weeks to complete. Any resident who experiences laundry issues should stop by St. #3 for detergent that removes rust stains.

17) Chief Baker recognized Lt. Brian Faulhammer, FF Scott Wells, FF Bill Weema and Officer Butram from the Township Police Department for the excellent response and service given to a cardiac arrest patient at a local gas station. Upon arrival, District crews found Officer Butram performing CPR which significantly improves the chances of survivability.

18) Squads and Equipment: Chief Baker reported that Penn Care came out to Madison Fire District again with the demo squad previously viewed for firefighters evaluation. He commented that he has reached out to (4) vendors. Penn Care has (2) 2016 Braun Express demo ambulances that are smaller units than we are used to, but also come with a smaller price tag. The 2017 model year is more expensive due to increased government regulations. The price on these demos has been reduced from $111,000 down to $104,000 each. The price tag on a new ambulance similar to the larger units we currently have is $200,000 – $220,000 each. Per Chief Baker, we anticipate replacing a 2004 squad with 195,000 miles on it. He and the officers have reviewed the budget and suggest we purchase (2) squads – basically for the price of one. If we only purchase one now, we will spend $30,000 to $40,000 more on a second unit if we wait until after the levy passes. The second squad purchase would replace a 2011 unit with 130,000 miles on it.

Mr. Vest asked if the demos are effective vehicles and if there are concerns that the proposed squads are too small. Chief Baker reported that they put all the necessary equipment in the demo squad on the last visit. These squads may not be what everybody wants, but it is the consensus of the staff that they are adequate for what we need to do. They are V-10’s, not diesels, which significantly reduces maintenance. If the levy passes, somewhere down the line we can look at larger replacements which will leave us with (2) smaller, inexpensive reserve vehicles. Chief Baker stated that he agrees with the officers that this is a good opportunity, we just need to decide whether we take advantage of it. The challenge is that these are demos and it is unknown how long they will be available.

Mr. Gauntner asked if the District is a member of the State of Ohio DAS Cooperative Purchasing program and if these vehicles are under that program. Chief Baker replied that we are and that these units are also undercut with a Ford and Chassis rebate and demo discounts.

Mr. Frager asked if Chief Baker did a savings study on gas, maintenance, insurance, etc. Chief Baker reported that these gas units may get about (2) MPG less than the diesels; maintenance will obviously be less than the existing 2004 and 2011 model years with excessive mileage; and the VFIS insurance will not be significantly more. The only additional cost will be approximately $2,000 each for removing the load system ($50,000 to $60,000) in existing ambulances, which are maintained annually and in good working order, and installing them in the new vehicle(s).

Joanne Clapp, CFO, asked if these squad purchases have to be bid out since they are over $50,000. Mr. Gauntner stated that that is not necessary because of the DAS Cooperative Program.

Mr. Wayman inquired whether the funds were available now for this purchase. Chief Baker reminded the Board that there is $350,000 carryover in the Capital Fund from 2017 and an additional $200,000 for 2018. Next year’s preliminary budget has $80,000 set aside for the Capital Fund. With regards to long term planning, Chief Baker reminded the Board that we need to replace a Fire Truck in the near future which will cost between $400,000 and $500,000. He explained that if we spend $225,000 now on the demo squads, that will leave $425,000 of the $650,000 we have earmarked for Capital over three years to purchase an Engine. Even if the levy fails, we still have the potential of replacing (2) squads and a Fire Truck, however, if we don’t act now we will continue to be “nickeled and dimed” with maintenance on existing older vehicles. Mr. Adams stated that the problem is that we need something now.

Mr. Wayman asked Chief Baker if the (2) demo vehicles will still be available if a decision is not made until the June meeting. Chief Baker commented that he did not know, but he will continue to talk to the Braun representative and request final purchase details, contracts, and the load system retrofit pricing in writing in order to produce a resolution for Board consideration at the June 20, 2018 meeting. Chief Baker stated that he will continue to show our interest without formally committing.

By Board consensus, Mr. Vest asked Stacy Dame to move one step forward in the process by reviewing the contracts and drawing up a resolution and other documents necessary for Board review, in advance, for possible action at the June 20, 2018 meeting.

Closing Public Portion: None to Report.

Closing Board Comments:

Mr. Gauntner brought up the topic of having a summer Board meeting at Station #2 on August 15, 2018 @ 7:00 pm so the Board and the public can tour the station and see what maintenance issues exist and what other updates may be needed or desired.

Motion to relocate the August 15, 2018 Regular Session to St. #2 by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: All ayes

Executive Session:

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Personnel Compensation, Employee Discipline and Pending Litigation with no business to follow @ 8:33 pm by: Mr. Anderson
Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Vest reconvened Regular Session @ 9:31 pm.

Motion by: Mr. Frager Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

Chief Baker reported that there are (52) unassigned 12-hour blocks on the next 28-day calendar due to several summer vacations and three employees off for medical reasons.

Motion to adjourn Regular Session @ 9:31 pm by: Mr. Frager
Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: All ayes

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Mark V. Vest, Chairman Nila Brass, Administrative Assistant

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