November 15, 2017

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CALL TO ORDER @ 7:05 pm

ROLL CALL x Mr. Anderson – Mr. Takacs x Chief Baker

x Mr. Donaldson x Mr. Vest x Joanne Clapp

x Mr. Gauntner x Mr. Wayman x Stacy Dame



Minutes of 10/18/17 Regular Session

Minutes of 11/01/17 Special Meeting

Motion to approve 10/18/17 and 11/01/17 meeting minutes as presented by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: (4) Ayes;

Abstain – Donaldson

BILLS & PAYROLL (October 2017):

Bills ($64,203.07) and payroll ($124,521.97) totaling $188,725.04 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Donaldson ROLL CALL: All ayes

October 2017 Financial Report: Joanne Clapp, Fiscal Officer, summarized the October Revenue and Expenses and commented that the District is slightly under budget through the first 10 months and anticipates about $1 million carryover to 2018. Mr. Donaldson inquired and Chief Baker stated that no further appropriation adjustments are required for 2017. She reported that we received our Rollback Tax Revenues in October.

Ms. Clapp reported that last week she emailed the Board the District’s current Investment Policy and Perry Village’s Investment Policy which was approved by the Association of Public Treasurers in the United States and Canada. She inquired if the Board wanted to use Perry Village’s Investment Policy as a template for Madison Fire District’s new Policy. Mr. Gauntner requested that Ms. Clapp write up a draft of a proposed policy and email it to the Board for their review prior to the next meeting. Ms. Clapp reported that Madison Fire has two CD’s maturing soon and the Board committed to evaluating all existing investments, adopting a new Investment Policy and researching better investment options between now and the beginning of 2018.

Mr. Vest inquired whether Mr. Jack Petronelli’s final billing for Special Legal Services with respect to Full Time and Part Time Collective Bargaining has been received and whether the total fell within the range of the funds approved by Resolution #17-41 on October 18, 2017. Chief Baker stated that the total paid for this service was between $11,000-$12,000.

OPENING PUBLIC PORTION: Mr. Jim English of Pheasant Court asked for clarification of the October Expenses figure. He also inquired whether the issue with the high Village water bills has been resolved. Mr. Vest answered that the bills will go down by $11.00.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: None to report.


Resolution #17-38 – CMH Equipment Set Up and Cloud Migration Services:

(Due to contract issues, this resolution was tabled on September 20, 2017.)

This resolution authorizes the Fire Chief to enter into an Agreement with CMH Solutions for Migration of the current District Servers and Email System to a Cloud Based System maintained by CMH Solutions pursuant to the terms of the Cloud Migration, Networking Overhaul and Workstation Upgrade Agreement, commencing December 1, 2017 and authorizing payments as required under said agreement.

Stacy Dame, Legal Counsel, explained that there are two different types of work contracts being purposed by CMH Solutions. The first is for equipment set up and the migration of the District’s current system onto the Cloud (the second is a Master Service Agreement – Resolution 17-45). Ms. Dame understands that this agreement includes the set-up of all new and existing equipment so everything is hooked up and ready to go. Ms. Dame met several times with CMH to discuss two contradicting Migration contract issues (estimated labor projections, hourly rate) which were ultimately negotiated for a discounted rate of $100 per hour and CMH Solutions shall submit monthly itemized invoices for work performed. Per this updated Migration agreement, the total projected cost is $7,675 (barring any unforeseen migration difficulties), and both Resolution #17-38 and the CMH Migration Agreement specifically states that the total cost for services rendered for the Migration should not exceed $7,675 without prior approval from the Madison Board of Trustees.

Chief Baker commented that it will take full cooperation from Lake County to facilitate a smooth migration of District information and Email services from Lake County IT onto the Cloud. Should CMH Solutions encounter, through no fault of their own, delays and/or other unforeseen issues due to Lake County’s difficulties that are out of CMH Solution’s control, there may be additional costs involved. Per Chief Baker, District information migrates between the County and our servers which impacts how our system runs.

Chief Baker commented again that the Cloud allows the District to have a single point where all information is stored which gives staff at both stations and from remote locations immediate access to records. This central storage system will be invaluable with respect to accessibility of District records for Records Retention Maintenance and Public Record Requests. Mr. Gauntner stated that it is absolutely necessary for both stations to be able to access District information in a timely basis.

Chief Baker reported that the order for new computers authorized by the Board cannot be placed until the Board decides whether or not to approve the Cloud system. If the Cloud is approved, computers will be purchased based on processing speed and are, in essence, vessels to take us where the information is stored. If we stay with the current kind of system, memory capacity will be the main focus.

Mr. Donaldson asked who in-house will determine administrative privileges for the various logins and be assigned as the daily administrator. Chief Baker stated that CMH will set up administrative privileges for logins and has committed to ensuring that the District’s IT Team (Chief, Captains, Lt. Faulhammer) and other administrative users understand how it all works.

In addition, Ms. Dame advised the Board that the Madison Fire District is a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Resolution #17-38, if passed by the Board of Trustees, stipulates that the Madison Fire District, as required, approves utilization of CMH Solutions as a Business Associate under applicable HIPAA requirements and authorizes the execution of the Business Associate Agreement (Exhibit B).

Chief Baker assured the Board that the majority of our protected health information is currently stored and managed on a different Cloud under the Emergency Reporting Software. CMH will not have access to Fire and EMS run report but because they may have access to other documents, the Business Associate Agreement is required.

Stacy Dame recommended that, before the Board votes or takes further action on Resolution #17-38, she be given the opportunity to outline Resolution #17-45 which details the second of the two CMH contracts referenced when Resolution #17-38 Migration Agreement was introduced on page 2 above. The Board agreed.

Resolution #17-45 – CMH Master Service Agreement:

This resolution authorizes and approves the utilization of CMH Solutions for Service and Maintenance of the Madison Fire District Computer System and Cloud Based Services pursuant to the terms of the Master Service Agreement for services commencing December 1, 2017 and December 1, 2018 ($824.50/month) unless otherwise terminated pursuant to the terms of the agreement, and authorizing payments as required under said agreement.

Stacy Dame stated that her initial concern regarding the Master Service Agreement was that the District was committed for a full year and that the contract would automatically renew on December 1, 2018. The contract has since been amended to allow the District to cancel for any reason at the end of the first year by giving written notice prior to the renewal date. Provisions have also been added for early termination within the first year if

CMH fails to provide services as agreed to in the Agreement, however, the District has to give CMH 90 days’ notice of any problems and give them the opportunity to resolve any issues within 60 days. The Agreement can also be terminated if CMH ends business operations.

If the District terminates the contract as a result of CMH failing to provide expected services, then CMH will transfer our data at no cost to the District. If the District chooses to terminate the contract for any other reason, the District will have to pay an hourly cost of $150.00 to transfer our data.

Chief Baker reported that Retired Chief Whittaker (Painesville Township) used CMH for about 9 months and had no transitional or operational issues, and reports that customer service was good. Lake County IT has contracted CMH to do work on the new communications vehicle purchased for the County.

Ms. Dame clarified that any service requested after the business hours detailed in the contract is not included in the $824.50/month, is billable and will be charged at an hourly rate of $150.00/hr.

Appendix B (pages 8-10) is part of this document and references priority level responses, resolution times, what services they are monitoring and how frequently they are done.

Motion to remove Resolution #17-38 from the table by: Mr. Vest

Seconded by: Mr. Wayman ROLL CALL: All Ayes

A motion was made to adopt Resolution #17-38 as amended and authorize Chief Baker to enter into an agreement with CMH Solutions for Cloud Migration, Networking Overhaul and Workstation Upgrades.

Motion by: Mr. Anderson Seconded by: Mr. Donaldson ROLL CALL: All ayes

A motion was made to approve Resolution #17-45 as amended which authorizes the utilization of CMH Solutions for Service and Maintenance of the Madison Fire District Computer System and Cloud Based Services.

Motion by: Mr. Vest Seconded by: Mr. Anderson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Vest inquired how long it will take to complete the transition of data onto the Cloud. Chief Baker stated that his best estimate is that the Migration will take a couple of weeks and the computers should be available in December.

Workers Compensation Random Drug Testing Policy:

Stacy Dame reported that she is waiting on a callback from the Bureau of Workers Compensation to establish what effect, if any, will be realized regarding this year’s refund by changing our testing policy before the end of the year. She recommended that the Board wait until the December meeting to take further action.

Madison Fire District Drug Testing Policy:

Stacy Dame reported she is working on changes to the District’s Drug Testing Policy and asked for confirmation that the Board wants “random screening” removed from the policy (7% BWC discount) for New Hires, Firefighters, Administration and Fire Board Members. She also asked if the Board wants these four groups to be tested for reasonable suspicion and post-accident. The Board agreed that Firefighters and the Administration should be tested, but declined to include Board members in this requirement. Ms. Dame stated that, hopefully, the District will maintain a 4% basic level discount with the BWC for having a policy in place even if the random testing is removed. Per Mr. Gauntner and Chief Baker, the District will continue to schedule the BWC Drug Awareness Training for all personnel annually. Ms. Dame committed to sending the revised policy for Board review as soon as available.

Surplus Automatic External Defibrillator’s (AED):

The Madison Fire District Board of Trustees intends to declare the following (3) AED’s as surplus (value less than $2500 each) and has determined that they need to be sold in the best interest of the District. It is also the Board’s intent to turn over possession, liability and maintenance of said surplus equipment to the Madison Township, Village and Senior Center via the following three Resolutions and their respective Sales Agreements attached – Exhibit A (Draft). To protect the District’s interests, Chief Baker reported that all three entities will sign separate Service Agreements directly with and through Physio Control upon execution of each Sales Agreement. All units are fully functional and will require Annual Certification once the Sales Agreements and the Physio Control Service Agreements have been finalized and fully executed. No warranties are in force or implied.

Stacy Dame inquired who the Senior Center’s Governing Body is so she will be able to finalize their Sales Agreement and determine voting considerations and/or restrictions.

Resolution #17-46 – Surplus Sales Agreement for (1) AED for Madison Township:

Life Pak LP-1000 – Serial Number 38398650 – Sale Price $50

Motion to table for discussion at a later date by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: All ayes

Resolution #17-47 – Surplus Sales Agreement for (1) AED for Madison Village:

Life Pak LP-1000 – Serial Number 38398648 – Sale Price $50

Motion to table for discussion at a later date by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: All ayes


Resolution #17-48 – Surplus Sales Agreement for (1) AED for Madison Senior Center:

Life Pak LP-1000 – Serial Number 39711774 – Sale Price $50

Motion to table for discussion at a later date by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: All ayes

NEW BUSINESS: 11-15-17

Resolution #17-43 – Burk Donation:

This resolution accepts a gift from Stephen and Suzanne Burk in the amount of One Hundred Dollars for the Senior Program.

Chief Baker stated that this donation is in response to crews assisting the Burks with changing smoke detector batteries

Motion to approve Resolution #17-43 as presented by: Mr. Vest

Seconded by: Mr. Donaldson ROLL CALL: All Ayes

Per the Board’s request, Joanne Clapp reported that the State Auditor’s Office confirmed that provisions are in place to allow for donation checks to be held in a secure location, within 24 hours of receipt, until the Board has the opportunity to meet and vote on donation resolutions. Mr. Vest suggested that Ms. Clapp purchase a reasonable size safe to be placed in a locked room for this and other similar security purposes.

CHIEF’S REPORT- November, 2017 – Chief Tod Baker:

(Full Report in Board Folder)

Vehicle Maintenance: Chief Baker reported that all engines and squads have been through preventative maintenance inspections and all repairs needed have been completed. Some recent minor repairs will be scheduled soon.

Full Time Hire Process: Per Chief Baker, the District received eight (8) internal resumes with letters of intent for the open Full Time position. His goal is to present a candidate to the Board at the December 20, 2017 Board meeting. Officers established the hiring process at the November 2nd meeting which includes the following steps:

Outside Fire Officer will review resumes and letters of intent.

Fire/EMS and Madison exam to test candidate’s knowledge – December 6, 2017

Officer’s interviews with the candidates – December 9, 2017

Outside Officers/Chief’s interview with candidates.

Scoring will be based on testing (50%), officers interview (30%) and outside officers interview (20%).

Chief Baker reported that there may be a slight increase in overtime hours in the near future caused by the open Full Time position, (1) Full Time employee on medical leave until the first of January and (1) Part Time employee on medical leave until the end of February.

Citations: Captain Sopko reported that the owner of the Green Road property is generating a timeline for what she plans to do with the building. The District has come to an agreement with the owner of the Madison Seminary which allows him to resume business and hopefully make the money necessary to pay for a new fire alarm system. Chief Baker thanked Captain Sopko for his willingness to negotiate and work with the owner to keep the project moving forward while still enforcing safety issues.

CHIEF’S REPORT- November, 2017 – Chief Tod Baker: 11-15-17

Fuel Tanks: Captain Sopko reported that the fencing is completed and final inspections are scheduled for November 30, 2017.

St. #3 Parking Lot Light Post:

The replacement post still has not been received.

November 2017 Officer’s Meeting: Chief Baker reported on topics discussed:

Ongoing Computer Issues – Officers and staff are looking forward to new computers and software.

Full Time Hiring Process – expediting this ongoing process.

Discussion on increasing dedicated staff – Per Chief Baker, dedicated staff are Part Time employees who work full time hours, but it is essential we make sure that hours are available for non-dedicated Part Timers.

Per Chief Baker, we have started the integration process to Emergency Reporting System and it is a lot of work. Officers are working hard to build and set up a Data Management System to improve overall access to District records.

District Budget: Per Chief Baker, we are running about $190,000 under budget at this point, however, the Full Time Holiday Buy Out and both Full and Part Time Longevity will be paid during the first week of December. Payroll and utilities expenses have been less than expected.

Monthly Call Activity: Chief Baker reported that the new Emergency Reporting System gives us more information than the prior system and he has looked closely at our call volume to determine what kind of service requests are coming in and when and where most of our runs are occurring. This new information will help us modify staffing assignments and provide better service and response times within the community. It will also assist in scheduling and tracking Budgetary Expenses (i.e. Vehicle Maintenance).

Community Events: Chief Baker reported that he has had several requests for Firefighters to devote time to community projects. He stated that it is his opinion that taxpayers expect the Fire District to be ready to serve and he hopes that others will volunteer to ensure the success of community programs like Walmart’s Ringing-the-Bell and toy drives. Our mission is to serve the community and, given our low manpower level, it is currently impossible to commit our people to doing things outside the District.

Holiday Inn Hotel Pre-Plan: Captain Sopko and Chief Baker met with the new

Holiday Inn investors regarding possible low water pressure issues at the top of their standpipe and discussed several options for remedying the problem. Chief Baker recommended that the hotel install the necessary equipment (fire pump) to boost the water pressure during fire emergencies and eliminate this vulnerability themselves. He stated that we cannot assure them a second fire truck and staff in a timely manner to make sure we can augment their pressure and make their system work. Chief Baker flatly stated that it is not in the interest of the Fire District to compromise and allow them to become dependent on us when it comes to life safety. Captain Sopko commented that the sprinkler system is already supported by the District during a fire emergency and the hotel needs to have the means to support the water system by themselves.

CLOSING PUBLIC PORTION: None to Report. 11-15-17


Motion to Adjourn to Executive Session @ 8:27 pm by: Mr. Wayman

Seconded by: Mr. Donaldson ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Gauntner reconvened Regular Session @ 8:55 pm.

Motion to Adjourn Regular Session @ 8:55 by: Mr. Anderson

Seconded by: Mr. Vest ROLL CALL: All ayes

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Kenneth R. Gauntner, Jr., Chairman Nila Brass, District Clerk

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