October 17, 2018

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CALL TO ORDER @ 7:00 pm

x Mr. Adams x Mr. Gauntner x Chief Baker
x Mr. Anderson x Mr. Vest x Joanne Clapp
x Mr. Frager x Mr. Wayman x Stacy Dame



SWEARING IN CEREMONY: Stacy Dame, Legal Counsel, swore in Part Time FF/EMT Korey Baker as the newest member of the Madison Fire District.

Minutes of 09/19/18 Regular Session

Motion to approve the 09/19/18 Regular Session minutes as presented by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Adams ROLL CALL: (5) ayes (1) abstain – Wayman


LEGAL COUNSEL ISSUES: Stacy Dame, Legal Counsel, reported that we have resolved the Madison Seminary matter and that she has prepared an agreed entry which was reviewed by Captain Sopko, was sent to opposing counsel and has been signed by both the attorney and his client. Upon Board approval and signature, the entry will be filed with the court which will finalize this issue. Chief Baker and Mr. Gauntner thanked Captain Sopko for his diligent efforts.


District Health Insurance: Chief Baker reported that he and full time union representatives have been working well together and that several District staff met with QBA with regards to the 2019 Health Insurance bids requested. They will be meeting again on Friday, October 19, 2018 to discuss quotes received from insurance companies who are interested in covering the District next year. The current renewal from Medical Mutual is 16.3% which is the largest increase we have ever had. Chief Baker stated that we will hopefully find a better rate on the open market, although he commented it is getting harder and harder to get a good rate for a group our size.

OLD BUSINESS: None to report.


Resolution #18-30 Surplus Ambulances (2152 & 2162):

This resolution declares certain equipment owned by the Madison Fire District as surplus, not needed for public purpose, and obsolete, and authorizes the sale thereof, namely squad #2152 and #2162. The GovDeals auction will be posted and publicized (10) days prior to the beginning of the auction on November 1, 2018. Per Chief Baker and Board consensus, no minimum bid is being required for either vehicle.

Motion to approve Resolution #18-30 as presented by: Mr. Gauntner
Seconded by: Mr. Frager ROLL CALL: All ayes

Police & Fire Insurance Association: Chief Baker reported that both Distict Full Time and Part Time Collective Bargaining Associations met with the Police & Fire Insurance Association which offers an employee sponsored subsituary insurance (similar to AFLAC). Many District employees have opted to contribute to this insurance plan (without any District contribution required), and Chief Baker requested that the Board consider, by motion and vote, allowing and directing the Fiscal Officer to deduct premiums from payroll for this insurance, if and as desired by each employee, and that said funds be forwarded to, and as directed by, the designated District representative responsible for overseeing and maintaining this employee sponsored program.

Motion to approve as presented by: Mr. Wayman
Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

BILLS & PAYROLL – September 2018:
Bills ($85,519.27) and payroll ($130,962.58) totaling $216,481.85 are motioned for acceptance and payment.

Motion to approve bills and payroll as presented by: Mr. Wayman
Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

Mr. Gauntner asked what the Current Reserve of Encumbrances in the amount of $163K is earmarked for. Ms. Clapp answered that the funds are for blanket purchase orders that are updated every 6 months for estimated future expenditures (i.e. utilities) although, hopefully, not all of these funds will actually be spent in 2018.

September 2018 Financial Report: Joanne Clapp, CFO, summarized the September Revenue (includes the second half property tax payment) and Expenses.

Outstanding Checks and EFT Transactions: Per Board request at the 09-19-18 Regular Session, Ms. Clapp reported that she has reviewed all the outstanding check and EFT entries as listed on the August 31, 2018 bank statement and has taken/will take the following action(s) to resolve all old entries:

Trans. # Date Status Action Taken
Check 8977 12/21/15 Uncashed/lost – verified by T. Baker Replaced

Check 8979 12/23/15 Physical check found in file already
voided by previous Chief Entered in UAN

EFT 1637 12/29/16 Original transaction paperwork found
in file already voided by previous Chief Entered in UAN

Check 9654 10/27/16 Uncashed/lost – verified by T. Baker Replaced

EFT 121 01/20/17 Not credited to bank account – verified
by J. Clapp Replaced with check

Check 10372 09/14/17 Uncashed/lost – verified by J. Clapp Replaced

EFT 11202 10/26/17 Original transaction paperwork found
in file – Resubmitted and went through Entered in UAN

EFT 1203 10/26/17 Original transaction paperwork found
in file – Resubmitted and went through Entered in UAN

Mr. Vest suggested that a simple solution to carrying over uncashed checks is to print “Void after 90 days” on all District checks. Stacy Dame agreed to look into what is permitted under law. Mr. Clapp stated that she believes old transactions must be entered as an unclaimed fund. Mr. Anderson also suggested that Ms. Clapp review and resolve these issues in a more timely manner. Ms. Clapp commented that it is not uncommon for some part time employees and board members to hold their checks and not immediately deposit or cash them. Chief Baker reported that direct deposit is a payroll option, but is not mandated. Mr. Frager asked why payroll is not strictly direct deposit and requested that Ms. Clapp explore what the District’s processing cost is per direct deposit vs. physical checks by the November meeting.

Check Signatures Required:

Ms. Clapp reported at the September 19, 2018 Board meeting that the Township Official Handbook states that the Fiscal Officer, as well as two Board members, are required to sign each check issued. At that time, Ms. Dame suggested that Ms. Clapp call the Auditor’s Office to ask their opinion of whether additional signatures, beyond the Fiscal Officer, are required or recommended for internal control. Pursuant to her subsequent discussion with the Auditor’s Office, Ms. Clapp reported that it is their opinion that the Fire Board and Legal Counsel should determine how many signatures are required.

Ms. Dame commented that, since Madison Fire is such a special District with a hybrid Board, it is sometimes confusing as to what policies and procedures we need to follow. She stated that since we are governed by a Board that has the power of the Township Trustees, conservatively speaking we should follow those rules because then we are being more restrictive than necessary and that is always the way to protect ourselves. Ms. Dame reported that, per John Mahoney at the Auditor’s Office, many of the items in the handbook apply just to Townships, and that the Fire and Ambulance Districts sections would be the areas that apply to Joint Fire Districts outside of that. She reported that he thought it was fine that the Fiscal Officer sign checks and then have the Board approve the bills and payroll at the meetings, which is current policy, but also commented that if the Board wants to add another Board member signature, they could pass a resolution to that effect. Ms. Dame stated that she thinks it is an internal control process and deals more with meeting the Auditor’s standards. Although she left it to the Board’s discretion, Ms. Dame suggested that, since many departments do require Board signature, perhaps it would be a good check and balance for Madison Fire District as well.

Mr. Gaunter inquired whether it was both vendor checks and payroll checks. Ms. Dame commented that Ms. Clapp is looking into an answer to that question, but it is her understanding that it is both. Mr. Gauntner reported that all three Trustees’ names are electronically put on the checks at the Township. Since the Township Fiscal Officer is elected, it is a check and balance between the elected officials.

Mr. Frager asked what the “spirit” is of having the second signature at the District given that the Fiscal Officer is not an elected official. Ms. Dame stated that it would be an added level of protection.

Mr. Vest asked if bills are approved by the Board before they are paid. Ms. Clapp explained that all invoices are approved by the Fire Chief or a Captain before the check is cut and mailed. The Board does not approve until the following Board meeting so Board approval is “after-the-fact”.

Mr. Vest stated that he is not comfortable with putting his signature on bills and payroll checks after the fact and recommended that the Fire Chief be designated as second signee. Mr. Gauntner commented that that made sense and that there would be no need to change the signature every year when the Board Chairman changes. Mr. Frager also agreed since the Fire Chief knows the day-to-day details.

Ms. Dame committed to checking with the Auditor’s Office to confirm that the new resolution language for a second signee can read “the Board’s designee” and , if approved, she will prepare said resolution for consideration at the November meeting.

CHIEF’S REPORT- October 2018 – Chief Tod Baker:

1) Staff Recognition: Chief Baker recognized FF Scott Row for 15 years of service.

2) Ballistic Vests: Mr. Vest asked if the interest in purchasing ballistic vests are because the firefighters feel there is a need or is it because of current events throughout the country. Chief Baker reported that, in the next year and a half or so, Ohio will be evaluating all EMS services to determine if they are accredited for Rescue Task Force which mean that they are trained, qualified and recognized as being able to respond to hostile events. If we move in this direction, ballistic vests will be required and Madison is one of only three or four departments in Lake County that do not already have vests. Chief Baker stated that he has been working with Chief McIntosh and Chief Byers to prepare and identify the training (Stop the Bleed, etc) and gear that is needed for responding to these kinds of situations. It is essential that Rescue Task Forces work closely with law enforcement and are able get in as quickly as possible to do life-saving measures which may mean going into environments that haven’t been deemed safe and where the threat may not have already been eliminated.

3) EMS Billing: EMS revenues continue to exceed expectations through September at 88% of projected revenue.

4) Staffing: Chief Baker reported that there are still a few firefighters on medical leave, however, we have hired (3) new employees which should help with the shift calendar.

5) Vehicle Maintenance: Chief Baker reported that we spent about a thousand dollars on lighting for one of the fire trucks, as well as replacing tires on three other vehicles. St. #2 chase vehicle #2110 also had sway bar linkage and other front end repairs done in October.

6) 2019 Budget: Chief Baker stated that he and Ms. Clapp will hopefully have a 2019 Budget ready to present to the Board in November.

7) Madison Schools Teacher Training- Stop the Bleed: Chief Baker reported that he has been out to some of the schools to talk about the Stop the Bleed emergency preparedness program. More schools and public groups are scheduled for later in the year.

Mr. Gauntner asked if there are still adequate funds available for scheduled/planned vehicle maintenance in 2018. Chief Baker reported that (2) squads will need PMI’s soon which is covered in the budget, however, he will be reporting what his plans are for Fire Truck #2124 at the November meeting.

Chief Baker commented that the Union Raffle will be done at the end of this month and that tickets are still available at either fire station. Lt. Brian Faulhammer reported that the Police & Fire Insurance Association donated $500 to the raffle.

Closing Public Portion: None to Report.

Closing Board Comments:

Mr. Anderson and Mr. Gauntner thanked Captain Sopko for working with a few property owners to resolve safety issues, and also thanked Chief Baker and crews for their efforts clearing up a gas leak on Lake Road East.

Mr. Vest reminded everyone of the November 21, 2018 Board meeting at Station #3.

Motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Personnel/Employee Discipline with no business to follow @ 7:58pm by: Mr. Frager
Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

Regular Session reconvened @ 8:47pm.

Motion to adjourn Regular Session without further business @8:48pm by: Mr. Wayman Seconded by: Mr. Gauntner ROLL CALL: All ayes

__________________________ _________________________
Mark V. Vest, Chairman Joanne Clapp, Fiscal Officer

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