EMS Billing

In 2008, the Madison Fire District partnered with an organization called Medicount to initiate EMS billing. The process of EMS billing has been an ongoing theme with fire and EMS services throughout Lake County, the State of Ohio and across the United States. The goal in EMS billing is to identify readily available funding without asking the taxpayers to bear an additional tax burden. In most cases, insurance carriers have language within the policy that provides coverage for ambulance billing, therefore the services are receiving funds from an existing benefit from the insurance carriers.

The billing process adopted by the Madison Fire District is in compliance with the Office of the Inspector General’s opinion related to soft billing, outlining how insurance companies are billed and residents are credited for taxes already being paid. The system in place, in most cases, will provide a bill to the insurance carrier rather than the resident. Any resident receiving a bill should contact the District office prior to making payment.

Questions should be directed to the District Clerk or Financial Officer at 440-428-6531.