• Part-Time Firefighter/Paramedic

    The Part-time Firefighter is responsible to assist with or perform activities of the Fire District under the
    supervision of a Full-time Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, and Fire Chief here-in referred
    to as the Chain of Command.

    WAGE: Starting at $18.00/hour for FF./EMT-Basic and $19.00/hour for FF./Paramedic with yearly step increases after performance evaluations and any negotiated contractual agreements via the collective bargaining contract.  

    1. Carries out duties in conformance with Federal, State, County, Township, Village, and District
    laws and resolutions
    2. Follow District rules and regulations pertaining to station functions, and duties; report
    malfunctions of equipment or non-conformance of rules and regulations following the Chain of
    3. Assumes all duties and responsibilities for the safety and welfare of personnel in-house and on the scene or until formally relieved by a higher ranking member.
    4. In the absence of a more senior member conduct periodic inspections on the condition and
    maintenance of quarters, uniforms, and equipment of the Fire District; schedule daily work
    details for maintenance and cleaning of quarters and equipment.
    5. Supervise subordinates
    6. In the absence of a more senior member conducts morning briefing of on-coming shift
    7. In the absence of a more senior member, provide an appropriate briefing of higher ranking officers
    in reference to out-of-service equipment, injuries, etc via Chain of Command
    8. Participates in the daily District in-service training activities
    9. Maintain adequate records for responsibilities and assignments
    10. Participate in all firefighting and EMS functions as required or mandated and function at your
    level of certification for which you are compensated for
    11. Responsible to maintain and provide copies of minimal certifications such as EMT, CPR, ACLS (as
    required) and any other Fire District mandated certifications
    12. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned
    12. Very basic knowledge of Ohio’s Fire Code, property maintenance and building codes
    1. Very basic knowledge of fire inspection and arson investigation procedures
    2. Knowledge of incident command training, modern fire suppression and prevention training, and
    principles, procedures, techniques and equipment of Emergency Medical Services and protocols
    3. Knowledgeable of applicable laws, resolutions, and Fire District Standard Operating Guidelines,
    Policies and Procedures
    4. Required to take and pass an annual District physical
    5. Submit to and pass drug and alcohol screening/testing when required
    6. Complete and pass the Probationary Firefighter Testing process
    7. Ability to follow verbal and written orders and directives
    8. Shall have the ability to be at work and ready to work “on-time.”
    9. Shall have the ability to learn basic report writing skills
    10. Ability to be covered by the driving insurance provided to the District
    11. Successfully complete all District required training per SOP’s and SOG’s
    12. Ability to demonstrate all required Firefighting and EMS competencies
    13. Knowledge and understanding of: Madison Fire District Mission Statement, Core Values, and the
    “Madison Fire District Way”
    1. Valid State of Ohio Driver’s License
    2. Shall have a minimum certification EMT-B at hire
    3. Shall obtain and maintain an EMT-P certification within one (1) year of employment with
    Madison Fire District AND prior to completion of the probationary period whichever comes first.
    4. Shall have and maintain certification as a Firefighter Level II
    a. Exempt: Current Part-time Firefighters at time of Job Description approval
    5. Shall have and maintain certification as a Hazmat Operations
    6. Shall have and maintain NIMS minimum requirements for the position

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