• The following information describes the hiring process for the Madison Fire District. 

    Copies of the following, along with a complete application, including your signature, are required for your application to be processed. All the required documentation must be kept up to date during the hiring process.

    1. Ohio Driver’s License
      Applicant MUST maintain the minimum level of auto insurance required by the State of Ohio and MUST be insurable by the Fire Departments applied for.
    2. State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety Certificate:
      EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic (include a copy of your ACLS card)
    3. State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety Certificate:
      Firefighter Level II (240 Firefighting Class)
    4. Current CPR Card
    5. Certification of completion of Firefighting Physical Agility Testing from Cuyahoga Community College
      - Contact Cuyahoga Community College at (216) 987-5063 for dates, time and cost
      - Certification of completion with a time of seven minutes (7) minutes or less
    6. NIMS – 700, 800, 100, 200
      Available online at https://www.fema.gov/emergency/NIMS

    Items 1 -5 must be valid at time of application AND maintained while employed with the Madison Fire District.