• The Madison Fire District is a combination department providing fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention and education to the Township and Village of Madison that encompasses 50 square miles. Madison Ohio is a growing community located in eastern Lake County on the south shore of Lake Erie in Ohio’s Wine Country.

    This is a part-time position of up to 40 hours per pay (Bi-weekly). Salary commensurate to experience. The Job Description is listed below. Interested individuals shall submit a cover letter, resume and proof of qualifications to Captain Terry G. Sopko, 840 River ST, Madison, OH 44057 or via email to tsopko@madisonfiredist.com no later than May 6, 2019.

  • Who are we looking for?

    The Part-Time Fire Inspector is a 40 hour per pay period (Bi-weekly), non-union, non-exempt employee of the Madison Fire District. The position is responsible for the inspection of buildings for fire hazards, building plan review for fire prevention codes and does other related work as assigned. The Part- Time Fire Safety Inspector reports directly to the Fire Captain or their designee.


    1. Carries out duties in conformance with Federal, State, County, Township, Village, and
    District laws and resolutions.
    2. Follow District rules and regulations pertaining to station functions, and duties; report
    malfunctions of equipment or nonconformance of rules and regulations following the Chain of Command.
    3. Communicate fire protection and prevention practices, given a common fire safety
    issue, so that the correspondence is concise, accurately reflects applicable codes and standards, and is appropriate for the intended audience.
    4. Prepare inspection reports, given observation from field inspection, so that the report
    is clear and concise and accurately reflects the findings of the inspection in accordance with applicable codes.
    5. Recognize the need for a permit, given a situation or condition, so that requirements for permits are communicated in accordance with the policies of the jurisdiction.
    6. Recognize the need for plans review, given a situation or condition, and communicate
    requirements of the same.
    7. Must be able to investigate common complaints, and initiate appropriate action until
    the complaint is resolved and information is recorded.
    8. Maintain files such as inspection reports, complaint investigations, and related
    documents with record keeping policies of the organization.
    9. Must be able to identify the applicable code or standard, given a fire protection, fire prevention, or a life safety issue, so that the proper document, edition, and section are reference.
    10. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

    1. Thorough knowledge of fire prevention codes, rules and regulations. 2. Thorough knowledge of devices and principles and practices of fire safety and of inspection techniques.
    3. Good knowledge of building, electrical and plumbing codes where applicable to fire prevention.
    4. The ability to conduct harmonious discussions with property owners and the general
    public and to persuade them to take desired courses of action.
    5. The ability to enforce laws, regulations, and resolutions with firmness, tact and
    6. The ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
    7. The ability to understand and carry out complex oral and written instructions.

    1. Valid State of Ohio Driver’s License.
    2. Must have possession and maintain a Firefighter Certification as recognized by the State
    of Ohio (ORC 3737.66)
    3. Must have possession and maintain a Fire Safety Inspector Certification as recognized by
    the State of Ohio (ORC 3737.34).
    4. Minimum of three (3) years actively involved with fire safety inspections with some plan review is preferred.
    5. Minimum of five (5) years as a firefighter is preferred.

  • Are you interested?

    • Contact Captain Sopko
    • E: tsopko@madisonfiredist.com